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  1. OR "ME" pretending to be a limited "ME" in the infinite play ground of infinite "ME(s)"
  2. "ME" hiding from "ME".........................
  3. This is something "ME" wrote 2 or 3 years ago and has since been modified to the current "ME"! It helped "ME" tap into the Unknown "ME" The "ME" that can play with infinite "MEs" lol...... I struggled with the “I” and "I AM" But after having one of several Aya DMT trips, I substituted it with “ME” The more aware and expanded “Me” became, the more difficult it was for "Me" to use words to describe awareness and knowingness. It’s like the words “Nothingness and Somethingness”. I struggled for years with these words after experiencing a state of no-thought, no-form, no-universe, no-nothingness and no-somethingness during my second Aya experience back in 2017, and yet, I was aware of a “Me”-ness a Knowingness beyond sensations and thought. Some people use the word Absolute God Consciousness to express nothingness, somethingness, love, oneness, void, etc. But I struggled with the word “God”. Perhaps because of the dogmas that are associated with those three combined letters, and what the "I AM" was subconsciously attached deep within EGO ingrained beliefs and emotions. “Me” has since found the words “All-That-Is”, which for “Me” best describes the word God and the words Nothingness, somethingness, love, etc. which also points to the state of awareness that cannot be defined, explained, or touched with singular thought, patterns of thoughts or with concepts! "All-That-IS" is also a concept! And can only point to "ME"!!!! “Me” is just “ME” “ME” is Absolute Freedom! And yes, "Freedom" is also a concept! Lol.......
  4. “I AM” I Am this, I Am that, I Am Ego, I Am Duality, I Am God, I Am Allah, I Am “All That Is”! "I Am", is an outside perspective looking “IN” or “Within”. There is no “IN” or “Within”. “All That Is” (God/Allah) cannot be “IN” or “Within”. ME, is just ME! There is only “ME”
  5. I agree, grace is of immense value, but grace can only come from within! Within the "Self", within the expanded mind of consciousness and awareness! The answers are within, humans just need to learn how to return there expanded awareness to the inner knower! Not through a middle person, church, building, spirit, Christ, religion, story or entity, which are all second hand perceptions and beliefs accumulated from the human collective Ego mind. Yes, they can point to expanded consciousness and awareness, but the pitfalls are numerous and can be very deceptive!
  6. You don't need someone else’s spirit to guide you! There is no middle person, church, building, spirit, Christ or entity that you need help to discover God consciousness! If you're genuine and ready, you just need to open/expand your mind to your own "higher-Self", the “Self” that is beyond duality! You, the duality you, the Ego you, just needs to open/expand to your ever "Expanding-Self”! You, the duality you, the Ego you, just needs to open/expand to your "Infinite-Self", which will guide you to the next level of awareness and Truth!
  7. TheEnigma, have you ever heard of "Confirmation Bias"? We see what we want to see! Because you are on this forum, I am assuming you are seeking enlightenment. Focus your consciousness towards, gratitude, goodness, compassion, and love. When you are pointing your finger, see how there are three of your own fingers pointing back at yourself. This is your mirror and the law of attraction that you are creating for your "Self"! PS: I'm a Canadian that's 63 years old, lived in 8 of Canada's provinces, lived in Germany, travelled in more than 40 other countries! "You don't know that you don't know" is phase one. "You Know that you don't know" is the second phase, and one of the first steps to breaking victimhood/self-pity. This second phase of "Awareness" will help you to open up your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and emotions towards gratitude, compassion, goodness and love! From my perspective, you and I are extremely fortunate to be living in Canada! So be gentle with your "self" and your perception of reality. Embrace and focus your thoughts and emotions on "Gratitude"!
  8. How dare the US capitalist send and spend their money and technology to shove it up the ass of Russia! Only I (Putin) and my buddies can ass fuck and steal it from the Russian people to become the richest men on the planet? So yeah, Just let me and my friends ass fuck the people of Russia and our closest neighbors, ME ME ME, Putin!
