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  1. Read adyashantis end of your world, will help you chill as your awakening stabalizes.
  2. @whoareyou They do. Buddhism has stages. Sufism has stages. Zen has stages. Modern teachers that talk about stages Ramaji, David spero, Jan esmann, Sat shree, Maharishi Mahesh yogi the founder of the tm movement. “You” “don’t” “know” “how” “deep” “the” “rabbit” “hole” “goes”
  3. You guys are fairly clueless as to what stabalization in basic non duality is, and how far that is from full enlightenment. Watching a tolle video doesn’t change that. He is pretty unaware of how deep the rabbit hole goes too. I am not the only one saying that either. Ramaji puts him in the first stage of enlightenment. Jan esmann thinks he isn’t too advanced either, but why listen to everyone I just mentioned. You watched a tolle video, and had an awakening once. You know enlightenment and reality like the back of your hand.
  4. Awakening, realising non duality, and stabilising in it (stream entry) doesn’t have to take too long. People often confuse that for full enlightenment or arhathood. Most the “enlightened” teachers are so very far from the actual thing.
  5. The issue with some things is not their degree of truthfulness, but how people perceive said things that are said. Saying suffering is a conceptual thing or mind created, and one can stop doing it. Will make people that don’t understand how deep subconscious ideation goes. Believe by saying “They are in the present moment”, they are now above such limitation. Which will then hinder further growth and progress.
  6. @FocusOnTruth yep lol. I’m tired lol.
  7. Pain is the greatest teacher if we let it be. Pre and post non duality. When we have an agenda though. Truth becomes irrelevant.
  8. But it’s not relevant to the post lol. Post was about how ignorance isn’t simply or only ignorance of non duality. Then people were like ignorance is being ignorant of the self... haha
  9. Wasn’t a question guys. Just sharing a perspective.
  10. Ignorance is just a thought is oddly enough due to ignorance. Thoughts are merely the surface level of an entire structure that goes very deep.
  11. I had a few dreams, maybe more where I did 5 meo dmt. Had awakenings in dreams too iirc. Normal and inconsequential : ) Can be cool though
  12. @Joseph Maynor Revolutionary good sir.
  13. @@DrewNows @Nahm ❤️