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  1. Adam and Eve’s fall from heaven came after they ate from the tree of knowledge. Through the individuation of reality. A life is born. Through the same process ignorance is born. I’ll explain why. For an individual life to sustain, maintain and grow. The life needs to understand, it’s surroundings. It’s environment and precisely how to go about life. It needs not to see life clearly. It needs to survive. Lifes survival mechanism is the intellect. The intellect is limited in its capacity, focus and scope and needs to understand what’s relevant to further the process of life. Due to this limited capacity and specific scope. The intellect and life itself when it is couled with an intellect shuts out huge amounts of information and reality. This creates ignorance. False seeing. Vision (and goes beyond simple dualistic vs non dual seeing.) This ignorance + the cravings and fears born out of the existence of the intellect, accrued lifetime after lifetime and stored in storehouse of a specific life are karma. This karma also serves to continue the process of life. Until the cravings, fear and ignorance exist. So does the motivation for further life. The process of life comes to a halt or completes itself, however, once all these impressions are eradicated.
  2. Gravity is a concept. Try jumping off a building see how that works for you. What you are saying is like a video game character saying it’s all code so there are no levels to this game, no knives, and no people, before a person attacks “him” in the face with a knife, and game over. “But it’s all code. What I am is the computer screen. Not the character” That’s cool screen but within the game regardless whether you see it as code or not there are certain dynamics. Karma is one of them. Your lack of understanding or awareness of this dynamic doesn’t make it less true. A normal person dismisses non dual experience as mere psychosis due to a biased worldview and limited knowledge, you are guilty of the same thing.
  3. Kundalini awakening is a process. Constant energetic activity along the spine. If you had an experience. You just had a monetary energetic opening.
  4. @Freakrik First of all you need to understand that there is no unchanging essence or soul that reincarnates. A person is more like a process as opposed to an unchanging constant. When a process (a person) still has vasanas, cravings, fears and aversions. Those karmic impressions will lead to further entanglement and reincarnation. With the complete eradication of cravings, fears and aversion. The specific process of life that is you completes itself and ends in mukhti and liberation. Ill add that non duality or what is called enlightenment is just a positive step in the right direction. Cravings, fears, and aversions remain after such a shift in consciousness:) @Salvijus ❣️
  5. @Nahm I was mostly saying that for the sake of those reading. I know your stance won’t change. So let’s leave it at that for now:)
  6. self realisation and nirvana are not the same thing.
  7. Point of enlightenment is the stopping of reincarnation in most mystical traditions. "Through the round of many births I roamed without reward, without rest, seeking the house-builder. Painful is birth again & again. House-builder, you're seen! You will not build a house again. All your rafters broken, the ridge pole destroyed, gone to the Unformed, the mind has come to the end of craving." — Dh
  8. @Nahm No. Again non duality, stream entry, what you think enlightenment is. Do not rid one of ones karmic impressions nor subconsious limitations. What you see as “truth” is distorted by layers of unresolved issues, lack of true self awareness, escapism, and a number of other issues, that greatly distort in emotion, meaning and implication what you have experienced.
  9. @Serotoninluv Thanks ❣️ & it’s very true. The subconsious is where the majority of our coping mechanisms, unquestioned realities, modes of being and mechanisms of functioning lie that greatly distort reality without our awareness. According to Buddhism. Theravada buddhism to be specific. It can take lifetimes after stream entry to fully eradicate all karmic impressions.
  10. @Salvijus ❣️ The subconsious mind, and our karmic body has an immense amount of impressions or karma if you will that it stores and carries with it. One’s perception, understanding, reflection interpretations, experiences and conclusions are all bound by the limitations of our karma. I’ll try to explain what I mean. Lets say there are ten layers in one’s consciousness. This is an analogy so don’t get weird about it. If you operate on the 10 level. All of your reality operates on that level. You aren’t even aware of the lower nine nor can you be. They shape your reality without your conscious awareness. What is my point. You can have non dual experiences, and be in non duality. Yet an immense amount of layers lay beyond your reference point and continuously delude you. What is seemingly non dual truth to the experiencer. Is actually “truth” ingested, that is altered without one’s awareness that becomes yet another delusion. Nirvana is the complete removal and cessation of all these layers. Reality can no longer consciously or subconsciously be altered, the wrong interpretation or implications (emotionally or intellectually) are no longer possible. It is not an experience. Any experience, even the deepest samadhis and insights operate are bound by the limitations I spoke of. Hope that was clear. If not I can elaborate.
  11. Thanks to both of you. Or should I say. Thanks to my “self.” “The I that was before my mother was born”
  12. @Nahm “bill hicks” never left. He never was. There is only ISness in the NOW. Can I get an amen?
  13. @Aakash ❣️ Your a genuine dude. It’ll stick. Check out end of your world by adyashanti if you haven’t. Great for those that are in the midst of or just had an awakening, @Nahm 😮 I bet he hadn’t heard that one. You really helped.