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  1. This experience will be different for everyone. But for me, it started with understanding the point of life in Leo's video. Then, I practiced exercises in the LP course and discovered my life purpose and career that align with my values the most. From Leo's top 200 book list, I bought a bunch of books, read, understood, and i still on process them now by doing book exercises and applying what resonated with me. Another thing is applying chunks of theory from videos and blog posts into daily life, whether it's about habits, maintaining a commonplace book, making decision or managing time. Nothing will change until we take actions and practice. Leo is the best role model for me, i take notes a lot, and this forum is a good place to connect and discuss with people who share the same interests.
  2. I think self-improvement is unlimited. So, in a video game analogy, instead of having a final chapter, this game has endless results. Your lifetime may be your limit. Self-improvement is related; one area can help improve other areas. Let's say you improve your health; with good health, you can also improve your relationships or income. With a higher income, you can hire the best coaches or teachers to attain more skills. So, skills are not just capitals. Self-improvement is almost similar to the game "The Sims Freeplay." As for your example, there can be multiple ways. In order to become more outgoing or extroverted, it can involve direct engagement with socialization and connections, not just solitude and contemplation.
  3. That's great. I also do this with my own notes, but I don't have much time, and sometimes I delegate or using AI tools. Just keep going; I think it's good for us to learn. When it comes to learning and studying, sometimes we prefer text, and other times, we learn from videos and audio version.
  4. Just like me in the past, my passion is in personal development, but my skills are in entrepreneurship. I thought about pursuing both as a life purpose, but I believe life purpose is one. Therefore, I decided to work on personal development, as it aligns with me the most. It's important to focus on one thing because the more we concentrate our energy and attention, the better. I suggest you choose one between the two, and from these options, you can select the one that aligns with you the most.
  5. In productivity, time is about the prioritization of tasks. The difference between person A and person B, or company A and company B, is how they spend their time and what they prioritize. Money is assets to buy tools or people skills and time. With money, we can buy stuff and equipment to make us more productive. And with money, we can hire people or buy services to make our lives easier and more effective. I see there are a lot of ways to define time and money, especially from a philosophical or spiritual perspective, but in practice, we mostly need productivity to understand time and money.
  6. Yeah, I often watched Infinite Waters Diving Deep in the past, just in case I needed to relax when I was stressed out. At least Ralph reminded me to take deep breaths. I remember some YouTuber saying that we can find happiness and gratitude in simply being present, rather than constantly doing something. Yeah, I agree. Most Youtubers might say we need to do things to be happy, but we also need to filter the content we consume. Reading a book can become a hobby when we savor each piece of writing with joy, not only on the theories or strategies. Even those who don't know about self-help, people want to live healthier, savor life, and sometimes embrace gratitude. When it comes to memorization, it's all about habits. Instead of trying to memorize, try to engage more and understand more. Keeping a journal is a good practice. If you're feeling depressed, you can seek professional help. You can be present and practice gratitude, reflect, and journal. Working on your life's purpose and building habits is also a great approach. If you find self-help, philosophy, and psychology do not resonate with you, you can try different approaches to live. Whether on career or different lifestyle or focus on spirituality.
  7. After graduating from high school, I did almost the same. I stayed home with my parents and didn't continue college. I started an online business on my own and pursued personal development, but I failed. I saw the results after 10 years of work. What I suggest for you is to learn to drive or use transportation services, which are widely available online nowadays. Then, find a job that suits you or provides you with new experiences. You can start a self-employed business, or even begin a new business and hire people later. Another option is to learn about investing. Don't forget to understand your value before moving towards your purpose and taking action. But first, take the initiative. If you have doubts about photography and filmmaking, remember there are numerous ways to generate income from those fields nowadays. Make a decision and do what feels right. Initially, I believed that going to college would waste my time. However, based on my experience, going to university could be a better option than getting stuck. You can connect with new people and explore new places while studying a field that interests you. Life offers a lot to do; for me, I even have to prioritize my activities because there are so many things I want to do.
