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  1. I don't like Richard Dawkins because he is as dogmatic as an Islamist terrorist. Anyways he claims that Greed & Competition Motivate Human Nature in his book the Selfish Gene. Is that true? And even if it is true, is there a way maybe we can transcend this & replace it with Love & Compassion? We are in need of some Evolution i think and maybe have to let go of Greed in the future for the best of all living beings.
  2. Go to 27:43. Radhanath Swami is asked to give his opinion about Psychedelics. He replied: My opinion is that if Radhanath hasn't done psychedelics then his opinion on the subject isn't worth much . What do you guys think?? My observation is that almost all people act as they know things which they have 0 experience with. Including celibacy, psychedelics, etc. We're self-biased monkeys. We act as we know things which we don't really know.
  3. Leo says that sex is a base need & it looks like sex is mandatory to survive. Do i have to engage in sex? Can i live a happy & content life without sex? Is that possible?
  4. I personally know people who live without sex for years & they are ok. They are almost as ok as people who engage in sex. Both those groups are starved dogs. Who does get enough sex nowadays? Even Dan Bilzerian doesn't get enough sex. The more you have sex, the more you wanna have sex. Like an addiction & you suffer. You don't have sex? You still suffer because of the desire. So it's about which sh*t sandwitch are you willing to eat. I am just tasting a new flavor now.
  5. @ajasatya So far yes. We will see how it goes.
  6. @Leo Gura Possible/Impossible is a duality. What about people who are asexual? Saying that only advanced yogis can transcend the need for sex & that it is impossible for others is your self-bias. I don't expect to tame my sexual desires. It seems impossible to be honest. Nor do i think any yogi has tamed his sexual desires. They just acclimate to it. But it is possible (i assume) to live a happy & content life without engaging in sex. Having sex just creates more suffering (for me) just because it produces more attachment & clinging. Not having sex still causes suffering but over time it becomes easier & easier. Have you remained celibate (no sex, nofap) for any long period of time? If yes how did you feel. Of course you would feel horny, but even when you are having sex you still feel horny. Lol.
  7. Beginning meditation 2 years ago was the best decision in my entire life. It has literally saved me!! Even if scientist one day told me that meditation is bad for me i would still keep practicing it. Because i know what it does for me.
  8. @ajasatya Thank you for your time. One final question if you can answer me. What if you have sex but don't do any spiritual discipline like most ordinary people. Can you be happy then? What's your opinion.
  9. @zeroISinfinity I will do it for 1 year (if i can). I just wanna see what happens. I am meditating , yes. Leo has not videos on this topic. He has not even addressed his opinions on celibacy nor do i believe he has remained celibate for any long period of time. So he can't have an accurate opinion on this topic. How long have you remain celibate for? And by the way when i say celibate i mean no fap & no sex.
  10. @flowboy Stop projecting stuff onto me. You don't know me. This spiritual bypass thing, i'm tired of hearing it. I can have sex today if i want to. You don't know my motivations behind this. I am not arguing with anyone. If something doesn't sound right to me, i will keep questioning. Even when i hear what i want, i still keep asking questions. Sorry, this is how it works for me. & Who told you that i want to get rid of the desire of sex? You just assume that. All i said is that i want to be happy as a celibate. The desire for sex, i don't see that ever going away to be honest.
  11. @ajasatya What if you don't have sex & don't do any spiritual discipline? Can't you be happy then? Because It seems like you suggest that if you have sex & no spiritual discpline then you are fine.
  12. @TrynaBeTurquoise I don't have fear of missing out. If i can't remain celibate then i can have sex in the future anytime i want. I have fear that i won't be happy if i remain celibate because of some negative self-biased opinions that people gave me in the past. Anyways, the only way i will know the truth of the matter is if i actually do it. And i agree with you, there is nothing wrong with having or not having sex. But most people will think that you are insane for not having sex lol or they will say that you are spiritually bypassing. I'm tired of hearing this. I will run the experiment and see how it all goes.
  13. @Jkris What is the difference between the mind & the intellect? I thought that they were one and the same thing... I fear that i will be miserable if i pursue celibacy because of some negative opinions that i heard from people who haven't even experimented with celibacy but they use scare tactics saying that you won't be happy without sex. This pisses me off because it makes things harder for me. It makes me doubt & causes me all sort of feelings that i don't like. It's not like most people will encourage you or motivate you to do such things. We are still in the dark ages. Thank you for the advice, it inspires me. The desire to remain celibate for at least couple of years comes from my heart. I I genuinely wanna do it & will do it soon. I'm preparing now.
  14. @TrynaBeTurquoise It's causing me fear of suffering. Why should I let fear dictate what actions I do or don't do? That's a poor strategy. I wanna be celibate for couple of years as an experiment because I believe it has the power to transform me. The best I ever felt in my life is when I was celibate for 2 months. Now I wanna commit to go for a year. If it weren't for others ppl opinions there would be no fear to do this.
  15. @zeroISinfinity Hey man, I really like what you say. But this fear is imposed to me by our society, culture. I wanna be celibate and most people even on this forum discourage me and they scare me by saying that I won't be happy without sex. My intuition though says that this is Bs and lot of self bias. I don't really know though tbh. I get the sense even from Leo's videos that if you don't satisfy your body's needs then you will be miserable. This causes me a lot of fear & resistance to pursue celibacy.
  16. @Leo Gura I am trying to survive the 'physical' body and it exists in my direct experience.
  17. Check the video below between 1:05:00 & 1:10:00. They talk about psychedelics & spirituality. Very interesting stuff. One dude claims that after a DMT experience his energies centers seemed to be missing a pink color. And the other guy said that it is very damaging to our nervous system. He described it like a 220 outlet getting plugged into your 110 body & it just fries you out because we can't handle that much energy. Any opinions ??
  18. Very inspiring & helpful post man!! I needed that. I'm very confused. This modern culture indoctrinates you into believing that you need sex in order to be happy. But is that true? I don't really know to be honest. Nor do most of other people. People just make assumptions & confuse it with truth. What i came to realise is that the only way i can find an answer to my question is through personal direct experience. I feel kinda dissapointed from the answers that i gathered on the internet. I read tons of conflicting articles with contradictory conclusions. All this bs just leaves me more confused & anxious than before regretting for even reading those articles. My ego fears suffering & that is why it wants to feel certain about this issue.
  19. @Shaun How long have you been without sex?
  20. @ajasatya Which spiritual disciplines do you recommend for that purpose??
  21. @Shiva That's you self-bias. I can reverse this and ask you Why would anyone want to have sex? Leads to attachment, addiction ,suffering & never satisfies you for a long time. Just abstain from sex and be happy. What's the problem? "Competitions for life or sex-gratification are only momentary, unnecessary, extraneous effects, caused by ignorance." - Swami Vivekananda