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  1. @purerogue Exactly! And luckily, it’s not really necessary for me to talk about it anyways because Absolute Infinity is Truth. So what I’m trying to refer to is beyond Truth and literally meaningless. I only wanted to share it for enjoyment.
  2. @purerogue I thank you for the peaceful response and willingness to discuss. I have found what you said to be correct as well. Nothing is the ground of anything. Absolute Infinity is literally groundless and limitless. So Nothing can be the ground of a groundless thing and Nothing can limit a limitless thing. It was this semantical type of ‘Nothing’ that I was trying to find words to refer to. I realize where my communication failed. I was defining emptiness or void as a thing when most people consider that Nothingness. So when I said ‘Nothingness’ most thought I was just referring to Absolute Infinite emptiness. But of course Absolute Infinite emptiness is still within Absolute Infinity. I guess a better way for me to describe what I’m referring to, is that it’s neither full nor empty. It has no fullness and no fullness is fuller than Absolute Infinite fullness. It also has no emptiness and no emptiness is emptier than Absolute Infinite emptiness. This is why I say it’s beyond Absolute Infinity.
  3. @Jed Vassallo I’m just letting God enjoy “himself” (quotes cause not just a man and not just as self)
  4. @RainMan Awesome! I’m so happy for you! Just one quick thing. You said you’re the Creator of everything and nothing. Would you mind just quickly describing what you’re referring to as nothing? I won’t lecture you, I promise. I just want to know.
  5. @Joseph Maynor I was just trying to have a peaceful discussion
  6. @cetus56 I’d be interested to hear your perspective on this conversation if you feel like sharing. I’ll accept it but not limit my”self” to it no matter what
  7. @Joseph Maynor If you think I have a lens and you think it’s warped, then that’s a distinction. Furthermore, it’s your perspective. I don’t need to limit my”self” to your perspective. Though I do accept it, it’s not the only one I accept. I apologize that my perspective is choosing to care about you even though it’s not necessary (for lack of better terms).
  8. @Serotoninluv That’s all still your perspective.
  9. @Serotoninluv That’s still a perspective. Even saying there’s no perspective is still a perspective
  10. @Serotoninluv I didn’t say I was rejecting your perspective. I said I wouldn’t “limit” my “self” to it.
  11. @Serotoninluv I’ve enjoyed listening to your perspective but I don’t need to limit my “self” to it. It’s just your perspective.
  12. @Mu_ The monkey exists, doesn’t exist, both, neither and other “states” that can’t be elaborated upon (leaving me in silence... but the silence is not enough either. Nor is both nor neither. Nor others...) I have to stop myself
  13. @Joseph Maynor Do you think Enlightenment gives you the privilege to be unbiased and disrespectful towards others? You haven’t hurt me by doing that. I’m worried about you
  14. @Serotoninluv Also, the fact that I’m trying to establish peace with you and am not denouncing anything you’re saying, yet you’ve been constantly trying to denounce me, tells me exactly what type of person you are.
  15. @Serotoninluv That’s exactly what I said earlier. You can’t see it or imagine it. Yet you ignored that.