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  1. Norway condemns attacks on Isreal, but is the only western country that refuse to call Hamas for an terrorist organization. It has created a lot of split in nowegian poltics.
  2. My past experience: I did 0.5 grams shroom for the first time when i was 18. After that i have increased the dose from 0.7g, 1g, and 2g. Now 21 year old i did 3.5 gram shroom. I decided to do 30 min of do-nothing meditation before my trip. I ate 3.5 shroom. The effects kicked in 30 min and I started to get bright colors everywhere and mild visuals. I was sitting outside in a comfortable chair watching the clouds and the sundown. I was very happy and at peace just watching the clouds breathing and morphing. Unfortunately this did not last long before my mind started to go down the path of insanity. So after like 20 min i started to get thoughts just going on loop over and over again. At first I tried to just let go of my thoughts, but it only got worse. So I started to get frustrated that I was not in control. It started to feel like the do-nothing meditation on crack. My thoughts were like going at 1.5x speed. I have a small supposition that the 30 min of do-nothing meditation was the cause of the bad trip. It would only get worse as consciousness started to get more fluid. My thoughts started to feel more real. Where the duality between reality and thoughts started to break down. My thoughts went from normal stuff to more extreme things like violence. Thoughts about killing people, torture, hell and just terrible bloody thoughts. Then it just went down in a spiral where they would go on loop for what seems like forever. Whenever i would try to distract myself with music or try to control my thoughts it would just drag me further down the spiral of evil and devilry. My old personality was forgotten and replaced with the devil. I started to say stuff to myself: “This is not me, I would never harm anyone” I started to fear myself. I did no longer trust myself so i decided to stay put and not move. I was afraid I would do something stupid in public. I could hardly recognize myself anymore of what I have become. It was like i became a different person. Now here is the scary part. In this altered state of consciousness I really started to believe I was the devil and i enjoyed being the devil. That I am meant to inflict pain and suffering on others. It felt like being the devil was the only thing I knew. There was no empathy, no love, only darkness and insanity. I just staretd to laugh so hard, since i knew i had lost my mind. Now on my peak of the trip things started to just get weirder. My thoughts started to morph. They took on nonsensical forms and different dimensions. It's difficult to explain. I was so overwhelmed to the point of insanity. I started to feel like i was losing my fuking mind. I would even start to have auditory hallucinations. I know someone is just going to say “its just thoughts don't worry about it, just let it go or whatever”, but in this state you really can't use logic. All logic and social conditioning goes out the window on shrooms. Logic is just imaginary. I could see how consciousness stretches into many different forms and how fluid It can get on shrooms. I am still not truly able to even understand my own trip. I am having difficulty even remembering my trip sober. Since nothing really made any sense, it was all just a bunch of random forms and thoughts. Anyone else got this? I always thought psychedelics was suppose to show love, infinity, ego death, beauty and god. I guess i was wrong. It was like this trip showed me the darkest part of myself. I only took 3.5 grams so I knew the trip would end so I had no choice, but to ride out my insanity until my trip started to end. This was definitely a bad trip, but deep down i kinda also enjoyed this suffering. I was fine the next morning, nothing too traumatizing. I have experience much worse trip on weed then on shrooms.
  3. I agree, but lower dose like 1 gram and 2 gram was weak. Althought maybe my scorces had just very potent shrooms this time. My sources are bit everywhere so i can not tell if its good or bad stains. I have had bad stains before, so weak it was very disappointing. I have done 1 gram and i could just barely feel the effects, with no tolerance.
