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  1. @Gesundheit I am terrified of experiencing "bad" stuff like torture, suffering, illness, death etc. I am terrified of having no control over these things.
  2. When i imagine God, i think of "someone" who has infinite power and can do whatever it wants.. Leo also claims that God has infinite free will. I don't know what that means though.. So my question is: Does God Have any Control ? Or is God somehow forced to be the way it is...? Also when i refer to God i mean All of Reality, not some separate Being in the clouds somewhere. And If God has no control , then how does Reality runs itself?
  3. @Gesundheit Why does control apply only to limited environments? Why couldn't an Unlimited Being have control?
  4. @ivankiss What do you mean that God is free of all control? How the Universe/God is running itself without any control?
  5. @Consept No because of so many unknown variables that i don't control.. But if God exists then he must have created those variables so i assume God has control.
  6. If God exists and he is all loving and powerful then why does "he" allow so much suffering, pain and misery in the world? What kind of God is this? If you just answer love , please elaborate .
  7. Leo, it seems to me that you are contradicting on a lot of topics. For example you have said that if you became awoke then you could end suffering and pain because it is all imaginary. Something along these lines. Then on your health blog video, you said the opposite. That even if you are awoke, you still suffer. Which is the case?
  8. @Enlightenment I want permanent Nirvana. If it exists.
  9. @Nahm Well , it still bothers me that i have to experience pain & suffering...
  10. @JosephKnecht What about Nirvana? The ending of suffering and future rebirths all together. Maybe that is a possibility.
  11. @Leo Gura If God designed all of creation with infinite intelligence, then there are no accidents.
  12. @WelcometoReality How do you know that there is no God's design? This is probably a belief you are holding onto.
  13. @WelcometoReality This evil comes from human selfishness. But if God exists , then he must have designed this way.
  14. I am fearful of suffering and pain. I don't wanna experience everything. How do i deal with torture, rape and other uncomfortable truths? Should i just shift my focus? And lastly, is there the possibility that i never experience pain & suffering again? Like maybe if enter the God mode you have talked about? Any advice from anyone is highly appreciated. Thank you!
  15. @SirVladimir Sounds like a contradiction.. I want to awaken and never experience suffering,pain again. I want to end the Samsara. I hope that this is a possibility but i don't really know..
  16. @Shmurda Thank you for the reply. I felt better when you said about struggling with the same problem. Now i don't feel so alone.
  17. I just realised that everyone is crazy. This scares my lil weak ego. How do you find truth then??? Please answer.
  18. Let's say person by the name Tom Cruise is having the experience of being God. Tom Cruise has realised how he is creating the entire fn universe. On one hand he know he can't be hurt BUT on the other hand he faces fear about devils who sees his Godlike aura & want to stab him with forks. How should Tom Cruise deal with all the crazy deranged devils outthre?