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  1. Isn't the goal to stop thoughts with enlightenment, like in the deeper levels of enlightenment. isn't the goal no mind state?
  2. I want to overcome my sex desire so where do i start?
  3. @Ellenier I think you need to do more 5 meo-dmt tripping before you get the answer to your question. The answer will be that death is also just an illusion. You cant die if you dont exist in the first place. So i think you need to do more tripping or spiritual practice before you get the answer your looking for.
  4. Just as you know sucidal thoughts are normal to have, i have them almost all the time so for me i dont take them really serious. The problem for you is that you take them to serious. I think the do-nothing meditation can help you just observe the thoughts without reacting. Just as you know spirituality will one day give you liberation from suicidal thoughts, but before that point you will just have more sucidal thoughts then before. For example when you go to a solo retreat you should expect sucidal thoughts to occur.
  5. This one helped me have a small enlightenment experience. This is not really a mantra, but i don't know why but this really silents my mind and makes me very calm.
  6. The short answer is yes. I self inquired into my true nature for 50 minutes, with a silent mind. I looked at my feet and closed my eyes and opened them again many times. After that i looked at my feet with silent mind and then I suddenly I realized that there were no one looking at my feet. Then i got overwhelmed by this emptiness all over me. My heart began to beat like crazy and it felt like dying. This was how my first ego death felt like.
  7. I wish this will one day happen to me and not just a small awakening, but like from 0-100
  8. Is Sahaja samadhi like being on 5 meo-dmt 24/7 for the rest of your life? I really want a taste on sahaja samadhi, so how do i do that?
  9. I just wonder when you guys talking about becoming financially independent whilst starting from scratch, what country are you guys talking about?
  10. @winterknight Isn't sahaja smadhi permanent? Isn't sahaja samadhi an enlightenment experience that sticks?
  11. Do you mean physical death in the sense of me harming my body or ego death?
  12. @Leo Gura I died once in an enlightenment experience i had. I know what death feels like so now i look forward to my death in self inquiry. I'm ready to die.
  13. I dont understand how game of thrones can help me with self inquiry. Arya Stark is not there to find out what her true nature is, she is just telling him about where she came from.
  14. What about questions like what is My life purpose or what is science and society. I dont think enlightenment answer these questions. There are many more questions enlightened people might have about the world that they dont know the answer to.
  15. Are you dead yet or is your ego stil alive?
  16. My first enlightenment experience came when i was sitting out in my garden late at night. I was sitting there with a sillent mind and laser focus. From that day on i have decided to do my self inquiry at night time.
  17. Dont tell me that Nootropics has the same legal system as psychedelic. Are nootropics more available then psychedelic?
  18. It sounds dangerous to combine two subtence. You maybe need to at least start with smal dose in both Ayahuasca and 5-MeO.
  19. To be honest i would chose the blue pill
  20. I have been doing a lot of self inqiry lately and just detaching from my experience. I notice that all of my experience is changing and that is not me, but i'm also aware that i'm still pressent there even if the experience is changing. This I is not really there, but im aware of it. This I is just completely formless, empty. Am i just bullshiting my self here or am i onto to something here. What if this is just a feeling that the true self is aware of. I dosent really feel like feeling tho because it is not a normal feeling it is not really there either. It is really hard to explain. If anyone have gone pretty far on this path to enlightenment, can someone tell me if im just deluded here and i'm just bullshiting here and i need to keep looking