  4. So the next day after my "Insanity trip" I had a strong gut feeling day that I need to do 3.5 gram shrooms again. I had some anxiety, but decided that I had no choice. Within 30 min after consumption i started to feel the effects. Not much visuals, but for some reason colors from flowers and sky started to seem even brighter. It was like someone turned up the brightness of colors inside my brain. Reality started to seem like a rainbow. I was in awe of how beautiful reality truly is. Here is my last trip if you want to read it: 30 min after onset my mind went silent. I just sat in the chair observing followers, buildings and the sky. Then my awareness and intelligence increased. I suddenly got this power to think more clearly than ever. It was like my eyes finally opened up for the first time. I started to develop curiosity for reality. I just sat there contemplating different questions about my personal life mainly and existence. So I asked these questions: “What is my purpose in life?”. “Why am I doing anything at all?” Then I realized that the reason everyone in life is doing anything at all is because of LOVE. I actually don't know why, but i just sat there and all of the sudden I was in love with myself and existence. My love for existence and everyone just expanded to a higher level. Looking at existence and listening to the silence, I realized that I am all alone. Everyone is imaginary. I even hesitated to post this report since, wtf is the point if i am all alone. I was just sitting with tears running down my face. Could never fathom that love is so bloody beautiful. I realized unconditional love for existence and everyone. Devils and the so-called evil people are doing it for love. Hell, torture, rape, murder and even suffering is love and beauty. (Disclaimer i don't justify rape or murder, i only report what i exprience in this trip) I started to fall in love with myself. I realized that i am complete and perfect as iam. Love is the only thing you need. You don't need friends, women, sex, money and fame. Love is all you need. The reason for people being unhappy is because of a lack of love. I started to legit feel invincible. I did not even care if I died. Nothing could hurt me since I was so deeply in love with existence and myself. Love is there for all eternity, so there would be nothing for me to lose or gain at that point. Everyone is just trying to express love in their own way. So I could see that my purpose in life is to express my love for reality in my own meaningful way. For example, a life- purpose can be a way to express love. Either by doing something selfless or selfish. It's all the same. I had empathy and love for everyone. Even the most evil acts I would love. Evil does not exist, it's just love. Anyway, love did not just affect me psychological, but also physical. I started to feel a comfortable cozy warm feeling all over my body. I started to feel warm in my body even though the temperature decreased during nighttime. I was uncomfortable in my body, but the pain turned into physical euphoria. I am not sure how to explain how pain becomes euphoria. It is like suffering and euphoria becomes the same, I could no longer tell the difference between the two. I started to get mental clarity, I started to feel sober or normal. I was able to think straight with much more awareness. So i was like to myself: fu*k it i am going to take my dog for a walk up the mountains in middle of the night on a Monday while on the peak. I started to cry while walking, realizing how goddamn beautiful love is. I was like just keep repeating to myself, “holy fuck, is this real”. So I would walk for 2 hours with my dog, just taking in the sights and falling in love with everything. Anyway this trip was so shockingly beautiful that I still have a hard time believing love and beauty could be so WOW. There are no words for it. Wow is the best word to describe my trip Lesson I have learned: I need to be able to first develop my love for myself before I can expand my love for others. Love is the one true thing I truly need in life to be happy. How much hate is robbing me of my own happiness. I have now a desire to develop my love for myself and the world. Also I started to realize that I need to put up boundaries and respect myself enough to not let unconscious people drag me down in life. Dont be a people pleaser. A people pleaser lacks respect and love themselves. Also this trip would have never happened had it not been for this gut feeling telling me i need to do shrooms today, after a bad trip. Don't get me wrong, i am just stracthing the surface of understanding love. I am not going to claim i am awakened. I am far from done.
  5. Is the goal not to slowly increase the dose to reach higher altered states of consciousness. I am not sure how much a dose affects how awakened a person is. I always assumed I needed to increase my dose to like 5 grams or higher before I could reach awakening. Would it not be more reasonable to lower my dose to 2.5 then?
  6. Maybe we can give some small hints, there and there. It wont harm anyone to just give someone tips. Too be real sourcing is everywhere on the internet and pretty obvious. Like if i say you can buy drugs from street dealer or even the dark web that is so obvious that even a 12 year old kid knows that.
