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  1. There are so many transformational videos that have seriously changed the trajectory of my life. I’m curious which, if any, videos caused you an existential crisis or a paradigm shift?
  2. I think a powerful thing would happen if Leo talked with Joe at this current moment in time. https://www.joerogan.com/contact I am not affiliated with him in any way, I just know that the trajectory of the world could shift with a meeting of minds like this. Regards, Faye
  3. Remember to savor the moment. When frustrated maybe practice being thankful for 3 to 5 things in that very moment. Feel it again? 3-5 new things. During my divorce I probably reached 30 different things in a day. You've got this.
  4. I watched this video on revictimization and I am curious if anything you've learned could break this down into workable solutions, or maybe you've already covered similar stuff but I don't think I've seen it yet (been watching you for 2 years) and someone can share that video here. I would love to be able to help direct emotionally traumatized people to your videos that could really use your help on this subject matter.
  5. Alright, so I know this is a strange thing to talk about, but I want to share my enlightenment sucess story. I am a professional cuddle buddy. Two years ago I ended up pretty jarred from a gang related shooting at a parking lot I was in. I had constant panic attacks because I was so miserable in my life. Hated my job, my friends, my relationships, my living situation and being stagnant. I ended up finding actualized.org and turned my life around in a quest to find meaning and purpose. I went from a 3 to a 9.5 of 10 level of happiness. Part of that growth was quitting the job I was at and becoming a professional cuddler. I mean, it's by far the most rewarding job I've ever had. I have really been able to add value to peoples' lives and so much more was recieved in return. There is so much from what I've learned from this site and from what I learned in those sessions. Now people tell me I inspire them. See, I'm on a 2+ yrs roadtrip across the USA completing the ultimate fulfilling bucket list. I drove for Lyft and had passengers contribute to what I call The Travel Journal along with various other family and acquaintances. It's filled with locations they suggested I go. Quality over quantity. There's over 150 pages now written in. But better yet, I get to heal the hearts of those who are lonely and starving for cuddles in multiple states while also seeing the beauty that exists right under our noses. I also found courage thru this site to launch my art career. Not only do I feel confident in my talent now, I am able to provide free Art in the Park for people. It fills me with so much gratitude. I also get to talk about this channel to be honest. I think loads of people could have a meaningful change in their lives because of this site. I brag about it sometimes on my travel blog. Thing is, my dreams and full potential are becoming a reality because I finally know how to. Thank you Leo, you've seriously changed my life.
  6. Is it cocky to say that you are enlightened? I feel I am. I'd like to think that my life reflects it even. I'm a professional cuddle buddy and am traveling the US for 2+ years doing that, travel blogging and hosting free Art in the Park. My life is at an amazing peak right now and it's only getting better. See... two years ago I had a defining moment in my life where I was in a parking lot hiding from a shooting. It rattled me. I hated life. I ended up finding actualized.org and started applying the teachings. I was probably a 3 of 10 for happiness levels. I'm at a 9.5 now. I think you might actually find the enlightened people living off the grid. I'm in an incredible park in FL right now camping and the community here is mind blowingly enlightened and their stories incredible. I've also met pagans who are also beautifully enlightened people. Try and find a festival to attend, you'll see what I mean.