  8. Spend time thinking, introspecting, and reflecting alone. Then reprioritize what you value. Write down what's important to do and what should be cut off. There's always a sacrifice for something less important. Self-help and psychology books are beneficial, even if they're irrelevant to your work; they can be relevant to your life. Also, notice that it's not just about reading but gaining a better understanding, taking notes, and figuring out which actions or methods to implement from those books. Being selective when deciding which books to read is also preferable. Regarding the path, it's a progression from a less favorable path to a better one, so each time we are improving our path. Wherever your path is, there's always a way to enhance it.
  9. I think there are a lot of videos, so I like to rewatch them to get a deeper understanding and then take notes. For me, it's time to do the work and gain insights also from another perspective. Even Leo's course has a lot of work. For example, Leo's book list – there's a lot of work there. New videos are good, but we need to be careful not to get trapped into more theory or consuming content, instead of studying, experiencing, experimenting, doing self-reflection, and conscious work depending on what stage you are in. Whether he takes care of the forum more or less, I think it's about what he likes and what his strategies are. It's a good suggestion for him, but for us, we need to manage ourselves. And Leo manages his work. Maybe Leo takes a break to recharge, take care of himself, or work on something else like his website, designing, marketing, research, or another course and book. I am a newbie and I think the suggestion is good, but I think Leo can manage his work properly, and we also manage ourselves. Do something new if you're bored. There's a lot and too much to do and study. His old and new blog posts, his short videos channel, and Leo's Instagram are other resources if you want more.
  10. How about It has been removed from your website menu.
  11. It is subjective. Few primary reasons: - Money - Lack of understanding - Intimate relationship - No exercise - Fail to meet standards/expectations and can't deal with it - Not having a clear purpose - Overwhelming - Life problem in one area of our lives
  12. You can try CBT again effectively, evaluate your limited belief and thought then engage in a behavior/practice/doing by using hierarchy and gradually. I think you imbalance between the theory and practice ratio. Start to identify from the basics, then move to another. Good luck!
  13. Just get out of your house and then move. I bet you will find a way. Believe me!
  14. Yeah, I like your short story because some months ago, I approached a very gorgeous girl in a minimarket in a different city. I just looked at her and felt confused about what I could do to reach out to her. Months later, I keep remembering that moment, and it has become a life regret and mistake for me, as I don't know if I can meet her again, even though I've gone to the same place multiple times after that event. However, this experience has inspired me to do better in relationships and study intimate connections. There is beauty out there that can make me feel inspired and happy just by looking, and I might gain more experiences if I get a chance to know her!
  15. @Ramanujan Maybe around 8 years to start reading, and then I started practicing recently. The failure led me to success. You can also read Stephen Covey's interview related to the morning routine and Getting Things Done book here:"
  16. ZTD is a combination method from GTD and 7 habits. Some concepts in ZTD, like capture, process, organize, review, and do, are inspired by GTD. ZTD focuses on one habit at a time. Which method is better depends on the individual. Regarding productivity systems, when comparing GTD methodology to the Eisenhower Matrix, I prefer GTD because it works better and is more practical for my daily life. GTD is more organized than the 4 quadrants for my tasks. However, the 7 habits are amazing. If you read that book, understand, underline some concepts, take notes, and practice them, the key is to practice 1 habit per month from the 7 habits for highly effective people. In seven months, your life will be far better.
  17. I am currently using Evernote for GTD (Getting Things Done). However, I find ZTD (Zen to Done) to be simpler and more focused on habits. With ZTD, the approach is to focus on one habit at a time for a month. Perhaps, in the future, I might transition to ZTD. The reason I am currently using GTD and not ZTD is that ZTD requires time to build habits. Nonetheless, ZTD is more straightforward, emphasizing the essential and practical aspects rather than complicated systems. Additionally, I am using the Pomodoro technique. I believe that personal development and time management depend on an individual's preferences. It's essential to choose what works best for you. If you discover something great and can take action on it, even better. Some people prefer simple actions, doing things only when they need or want to, or adopting a flexible approach. However, for now, I am a GTD practitioner.
