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  1. @Bryanbrax from ops post “I have recently researched a bunch of books”.
  2. U need to grow up man. You didn’t swallow any truth pill. Your just a child.
  3. You try too hard in all the wrong ways. Just stop man.
  4. @Shin you are being childish
  5. What are you talking about?
  6. If you have mental disorders or a history of them in your family and therefor a genetic disposition psychedelics can bring them out. This is fairly clear and documented.
  7. There is a way higher chance of it inducing a mental illness than curing it. I know a few people that have entered a state of psychosis due to the drug so no.
  8. @Uchira alright. What is your point? Don’t see why the issue is if he said it’s dangerous.
  9. What did he say about datura? Just so we are clear you are talking about the poison yes?
  10. I was already in non duality when I took psychedelics, and have had way more meaningful and deep experiences than my 5 meo breakthroughs in real life. Which have shown me what I said in my two previous posts. And shadow I don’t believe you get the depth of what I’m referring to. Based off the language you use and how casual you are about the difference.
  11. @John Iverson 7 and we aren’t saying the same thing I’m pretty sure. That’s why I made the distinction.
  12. The wording of your statement implies you have the knowledge. You do not, because it is tainted, changed and perverted by your ignorance.