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  1. 🙏Hope this helped you ❤️
  2. This one is tricky but basically take your focus elsewhere and stick to it or find another girlfriend but I don't recommend it if you are hurt it only bring misery on next relationship.My policy is if you can have clean recipe with people you will have more peace.As everything in life this situation now will pass 🙏
  3. Hahah bro those are books not positions 😂 Even great master like Gurgijev sended his students to have sex sometimes It becomes counter productive. Without spiritual practice you will never sustain no fap anyway. With partner you can use sex as a tool but it only works if both are interested so if your partner don't want to explore that well sex will becomes obstacle... Sexual energy is most powerful energy in body and according to some masters lust is last to leave on the path so better learn to how to use it.
  4. no fap is not for everyone i need to say this after a lot of experience with my opinion is that no fap is awesome to do when you dont have girlfriend but if you have one there is no point in doing it unless you are addicted to sex in relationship.Better to learn using sex in a productive spiritual way with a partner one of recommendation is "from sex to superconsciousness" is good one for foundation but for practice part maybe diamond in lotus but maybe others have better sources
  5. wow would love to see anime based on some of puranas or mystic stories of enlighent masters of the past