  18. Interested. I will read that someday. Good book after "Can't hurt me".
  19. Why did you keep asking Leo multiple times?
  20. Tips: Create a habit. Know your trigger: time/activity/location. Put a reminder. Start by responding to threads. Writing, and doing the best. This forum is a good place to connect, learn, and inspiration. Do it consistently if you think is good.
  21. Here is my two list: Personal Development for Smart People by Steve Pavlina Zen To Done by Leo Babauta I also bought Leo Reviews Top 200 Self-Help Books, which was a good list. And I buy a lot of books tbh.
  22. It is possible to master skills autodidactically. You can also take online courses, buy books, research multiple websites, join forums, etc. There are many opportunities for freelancing, and earning thousands of dollars per month is possible. I understand that going to college to acquire skills is beneficial. Still, every skill depends on how much time you invest and your dedication to continuous learning from various sources and past experiences. Regarding freelancing, I have been providing writing services in my local language since high school as a side job. I also assisted my friend in starting a business on Fiverr, focusing on graphic design until he earned thousands per month. One of my assistants for this freelance work also continued writing independently and published books with a local publisher. I have been running an online business from home for around 10 years since I graduated from high school, and I continued my studies at the university when I was 27 years old. Now, my focus is on personal development. The best tip I can give you for working from home as a freelancer to earn thousands of dollars is to manage your time wisely. From my experience, the most significant challenge does not come from the business methods or marketing, but internally, from ourselves. That is one of the reasons why I switched to personal development. Everybody is different, but that's how I share my thoughts.
  23. 1. I once asked this question to search on Wikipedia and made a note on my Evernote to gain a basic understanding of the definition. However, based on my experience, a serious romantic relationship is a connection between two individuals who love each other and are committed to shared purposes and values in life. This entails supporting one another and being companions. It means having someone to talk to, sharing events together, engaging in sexual intimacy, and gaining experiences of connection. Additionally, it involves both teaching and learning about each other, as well as receiving feedback from someone who knows you on a more level. 2. Express your feelings, but don't enter a relationship solely out of loneliness or neediness. Prioritize self-love and personal growth. Strive for independence rather than excessive dependence. Choosing the right partner can make life easier. Having friends and a sexual partner are important aspects. Continuing your reproduction by having children is another significant reason. 3. Pros: Experiencing love Expressing love to someone (although love can be expressed towards anything) Having a partner to talk to and engage in various activities Fulfilling family purposes Learning important lessons about life Cons: It is possible to experience destruction or negative impacts in your life if you choose the wrong person or are unable to handle the relationship Relationships can be time-consuming, particularly if you are young and should focus on what truly matters. If you don't allocate the right proportion of time and fail to prioritize your life, you may become too caught up in the relationship, unless having an intimate relationship is your highest value, which is acceptable.
  24. Don't forget about different types of water, such as mineral water and pure water, and how to obtain water, whether it's through buying and selecting, boiling, distillation, etc. It's not just about how much water you consume, but also what kind of water you should consider learning about. There is a lot of scientific advice out there, and some of it is subject to debate. However, based on my own experience, I believe that everyone is different. I find it easy to stay hydrated and drink at least 1.5 liters of water each day, excluding the water I get from consuming fruits or vegetables. I used to drink from a bottle but now I prefer drinking from a glass. Drinking too much water can lead to vomiting, while not having enough water can make me feel dehydrated. This is just my personal experience and knowledge. As for credible information, I'm unsure because different sources provide varying answers. It's best to do what works for you. If you need assistance, consider speaking to a nutritionist, doctor, or any other professional who understands your needs and can provide specific advice.