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  1. @Aeris I completely agree! You're explaining your perspective of stage coral to "Me" when "I" already accept it and am always experiencing it. But that's fine! If you want to get more out, go ahead and continue!
  2. Or be the condescending dude who doesn’t accept other perspectives 😛 Haha jk you’re good man
  3. The infinite Spiral is a concept inside of “Me”! It’s just a figment in “My” imagination. So, “I” am all of the stages, none of them, both all and none, neither all nor none, some “other” inexpressible fifth state, a sixth state, a seventh... infinitely many and impossibly more... (sorry, I’ll shut up and sit in silence Lol) But wait... that silence isn’t enough either. Nor is both talking and silence... nor neither... nor the fifth state, nor sixth, nor the seventh nor the “infinitieth”! I’ll just choose to stop Lol 🤔Hmm choose. I’ll just choose what state I want to be in! Maybe I’ll be the “part of Me” that is that scientist in Stage Green who’s working on environmentally-friendly housing. Or that competitive athlete in Stage Orange! Ooh, How about that Yogi meditating on Stage Turquoise in the Himalayas right now! know what... maybe I’ll just enjoy being the “part of Me” which is that loud neighbor of your’s who’s centered in Stage Red. [“Me” as] He knows how to have a good time! 😁
  4. @Hellspeed Correct! It's complete nonexistence. A truly impossible state
  5. @Mu_ I'd be open to a video chat. Sounds like fun
  6. @Hellspeed Experiences are things. So, if you're still experiencing it, then it's not Absolutely Nothing. You also just said that it is cold. Absolute Nothing is neither hot nor cold. It has no temperature. I believe you're experiencing what you say, but what you're experiencing doesn't sound like Absolute Nothingness (at least what I refer to as such).
  7. Absolute Infinity isn't just a wheel. It's any and every shape forever in all directions. However, I do agree with you in that, there is Absolutely Nothing beyond Absolute Infinity. You're referring to "something" (strictly in quotes) that's not even an empty void, correct?
  8. "The true perceiver is Nothingness" - many on this Forum How about: the true perceiver is Anythingness. Infinity can experience being fully in your perception without any sense of being in another's perception. Hence, why you may feel like you're only having a finite experience as one human person, despite being infinite. For infinity to be truly infinite, it must experience just your perception, just that other dude's perception, and also both simultaneously. So infinity is experiencing any and every perception. Which is why I call it Anythingness. This is just another viewpoint to give more clarity to the new Truth-seekers in this forum. I feel that talking about infinity as identical to Anythingness is easier to understand than referring to it as Nothingness. Just my opinion
  9. @Truth Addict Well🤔since there’d be no experience to talk about, you couldn’t do so meaningfully. But you could still point at them with labels like non-experience
  10. @Aakash Okay gotcha! Now I see what you're saying. However, you can still experience emptiness... that's all I was saying. Complete loss of perspective is not even an empty void
  11. @Aakash Mind exchanging definitions? Your word choice is confusing to me. You say it cannot be described but then you call it a void. You say it's not a void but then you call it emptiness (which usually means void). Are you just using these words for lack of better ones?
  12. @purerogue Ahh gotcha. Yeah this is why I like to exchange definitions. Word-choice becomes arbitrary at this level and even words like infinity can mean four different things for four different people Lol
  13. @Truth Addict Thank you! Obviously I wasn't speaking for everybody on this forum when I said that. You, for example, are open-minded. I've just seen some be disaccepting. Possibly a misunderstanding though and like I said, I still accept them anyways! You have a great day as well!
  14. @Aakash Ironically, pure empty awareness is still a perspective. Even if you're perceiving an empty void, you're still perceiving. But, that's not a bad thing! Perception and experience are not bad. Even Leo had a direct experience of Absolute Infinity. So there's no need to shun perspective. Accept it and be at peace