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  1. Exactly i can't put my finger on it and yes it seems tiless. Im sorry, but i don't know what it mean and what it is.
  2. I have not read it, but i wil definitely check it out
  3. Hunt for rabbit or go and fish. You can go to nearby shop and get food to survive Start a fire You can pee outside and poop outside where people dont see you. You can use grass to take away the poop in you butt
  4. Almost? So you mean you have still have control, but everything else is not you that is in control of the now.
  5. Don`t you want to be god? You want to stay as a little ant? As a little devil ant. God is everything and you want to stay finite.
  6. When i hear about enlightenment, god and paranormal abilities i don't know what is bulshit and real any more. This is world is very magical and mystic so maybe past life experienced is not as crazy any more. Perhaps even dragons exist out there to.
  7. Right now i'm too young to take psychedelic durgs. I just wonder as the more i do meditation, self inquiry, other spirtual pratice and becoming more conscious of god will my psychedelic trips become deeper? I cant take psychedelic before 2 years so i will be able to grow a lot the next 2 years.
  8. @Leo Gura wil even my first 5 meo dmt become ultra deep like yours?
  9. The only problem for me is that whenever i try to ask who is aware of my visual field my mind saids it is a sensation in my eyes. When i ask who is aware of that again my mind says now it is the sensation in the back of my head. When i then ask who is aware of that again my mind says it is my chest. Then i ask who is aware of that again and my mind this time says it is the I thought that is aware. Finally ask my self who is aware of that again then it goes full circleI, back to my eyes again. I'm going on an endless chase on who is aware. I'm sorry for my english is bad.
  10. I think is better to do it 1 hour in stead of mediating 30 min twice a day. Once your meditation gets into the 40-60 minutes your meditation gets much deeper. For me personally in the 40-60 minutes my mind is much more silent and i can even have some non-dual experience, but its only happened to me two times.
  11. Follow the thing that is aware of your thoughts, body and your visual field. Find the perceiver. It is important you have a silent mind to do it effectively.
  12. I think this happens when you get to the 6, 7 and 8 oxherding pictures, but it might happen much early.
  13. I have been trying to find out how to comunicate non duality to my friends and my family, but i dont know how. They are asking me questions that i dont know how to answer. I cant just say you dont exist and that i'm literally my own family. I cant speak to them about the emptiness. They will just not be able to listen to me. Non-duality is difficult to comunicate to other people. I have tried to comunicate this to my family, but they just say it is theory and just philosophy. My family just drag me down. They wont let me just do a 30 dayes retreat without a reason. So how do i comunicate this to my family and my friends?
  14. @nistake Should i lie? Should i just come up with a story behind this spiritual journey that will not trigger their ego?
  15. @Shin I have no desire to teach non-duality. My goal is to communicate this to my friends and family to prevent them from thinking i am crazy or that i am deluded.
  16. I´m not sure if this true. The fastest technique for enlightenment have to be self inquiry and kriya yoga. If you do the do nothing technique for 30 days you might get a glimpse of enlightenment, but doing one hour every day is not enough for enlightenment.
  17. It is not like you will lose your physical body if that is what your afraid of. The death will be scary as hell, but if you are strong enough too push through this fear your fear will disappear once your one the other side. Maybe you need to work through your fear in some ways. I don't really know how to work through your fear, but you maybe you can ask someone else.
  18. You have to die hate to break it to you but there is no cure to your anxiety then to fully surrender and die. You won't be able to surrender if this is your first time you experience ego death. (If this is your first time). I think you have to have more ego death before you fully surrender.
  19. They can explain mystic experience how it occurs in our brain, but they will never understand it if they don't directly experienced. I have always been curious on how it is even possible that the mind can have these experienced in the first place. So thank you for this article.
  20. The mind, thoughts, society, fear of death, lack of discipline, lack of concentration, closed minded and lack of emotional control
  21. @phllip103 I dont know if i feel my self sitting there when i let go of control. I have the i thoughts still present even if i do the do nothing technique. I can sometimes let so go that my thoughts go sillent and my ego dies. why did you wonder?
  22. @phllip103 I do sometimes feel intention trying to be aware, but i do try my best to let go of control.
  23. Sometimes I'm unconscious so I'm not aware of my thoughts, but most of the time I'm aware of my thoughts.
  24. Yesterday i watched a movie at a movie theater. When the lights go out and the movie is the only thing i see, my heart began to beat and my self begins to die. I had this experience some few times during the movie. My mind was pretty quiet so i did not have the voices telling me that i'm behind the eyes somewhere. When i was looking at the movie i literally that i became the movie, i was not separate from the movie. I merged with the movie in some few seconds before i was back in duality. I just wanted to share this, maybe movie theater is not a bad place to do some self inquiry. This has happend to me two times now at a movie theater ever since i started this enlightenment work. What do you guys think?