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  1. Good work Leo, but not to take away from any of your insights, most of the realizations and awareness you have presented in this latest video is already explained in the Seth Material published over 50 years ago… I’m not saying this in a derogatory manner, or to dismiss anyone’s accomplishments or integrity. I am also a student traveller that has a deep desire to explore consciousness beyond the basic Labels of Love, Nothingness, and our limited five senses. If I may make a suggestion, may I suggest exploring several of Seth’s and Jane Roberts books. They will definitely take you beyond the paradigm of nothingness, beyond the Human Mind, beyond the five or six senses we are familiar with, and into fifth dimensional, Unknown realities and dream states where our human senses are obsolete and meaningless. I say this with the utmost respect and compassion! Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas and beliefs.
  2. Most men are lost, they don’t know who they are, they never had a good role model, they don’t know how to use their masculine energy with authentic integrity and compassion, they belief their emotions and feelings are a sign of weakness, they feel an emptiness within, they are alone! If you relate to most of the above statements, may I suggest taking “The New Warrior Training Adventure” offered by “The Mankind Project” https://mankindproject.org/ I did the adventure almost 15 years ago, and it changed me from the inside-out! Everything you have been told and believe about what it means to be a “Man” is distorted and dysfunctional on all levels. The Mankind Project tries to break down these beliefs, distortions and dysfunctional behaviours through “The New Warrior Training Adventure” program. Just a suggestion!
  3. The suffering will stop when you become more “Conscious” of your undiscovered “Self-Pity”. Self-importance is an aspect of Self-Pity. One of the biggest traps in the pursuit of Spiritualty is believing you are more conscious and awake and therefore more sensitive to suffering! Another aspect of this is Spiritual Victim Bypassing. Suffering is a projection of your own Self-Pity. Now that you have a small taste of what you think is consciousness, the work begins. The work I am talking about is “Shadow work” Explore and expose all aspects of the self that are “Gold” and “Dark”. Just share a few thoughts, ideas and beliefs!
  4. If you are interested in stretching and expanding your mind and awareness beyond most of the concepts express in these forums, may I suggest you read the book “Seth Speaks”. If you are awake enough and have reached higher gradations of awareness, such as nothingness and dream realities beyond this 3D experience, you may resonate with Seth’s knowledge. If by chance the book “Seth Speaks” resonates with your state of consciousness and awareness, I highly recommend you read “Unknown Reality” Vol 1 and 2, by Seth. These two Vols will really open your awareness beyond the reality that you, I, and we, have been collectively dreaming together in this limited 3D Earth dream state. Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas and beliefs!
  5. You may have, or are, experiencing a form of Spiritual bypassing! I try not to use other people’s words and ideas when expressing some of my own thoughts, but in this case Luna & Sol managed to sum-up and provide useful examples of Spiritual Bypassing. In no way am I promoting their web site, other than to use their examples of Spiritual Bypassing, which I have been subject to and still battle to this day. https://lonerwolf.com/what-is-spiritual-bypassing/ The examples given below are just food for thought, and they may or may not add some practicality to those seeking expanded awareness and consciousness. “Spiritual bypassing, by Luna & Sol” The reality is that not everything in life is ‘love and light’ as is the slogan for many spiritual seekers. Pursuing the light and living enlightened and deeply interconnected existences is also about setting yourself on fire. It is about creating an inferno of your false beliefs, illusions and separating desires, ideals, and prejudices. It is about surrendering to the destruction of every limiting thing you ever thought and felt about yourself, other people, and the world. Spirituality is not always pretty. In fact, oftentimes it is the most shattering, tumultuous, and testing experience we can go through in life. The truth is that there are many types of spiritual bypassing that we sometimes don’t recognize (or refuse to recognize) in life. I have listed ten of the most common types below: I) The Optimistic Bypass We’ve all come across people in life who love to laugh and smile, yet seem to be forcefully optimistic. “Focus on the positive!” “See the glass as half full!” “Don’t let a frown get you down!” are some of the catchcries of these people who tend to use optimism as a way of avoiding the more somber and troublesome realities of life. The optimistic bypass is often a side product of anger-phobia, or the inability to deal with negative emotions. II) The Aggrandizement Bypass