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  1. Looking at the forum I’m seeing a lot MBTI stuff and I just wanted to say MBTI is astrology for smart people, the reasons it’s appealing is the same reason astrology is. It’s entertainment not science or anything that should be carved into a stone tablet. You know why it’s appealing, because whatever answer you get you’re just a cool guy at the end of it. You’re never gonna come back after taking the highly scientific five minute MBTI test and get the result “you’re a dickhead”. You know why, that would undermine whoever runs that site business. Who I’m sure makes millions from it. But there is the fact that you may be incredibly mediocre or in fact a dickhead, those people exist and are arguably in the majority. MBTI is a business, and it is not scientific, I remember reading that the average half life on an MBTI test is six weeks, six weeks, what does that say, the fact you can take the same test different times and get different results. If you have a result now, just wait a little over a month and you’ll probably have another. Also personality is not static it is highly fluid, you can change, if you’re more introverted you can in fact become more extroverted, if you’re more of a person lost in thought you can become more of a person in touch with your emotions. You aren’t a fixed thing. So don’t take your result seriously. Also fuck Carl Jung, can we abandon these ancient fucks, we now have the internet and exist in the 21st century, why do we elevate such antiquated people. Yes he had some interesting things to say, but he also had a lot of incredible goofy things to say as well, there are more interesting and intelligent people alive to day than Jung. If you want to get a better understanding of your personality take the big 5, I know it’s not as fun but is has more of a scientific real basis, not a pseudoscienctific one like MBTI, and also if youre an innovative guy, break down the possible results into archetypes and personality’s like that book lover, warrior, king etc... and make some money from suckers who enjoy labelling themselves and comparing themselves with others, maybe you to could make the next MBTI and roll in that cash. Anyways godbless
  2. @Leo Gura Their vote counts as much as mine
  3. @electroBeam lol no one said the intj wasn’t a virgin he’s just superior to the other one If it’s any consolation they’re both virgins
  4. @Gili Trawangan Wouldn't know where to find one But yes I’d call it bullshit to their face Because I think it’s bullshit Just because some disagrees with you does not mean their closed minded I’m open minded Why is astrology true?
  5. Pyongyang, North Korea
  6. @Leo Gura Yes these college students are engaged in a vigorous intellectual battle against STEM as they’re post modern philosophers and not just spoilt stupid children throwing a tantrum I agree but that’s not what these people are arguing, they’re just brain dead white eyed idiots that are pissed they indebted themselves with student loans for their gender studies degree, when Eugene worked hard in Chemistry and has now paid of his loans and making good bank, now like typical children they’re throwing a fuss over there own terrible life decisions “STEM and academia will never get shut down. They are just being questioned.“ Not if these people had there way
  7. @electroBeam Let me rephrase that “lol that’s literally me intp (virgin) and my superior intj cofounder at our company”
  8. @Roy In what ways? Yes we can hijack previous animal programming for other means, that’s doesn’t mean we’ve transcended it This is does not mean we’ve again transcended just because we are acting counterproductively to our best survival and Darwinian imperatives. It only means we are acting poorly for our survival. If you continue to behave in ways that are counterproductive to your survival you will prematurely die not procreate and you are a genetic dead end and that is written into our very structure of our being. Monogamy is a lie with the way it is portrayed in mainstream society, that it is A) natural B) always preferable and C) should be enforced All of those points are lies that are sold Ultimately I don’t even understand the difference Maybe
  9. I’ve taken an interest in nootropics recently Considering buying some provigil If anyone has any recommendations for specific brands, places to buy or different nootropics to try, it would be appreciated Thanks
  10. @Focus Shift Only the rich pay net taxes The top 20% of earners collectively are the only ones that pay anything into the system
  11. @JessiChell Lol goodnight Dont know what time it is in America but I’ve just woken up Gonna have to take your word Side note - watching this Leo video on overcoming addiction and I’m pretty sure he says a good defo of self actualisation is having no addiction or something along those lines
  12. @JessiChell Sure, I can’t remember Leo’s defo of self actualisation I think by definition it can’t be good to feel shame, maybe to realise that it doesn’t matter but I don’t think it can feel good Yeah we’re probably talking past one another Anyways have a good one
  13. @zeroISinfinity Infinite simp
  14. @JessiChell Yeah we probably have different definitions, I doubt there is a strict definition to something as broad as self actualisation I believe that sexualising shame is similar to an alcoholic romanticising drinking alcoholic What it does is creates a justification to continue to do something that hurts you, as you said The same as sex and the same as perverted sex, if your eroticising shame you solidifying your own insecurities and self loathing and making yourself more dependent upon the drug of sex
  15. @JessiChell You have an idealised version of what an actualised person is Maybe your talking about some Buddha esque religious enlightened figure But the Buddha is only human, and I’m pretty sure despite all the meditation if he was previously a boozer and you took him to a bar he would have a strong desire to drink appear inside of him I guess in a sense you’ve lost your ability to self actualise to the perfect superhuman übermensch being But you do what you can do with the life you’ve been given and the circumstances you’ve been given now, many people minds are fucked for many different reasons and life circumstances, that’s life, you play the cards your dealt I wouldn’t say that therefore you can’t actualise, you just can’t reach the upper limits of what the true actualised being would be
  16. @JessiChell Someone shouldn’t accept something bad that’s happening to them If you’re being abused in your life by someone or in some way your abusing yourself that’s not something I say that you should accept You accept the things you can’t change in life because there is nothing else to do and you change the things you can because you can to improve and better your life, you don’t just accept unhealthy behaviour and a shit life when you can change it, where if you can’t change it there is never else you can do but accept it Yes, a completely actualised person wouldn’t be dependent on anything hypothetical, that doesn’t mean if you were previously an alcoholic you gonna to be able to go back to socially drinking An alcoholic has fucked his mind He is in able of social drinking like a normal person because his hind brain and impulses are completely wired against him That is something he struggles with and cannot absolutely change, so he must accept it, and not just accept alcoholism
  17. @JessiChell That’s not how addiction or the mind works, we are primitive apes, actualisation about overcoming and hijacking all our broken instincts so that they work for us, addiction is one of them a broken instinct
  18. @AtheisticNonduality It’s not about Puritanism your missing the point, it about what psychological healthy @JessiChell In the ultimate sense there is no right and wrong and these things are just abstract concepts but that doesn’t mean I’m currently living my life as though that was true
  19. @AtheisticNonduality That belief is the belief given to you by a decadent castrated society To eroticise shame is to attempt to make positive ones failures as to artificially ameliorate them, and sedate yourself of your own insecurities, all you truly end up doing is kicking the can down the road, you don’t actually fix the underlying reason for the shame, instead all you do pervert own our most sacred aspect of our humanity our conscience, by taking the process by which we decide right and wrong and using it for your own sick and base sexually gratification, thereby creating a disgusting vortex where things just get worse and worse I think to say it is good to eroticise shame can only come from a broken mind
  20. @Onemanwolfpac I said a madman not a bad man Downing vodka as the president during what ever the fuck he’s doing would yeah @Lyubov Blasphemy like that against lord emperor Trumps is a dangerous game
  21. @Onemanwolfpac I’m not gonna play armchair psychologist but sexualising shame is not a good thing We live in age of feels before reals Amen and that spiritual rejuvenation starts with self respect and taking control of your sexual will
  22. @Austin Actualizing Good luck getting a prescription lol