  9. "love is the force out of which being comes" "Seth" Chapter 5: Session 771, April 14, 1976 "Love is a biological as well as a spiritual characteristic. Basically, love and creativity are synonymous. Love exists without an object. It is the impetus by which all being becomes manifest." "Seth" Chapter 9: Session 792, January 24, 1977 "They have told you to love God, but rarely taught you to experience the gods in yourselves." "Seth" Section 1: Session 687 March 4, 1974 "Value fulfillment itself is most difficult to describe, for it combines (pause) the nature of a loving presence—a presence with the innate knowledge of its own divine complexity—with a creative ability of infinite proportions that seeks to bring to fulfillment even the slightest, most distant portion of its own inverted complexity. Translated into simpler terms, each portion of energy is endowed with an inbuilt reach of creativity that seeks to fulfill its own potentials in all possible variations—and in such a way that such a development also furthers the creative potentials of each other portion of reality" "Seth" Chapter 2: Session 884, October 3, 1979 "Yet each smallest portion of consciousness can uniquely create, bring into being, eccentric versions of All That Is, that in certain terms All That Is, without that separation, could not otherwise create. The loving support, the loving encouragement of the slightest probable consciousness and manifestation—that is the intent of All That Is." "Seth" Chapter 2: Session 884, October 3, 1979 "Physically speaking, man’s “purpose” is to help enrich the quality of existence in all of its dimensions. Spiritually speaking, his “purpose” is to understand the qualities of love and creativity, to intellectually and psychically understand the sources of his being, and to lovingly create other dimensions of reality of which he is presently unaware." "Seth" Chapter 5: Session 901, February 18, 1980 Just a few quotes from the "Seth Material"
  10. I don't think it's as simple as you may expect! The link that you have provided “may” have a few flaws. Low quality surveys or studies usually use one or two basic metrics to determine a conclusion, such as, “crime rates are calculated by dividing the total number of reported crimes of any kind by the total population”. The key words to focus on in “crime rates are calculated by dividing the total number of reported crimes of any kind by the total population”, are, REPORTED CRIMES and ANY KIND! Those two Key words open a whole can of worms that can be misconstrued in many ways. Here is a better site to peruse to determine a more comprehensive opinion and comparison between the two countries! https://www.nationmaster.com/country-info/compare/Sweden/United-States/Crime/table Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas and beliefs!
  11. Good work Leo, but not to take away from any of your insights, most of the realizations and awareness you have presented in this latest video is already explained in the Seth Material published over 50 years ago… I’m not saying this in a derogatory manner, or to dismiss anyone’s accomplishments or integrity. I am also a student traveller that has a deep desire to explore consciousness beyond the basic Labels of Love, Nothingness, and our limited five senses. If I may make a suggestion, may I suggest exploring several of Seth’s and Jane Roberts books. They will definitely take you beyond the paradigm of nothingness, beyond the Human Mind, beyond the five or six senses we are familiar with, and into fifth dimensional, Unknown realities and dream states where our human senses are obsolete and meaningless. I say this with the utmost respect and compassion! Just sharing a few thoughts, ideas and beliefs.
  12. Most men are lost, they don’t know who they are, they never had a good role model, they don’t know how to use their masculine energy with authentic integrity and compassion, they belief their emotions and feelings are a sign of weakness, they feel an emptiness within, they are alone! If you relate to most of the above statements, may I suggest taking “The New Warrior Training Adventure” offered by “The Mankind Project” https://mankindproject.org/ I did the adventure almost 15 years ago, and it changed me from the inside-out! Everything you have been told and believe about what it means to be a “Man” is distorted and dysfunctional on all levels. The Mankind Project tries to break down these beliefs, distortions and dysfunctional behaviours through “The New Warrior Training Adventure” program. Just a suggestion!
  13. The suffering will stop when you become more “Conscious” of your undiscovered “Self-Pity”. Self-importance is an aspect of Self-Pity. One of the biggest traps in the pursuit of Spiritualty is believing you are more conscious and awake and therefore more sensitive to suffering! Another aspect of this is Spiritual Victim Bypassing. Suffering is a projection of your own Self-Pity. Now that you have a small taste of what you think is consciousness, the work begins. The work I am talking about is “Shadow work” Explore and expose all aspects of the self that are “Gold” and “Dark”. Just share a few thoughts, ideas and beliefs!