This is a type of self-delusion that some spiritual seekers use as a way of masking their perceived deficiencies and insecurities. The aggrandizement bypass is adopted by those who seek to feel enlightened, superior or having reached higher planes of existence. It is sometimes used by self-proclaimed masters, leaders, spiritually awakened souls, and gurus. III) The Victim Bypass When one becomes a victim of their gifts, or of other people, this takes away the pressure of responsibility for shaping a satisfying life and taking responsibility for one’s happiness – such is the case with the Victim Bypass. This type of spiritual bypass is often used by spiritual seekers who believe they have extrasensory gifts of some kind, but due to their gifts they are unable to feel happy or healthy. Identifying as an Empath is sometimes a good example of this type of bypassing, as it can be interpreted as the fault of other people and their emotions for behaving in self-destructive and volatile ways. Other labels, like being a clairvoyant, indigo child, starseed, gifted healer, and so on, can often fall into the Victim Bypass trap. IV) The Psychonaut Bypass Many spiritual seekers explore the frontiers of the mind, the soul, and reality through the use of psychedelic drugs such as LSD, DMT, psilocybin mushrooms, mescaline, and other entheogens that expand the mind and perception of existence. While this is a fascinating way of exploring reality, entheogens, like any other drug, can sometimes be used as a way of escaping reality and avoiding committing to personal development and soulful refinement. V) The Horoscope Bypass When we frequently look outside of ourselves for help and guidance, as is with the case with Horoscopes and Psychics, we are failing to tap into our inner wellsprings of wisdom and strength and are allowing external predictions to control the outcome of our lives. The Horoscope Bypass is derived from fear and mistrust of ourselves, our inability to make decisions, and our inability to deal with anything tough that comes our way. VI) The Saint Bypass As children, we were conditioned to believe that a “spiritual person” is always kind, compassionate, and saintly. In adulthood, we continue to repeat this story to ourselves, and sadly, it can cause us tremendous suffering. The Saint Bypass is a reflection of extreme “black or white” thinking, promoting the underlying belief that spiritual people can’t have dark sides because that would make them “unspiritual.” This type of bypass is essentially avoidance of one’s Shadow Self (dark side) by overcompensating with the guise of a sweet, heavenly, exterior. Self-sacrifice is a major symptom of this type of bypassing. VII) The Spirit Guide Bypass In some spiritual traditions, it is a God who protects, in others an angel, an animal or an ascended being. No matter who the Spirit Guide is, the belief that they are there to “protect” us is pleasing to the mind but ultimately constricting to the soul. When we place our faith in another being’s power to ward off danger and keep us safe, we are committing a classic spiritual bypass: avoiding responsibility for ourselves and our lives and sidestepping the tough development of courage and resilience. We are not children, but when we think of ourselves as being so we mold our lives in such a way that we fail to develop strength of spiritual character. Spirit guides serve to teach us rather than to babysit us. VIII) The Prayer Bypass Similar to the Spirit Guide Bypass, the Prayer Bypass circumvents personal responsibility by putting faith in a higher being to solve all of our problems and issues. While praying can be a healthy practice, it can easily become limiting and misguided. IX) The Guru Bypass Often it is beneficial to follow a guru, shaman or spiritual teacher to learn and grow. However, becoming too attached to them can rapidly turn into another form of spiritual bypassing. The temptation to begin worshiping (knowingly or unknowingly) these teachers means that we eventually forget the purpose of listening to them: to integrate the essence of their teachings. By treating the words of a guru or master as the irrefutable truth and failing to think for ourselves, we are starved of true spiritual growth and transformation on our spiritual journeys. X) The Finger-Pointing Bypass On our spiritual quests, we begin to see through the lies, delusions, and crazy behaviors committed by our fellow human beings and this can make us angry, downhearted, and frustrated. However, when we get caught up in “everything that is wrong” with the outside world and other people, dedicating our lives to the self-righteous quest of finger-pointing, this can be another form of spiritual bypassing. Finger-pointing instills us with a false sense of righteousness, taking away our responsibility of looking inside and working on ourselves. At its roots, the Finger-Pointing bypass is sourced from fear and avoidance and is a powerful form of procrastination. Food for though! Take what thoughts and ideas resonates, and store in your spiritual tool box those thoughts and ideas that don’t at this moment of now!
