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  1. Be a melting snow . Wash yourself of yourself. - Rumi
  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JmvvzpzGCWE
  3. @Conradif someone wants to cut your head off ?
  4. @winterknightyou say that suffering doesn't exist then what is the sensation of pain . When we are in pain we have certain reaction . Is not that due to suffering ?
  5. @Conradif someone "God " hit you in the face and you break your nose then what is your reaction you being God and all
  6. What is the difference between ego and dillusion ? Enlightened beings please share your wisdom
  7. The distance between ego and no self seems to be very small and ego is immediately attached to no self and take ownership . How do we reduce this attachment ?
  8. I think ego is a sense of separateness but not the character knowing itself as imagination . Can u describe ego?
  9. @Leo Gura or there are no pointers just the moon . I have 2 questions . What is a personality ? And Are u lucid all the time ?
  10. Don't confuse the pointers for the moon . Recognize it is just a pointer. Repetition is the mother of clarity. See the pointers for 1000 times.
  11. @Leo GuraHow can we distingush between our Shadow and clear observation ?
  12. Conceptually I think I know enlightenment or truth and enlightenment is not an experience so what am I looking for here ? I don't think we can get rid of ego so what is the point of all this seeking ?And is thinking and mind the same ? Does truth realization remains when the body dies ? What is your opinion on sadhguru ?
  13. Right now your response is occouring in my universe and I am reading it . So who is you in all this or how is the answers occouring ?
  14. What you mean by manifesting whole new universe ? I think my universe is bound by laws and other people also have influences so how can I manifest or influence action of others?