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  1. Samsara or the realm of mind = Is infinite supposedly. Infinite realms, experiences, beings, creations, creators of many levels and magnitude beyond anyone’s imagination within our realm. There are many insights, and understandings wishing this realm. Many things to own and to hold. Many ways to feel superior and inferior. Many things to be excited about and to be apathetic about. Many beings due to karmic ties supposedly wander from life to life, realm to realm. In fact within Buddhism it’s stated sometimes that the rebirth process is endless. Said rebirth process is also what is referred to as what binds us to samsara. The reason for dukkka. Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way. You have delved deep within the realm of mind you could say. Seen many things and aspects of mind. You have taken mind to be the only reality. Bound by mind and with insights you’ve gained that are heavily perverted by your defiled consciousness you have reached the conclusions you have which have made you apathetic and sad. This is not related to truth. In fact it’s its opposite masquerading as truth. What you have seen has made you afraid, apathetic. All qualities that bind you. You must go the opposite direction if you seek not experiences and “insights” within mind, but freedom from mind.
  2. I was on ayahuasca when I decided to take 5 meo. Luckily didn’t die, but definitely had a rough time afterwards. Really rough.
  3. I mixed Maoi’s and 5 meo. Damaged my energetic nervous system. You don’t want to do that. Don’t be stupid.
  4. @Phoenixx What you are saying is overly simplistic and doesn’t really make sense. Saying growth as a human being is possible is not judgemental.
  5. @Phoenixx Don’t see what that has to do with my point. @mandyjw necessary or not it’s shortcomings should be discussed is my point and people should be more honest with themselves : )
  6. This is my issue with the modern non dual climate. Spiritual bypassing, talking about “accepting reality as it is” without realising that, that is not even an option when your baseline is steeped in ignorance. What a defiled mind calls “accepting reality as it is” equates to a lack of genuine reflection, lack of self awareness, turning off and closing one’s eyes and refusing to acknowledge the possibility of growth, nuance and everything that this life is both about and can offer you. Just unsubstantial word salads that make people feel good.
  7. @Leo Gura Fair enough.
  8. @Leo Gura It is, I walked the path sober mostly but still fell into said traps but a lower baseline and more intense peaks and experiences can drastically increase the tendency to self delude. You shouldn’t get into this line of work until your at a certain level of maturity. Blasting yourself through the door might have consequences is my point.
  9. If you are at a “low state of consciousness” as you guys put it. Your insights gained by psychedelics will be heavily distorted by your defiled intellect, made black and white and the lack of nuance within your perspective will lead to self destructive delusions. So they won’t magically make up for the fact that your baseline is at a low level. You need to do the unsexy, unpsychedelic work regardless or you’ll get absolutely nowhere.
  10. @Haloman Your logic is flawed. I can dehydrate my body and do a fad diet and seemingly lose a lot of weight in a day or two (which I might promptly regain) while I destabilise my system and health or I can spend a lot of effort and lose much less weight but in a stable and healthy manner without repercussions. You are judging both by the intensity of experience they give you due to desperation instead of having a sober perspective.
  11. @Serotoninluv was just asking you to be clear with your point instead of vague and unclear. I assume you are trying to be non dual. That’s fine, but irrelevant to my point.
  12. @Serotoninluv Than what?
  13. Absolute nonesense. Most advanced people that have genuinely progressed on the path do not attribute their progress to psychedelics. In fact some of the most famous practitioners through out history warn people against taking mind altering substances. Buddhism is one example.
  14. @Inliytened1 Sorry. I notice I came from a place that was less than ideal in my response in the way I formulated my points. The lack of acknowledgement of our humanity and the relative within non dual dogma and things resembling non dual dogma does make me a bit reactive. My bad : ) Noticing this tendency of mine has been fruitful, however, thanks for that lol
  15. @Ero I just briefly skimmed through it because it was rather long. My bad : )