  6. What's Narcissim at its Core? Self-Pity
  7. Great perspective! Just a thought, why not implement tax incentives and deterrents into an annual income tax system? If all Governments, scientist, humanist and naturalist etc. on the planet were to determine what constitutes positive actions that alignment towards healthy societies, climates, wellbeing, nature, environment, food etc. with year-end tax refunds, that may motivate, help educate and convince individuals to change their attitudes and behaviours towards the betterment of the planet and all that is within. As an added deterrent, you increase a person, or business/corporations income tax when they purchase or act negatively towards the wellbeing of humanity and the planet. By doing both, you would reduce the burden on the taxpayers in general. That is, until you change everyone’s attitudes and awareness towards positive actions. Once the planet has reached a point of wellness in all aspects, you would no longer require tax incentives or deterrents. It’s not a perfect solution, but definitely a doable solution that could be implemented!
  8. I’m sorry, but I don’t buy the Monk found piece and then burned himself to death to protest the Vietnam war. Anyone that has found absolute peace would also know that this reality is just a dream and an illusion, and that burning yourself up, IMHO, is an extreme unconscious Ego act that does not embody or epitomise “Peace”. In my opinion, “Peace” can only be attained within the unconditional acceptance of “isness” and “beingness”. Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas and beliefs.
  9. Consciousness, God, or the “All-That-Is” is nothing but “Abundance”. Consciousness, whether it is in the non-physical dream states, or in this collective Earth dream reality, can only be accomplished with abundance and cooperation! There is no such thing as competition at the Meta level. Cooperation is the essence of All-That-Is! Nothing can survive or exist without cooperation. Selfishness is a Human illusion, it is something you create with your thoughts, ideas, imagination, beliefs and emotions. All Atoms, molecules, waves, frequencies, thought patterns, psychic gestalts of energy, at all levels and gradations of “Everything”, is, and will always be in cooperation, in harmony, and, in balance with All-That-Is. Survival, is a 3D concept that you are imagining. Beneath the Ego conscious illusion of competing for a job, for food, for money, status, eating, breathing is pure abundance and cooperation. Most people are not awake enough to notice this Truth. Just sharing some thoughts, ideas and beliefs.
