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  1. I only feel this in my spine when i do self inquiry and something scares me, but i don't know if it is energy or if it just a tingling sensation. For me it usually starts from my butt and then this energy or whatever that thing is it goes through my spine to my head. Although i don't know if i can will it.
  2. I read about people on this forum have had a nondual experience and realized god on weed. I just wonder how do you guys get these nondual experiences on weed? Do i need to take a higher dose of weed to realize god or do i need to meditate and self inquiry while i'm on weed.
  3. Yes i am a newbia at this marijuna. I have only somked some few weeks ago for the first time
  4. I have taken hashish. According to wikipedia hashish has the same effects as cannabis.
  5. Here is a better question, can anmials attain enlightenment?
  6. @Leo Gura have you become conscious of past life times yet? Have you become conscious other heads of the hydra?
  7. Maybe you should seek professional help. A good psychology might help you. You could also try shamanic breathing. I hear it is pretty good and can heal a lot of your inner deamons.
  8. Do the do nothing technique. That one is much easier then to try to do something like to detach from your thoughts.
  9. your right about that lying down meditation is much easier and less painful. The only problem with lying down is that it is much easier to fall asleep.
  10. I just wonder is fearlessness an good strength to have while you take 5 meo dmt. If your fearless you wont fear the truth even if it will kill you and mindfuck you.
  11. You dont know how deep samadhi state you can attain. You would just fool yourself if you think you have arrived at the end. You can take a 5-Meo dmt and experience something deep shit and the next day you take a another 5-Meo dmt that is even deeper. Enlightenment is really big.
  12. I thought leo said that these high states of consciousness you achieve with 5-Meo DMT were almost impossible to reach with meditation unless you were some yogic living in a cave for 30 years of your life. It is impressive that you have experience these things without Psychedelics.
  13. I just wonder can i use LSD+Meditation technique to get these high state of samadhi?
  14. These deep spiritual questions like why is there something rather then nothing, or what is reality, or questions about god. Can i answer these questions intellectual or do i need a mystical experience to answer these questions? Is it a waste of time to ask these questions when I'm not in a mystical experience? Sorry if my english is bad
  15. Would not you just replace porn with a girlfriend. Insted of looking at porn you will rather then look at your girlfriend.
  16. The only way i mange to cure my porn addiction was, that i watched porn so much that i got tired of it. I just watched it so much i eventually it just became boring and my addiction faded away. But if you have watched porn for over 9 years of your life i quess you dont get tired of watching porn.
  17. Isn't the goal to stop thoughts with enlightenment, like in the deeper levels of enlightenment. isn't the goal no mind state?
  18. I want to overcome my sex desire so where do i start?
  19. @Ellenier I think you need to do more 5 meo-dmt tripping before you get the answer to your question. The answer will be that death is also just an illusion. You cant die if you dont exist in the first place. So i think you need to do more tripping or spiritual practice before you get the answer your looking for.
  20. Just as you know sucidal thoughts are normal to have, i have them almost all the time so for me i dont take them really serious. The problem for you is that you take them to serious. I think the do-nothing meditation can help you just observe the thoughts without reacting. Just as you know spirituality will one day give you liberation from suicidal thoughts, but before that point you will just have more sucidal thoughts then before. For example when you go to a solo retreat you should expect sucidal thoughts to occur.
  21. This one helped me have a small enlightenment experience. This is not really a mantra, but i don't know why but this really silents my mind and makes me very calm.