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  1. @cetus when John and Peter are debating with Hari which side do you take @Someone here democracy man
  2. @SamueLSDBecause of mangoes i think
  3. @Someone hereYeah man I fucking love mangoes.
  4. @Someone hereImagine You went to the market and you buy 1 kg mango and you pay 2$ for the mango. And you return back to your home. You open the door and went to the kitchen. You put the mangoes in the fridge except one. You cut that mango and have a slice of it. Now tell me how the mango taste.?
  5. @Leo Guraforever is a big word it is eternity so how can u know all this
  6. @Meta-ManOne more question Does karma transfer to next life? Or God can modify or change anything or the box interchanges assuming there are other boxes. I don't know Can u say something on this?
  7. @Meta-ManHow can a butterfly want to be a caterpillar? What do you mean by limited?
  8. @Meta-Man But in next life we forget we are butterfly and back to caterpillar so it is an endless game I think ??
  9. @The observerwhy does it matter?
  10. What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls butterfly
  11. As we become more conscious our understanding also grows. Can someone elaborate on this more?
  12. @zeroISinfinity @Shadowraix The sense of I is always present so can we get rid of it ? What is your experience?