  10. Man, this is one of the most sensible thoughts on psychedelics I have read in a long time. I have done a few DMT and other natural psychedelic ceremonies with Shamans, and with awaken individuals that have said the same thing. “Natural” psychedelics, as in “Teacher Plants”, will only show you a tiny miniscule of what is beyond our limited psychic gestalt of thoughts and energy, while we are focused as individuals and as a collective in this shared 3d reality. I don’t care how many times you take a trip with psychedelics, eventually you will return to your limited 3D awareness and state of consciousness. The “Key”, is to learn how you got to those higher states of awareness while on psychedelics so that you can learn to embody the knowledge and symbols experienced from those higher states into tangible thoughts, ideas, intents, beliefs, and emotions from a grounded state in 3D reality. Teacher Plants are just, “one modality”, to help you learn how to gain accesses to higher states of expanded awareness and consciousness. They are not intended to be used as a permanent vehicle to reach those states of awareness. Here is another way of describing our current reality and our limited daily awareness, and what psychedelics offers. Think of our everyday consciousness as being slowed down to a snail’s pace, as in, a very slow moving state of consciousness that is narrowed, or focused down, to allow our “Higher Psychic Self” to create a physical Being that has 3D senses that can experience objects in a physical reality. Now think of some psychedelics taking you on a bullet train that goes 10,000 km an hour through the country side. You are going so fast that it is difficult to focus with your outer physical senses on physical objects, but you are now able to consciously see reality beyond our current 3D reality using your “Higher Psychic Inner Senses”. When the psychedelics wear off, what is happening is you are slowing your consciousness and awareness down so that you can once again focus on 3d objects. Think of consciousness and awareness in gradations of speed, or as gradations of infinite expansion or contraction. Our current limited individual and collective consciousness and awareness have been constricted, or slowed down so that we can "intentionally" create and experience a physical 3D reality. If you want more awareness and consciousness, you will need to expand your focus, or speed up your thoughts, ideas, intentions, beliefs and your emotional life force energy to match the higher frequencies of consciousness. It’s like and old radio! You need to dial up to the higher FM stations to get more expanded awareness and consciousness. Keep in mind, this will not happen overnight. You will need to learn how to match your thoughts, ideas, intentions, beliefs and your emotional life force energy to match the higher frequencies of consciousness Every limited psychic gestalt (your current awareness) will be different in their approach in exploring infinite awareness and consciousness, and every limited psychic gestalt will experience reality and awareness from there own vantage point. That's the beauty of Consciousness. Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas and beliefs!
  11. Consciousness is never still. Stillness is Nothingness. Understanding or having awareness of Nothingness is the first step towards awakening to the “All-That-Is”. The journey does not stop there. It is a mental mind trap to stay fixated with the concept of Nothingness. The “Real” awakening happens beyond the Nothingness concept. Consciousness and awareness is always in motion, simultaneously expanded and contracted at all times. (don’t get caught up with the word “time This physical dream state that you are experiencing is only a fragment of who you really are. Your expanded individual consciousness operates behind the curtain of your current awareness in higher “forms” and “patterns”, while you play in this physical reality. This reality is “Real”! It is just not Real in the sense that it is only “Solid”. When you expand your awareness and consciousness beyond Nothingness and non-duality, you begin to understand that the word “Real”, is a mind trap and a concept of this 3D reality that will keep you stuck in this 3D reality. That is why in my previous post above, I tossed out the mind bender to contemplate the term “Real”! You are just one expression of consciousness among infinite expressions of consciousness experiencing this one physical reality. As a separate expressions of consciousness, “You” create your own reality in this physical dream world. As an example; if you are in a room with 5 people, each of you create your own reality of the room and furniture within the room. That means there are 5 rooms being created individually. Together, behind the curtain of our individual Ego consciousness, you/we are cooperating at higher levels of consciousness to agree upon similar expressions of the “solidity and non-solidity of the room” and the “solidity and non-solidity” of our physical “selves”. Once you understand this small aspect of awareness, the Real journey begins, and it is mind boggling. To answer one of the topics above, when you are asleep in the dream world, your physical body is still being maintained and created by your higher individual consciousness. It is also being separately created and maintain by those that are awake. They “create” the “you” in their separate independent reality with your psychic, telepathic cooperation. You are not aware of this fact because a fragment of your consciousness is focused elsewhere in the non-physical dream state, but other independent conscious expressions continue to cooperate by maintaining your image of your physical body in their own creation of “You”. You can, and are, in many places within your higher expand conscious states of expression and awareness at this moment. You are just not aware of the gradations of consciousness because of the focused, contracted awareness of your physical personality. As an example; you are the absolute ocean of consciousness, but you have been given the gift of individuality in a limited form of consciousness and awareness to create a limited physical personality and Earth reality You have also been given the gift to cooperate with other limited individual forms of consciousness to create shared expressions of consciousness. Collectively we create this Earth Reality in a micro portion of the Ocean of consciousness. The Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Artic oceans are one ocean, and yet they are independent and have a life of there own. They have their own currents, temperatures, depths, shore lines, life forms etc., and yet they are all one Ocean. Within there perceived separate oceans, they have separate climates, separate life forms, colours, waves, micro-organisms etc. These aspects within each micro section of each Ocean have their own limited awareness. And yet it takes the cooperation of all aspects within each micro section of each ocean to collectively create one Ocean of Consciousness. There are no physical boundaries within consciousness, and yet there are gradations of psychic gestalts, textures, sensations, and energy etc., between each ocean and each micro aspect of All-That-Is. Just like there are different climates and temperatures around the world! Ask your self, where and what is a boundary? Go beyond the 3D definition and beliefs of the word "Boundary"! The gift of separation, cooperation and oneness surround you constantly. Nature is a gift of the Absolute, as a form of oneness and in separateness, cooperation and freedom of expression, the ability to create separately and collectively. You just need to awaken and expand your outer and "Inner" senses to experience it. It helps when you Stop labeling what is real and not real! Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas and beliefs.