  7. Why not say "666", lol, that gota be more funny.
  8. Is Sweden and Finland membership to NATO a threat to russia, as much as Urkrain in NATO? I think this would leave Russia very vulnerable for a northern and eastern flank towards Russia, if they both joned NATO.
  9. I think you should ask your government, or WHO that.
  10. If we look away from seduction and other pick-up stuff. What is the best hair style and clothing styles to maximize your looks as a man? I dont know anything about fashion. * What jeans, shoes and other clothes should i wear? * Do i need tattoos? * Should i color my hair and what style should i use? * Should i use hair wax in my hair? * Should i use any special perfume? * How long or short should my hair be? * What jacket should i wear? Give me any fashion tips to maximize my looks. What are good fashion to attract women, if we look away at seduction?
  11. My life purpose is art, i really want to use my creativity to paint paintings to the world, but its hard. My ideal life purpose would be to be able to paint home and maybe have my own gallery for the world to see and earn six figures. Although being able to create a painting that is worth millions of dollars is not an easy task. According to statistics 90% of artist will not be able to make a living out of art and only 10% will be able to make a living from art. And maybe only like less then 1% makes billions of dollars from art. The statistics are very harsh when it comes to art. According to my research to be able to get a nice income from art, you need to be very good at marketing so i would have to focus on both my marketing skills and my art skills. Although this not me making any excuses, but i do think it is important to be honest about the challenge i will face. It will be a hard challenge to make six figures or more from art. Therefore i think it wold be wise to spend 5 years getting a master degree in something else then art to give me some financial security and trying to improve my art skills over years in my free time. I would also have to spend some years doing trial and error trying to market my art to become financially comfortable to being able to just create art home while quitting the normal job. Do you guys think it would be wise to just spend like 5 years getting a master degree in something else so i can gain some financial security and spend my free time on actualizing my life purpose? I am still not sure what this normal master degree job would be yet tho.
  12. @Nahm Bruh I don't really understand what you are talking about. Why are you talking in riddles? Not really sure what you are trying to communicate here bro.
  13. Not a lot, but i do know some people was able to sell their artwork becuase they had rich friends that wanted to buy their art. Other people just had good markeding skills. Social connection to the right people did enable them to make a living from creating artwork. I dont have that much sosial connection, i am very introverted. Although the good news is that my brother does have a lot of sosial connection. Leonardo da vinci did die poor, but today his paintings are worth billions of dollars.
  14. I think MDG is the most advanced party and they are the only party that want to legalize weed, and they care about climate change. So i voted on them, but they did it terrible the election 2021.
  15. @somegirl I don't have high integrity and consciousness to not be tempted to abuse my position to make millions at least not yet, maybe i will become more conscious in the future and more selfless. I am just being honest here, i hope i wont get judged here.
  16. As long as it is no illegal dark web websites, you will be fine. Even going on a dark web website would not get you in any trouble, as long as you dont watch porn or buy anything. Although it depends on what country you live in and what the laws are there.
  17. @Leo Gura What is the difference between sharp and pretty ?
  18. 1. I can change my face for free, with the help of surgeons 2. I dont really give a fuck about my **** size and my height. I dont really understand why people care so much about their **** and their height.
  19. Is Salvia the same as Detura? They both looks insane, although Salvia is not physical dangerous like with Detura. Are they the same or different?
  20. It can serve as a practice tool for stronger psychedelics, like 5 MeO and DMT, as you can not overdose on it.
  21. I dont recommend doing 5 MeO DMT as your first drug. Try at least first shrooms, LSD, 2C-B or Weed before you try 5 MeO DMT. 5 MeO seems like very strong stuff. I have done so high doses of weed, that i can barely talk or even move my body. So try other drugs before you do 5 MeO DMT, either it is LSD, shrooms or Weed.
  22. There are many steps before we can legalize psychedelics. like the first step would be legalization of weed. It will take many years before we legalize psychedelics.
  23. Now that is confusing.