  12. The question should be, “What is Real”? Who and what decides to define “Real”? Is Consciousness “Real”? If it is, then what is “Not Real”? If consciousness, on the other hand, isn’t "Real", then who and what are we? Food for thought!
  13. There is value in everything. Having said that, do you really want to focus your consciousness and attention on a book of words that was written thousand of years ago by people that never were alive or old enough to have heard the words directly from Jesus Christ? If I’m not mistaken, "the Gospel of Mark probably dates from c. AD 66–70, Matthew and Luke around AD 85–90, and John AD 90–110. Despite the traditional ascriptions, all four are anonymous and most scholars agree that none were written by eyewitnesses". (Google) Some of it is still relative today, but there are many newer books available in our time that are far more advanced, and most importantly, the words have been written directly by the person tapping into the expanded consciousness and awareness. It’s your journey; you are what you eat, and you are what you read and focus your attention “ON”. I choose to focus my attention on knowledge with the least amount of Dogma, and more importantly, direct experience... Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas and beliefs!
  14. Just a thought... Consciousness/awareness can be expanded and contracted, absolute and separated, within “All-That-Is”.
  15. You create your own reality! If you focus and believe in disease and illness, then that will become part of your reality. Disease and illness will become a fixture of your limited outer Ego consciousness If you focus and believe in health, you will create health in your personal Earthly reality. This is where shadow work, meditation and learning to observe your thoughts, ideas, desires, imaginations, beliefs, feelings and emotions come into play. If your thoughts, beliefs and emotions are more focused on disease and illness, you will automatically bring more of those patterns towards your Ego conscious Self. If you focus more of your attention on Health, your “Inner Body Ego or Subconsciousness”, which controls your physical health, will automatically focus more on maintaining a state of health. It now becomes a law of averages, if you focus and believe 60% of the time on disease and illnesses, and only 40% on health, guess who wins? If you focus and believe 80% on health and only vaguely buy into the thoughts, ideas, images, beliefs, feelings and emotions of disease and illness, guess what the odds are for maintain good health and not contracting a virus or being adversely affected by a virus? Having said that, this is where the rubber hits the road, this where spirituality, consciousness, mastering your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions and feelings separates the people that walk there talk, or those that just talk there talk! As far as this debate goes; should I take it, or should I Not take it? It’s time for you to seriously take the time to truthfully assess and measure where you hold your energy, consciousness, thoughts, ideas, images, beliefs and emotions. Only you know the answer to this debate. Stop looking outside of yourself to find the answer. From a Meta perspective, this is all just a dream experience. You create your own reality as a separate personality and as a collective. The more Love and Light you focus on, the more the collective will become Love and Light. The more fear you focus on, the more the collective will become fear. Just sharing a few thoughts and beliefs! Stay safe…