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  1. For a year and a half I’m struggling with severe loss of muscle mass and strength in my upper body – right side is more affected than the left. Doctors think I have a very rare genetic muscle disorder called Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD), that affects mainly muscles of the face, shoulder blades and upper arms. Currently I’m waiting for the results of the genetic test they did. As far as I know western medicine has no cure for this specific genetic disorder, so I’m looking for suggestions or informations on alternative treatments. Every advice is very much appreciated. Feel free to list your ideas here and thank you in advance.
  2. @roki00 Hi there! There are definitely people in this forum, who a interested in Magick etc. See this thread for example:
  3. Probably N,N-DMT and high doses of LSD (500 mcg. and more) and Psilocybin (5 gr. dried and more).
  4. What where your most challenging psychedelic experiences and what did you learn from them?
  5. @acidgoofy lol that sounds pretty insane. I once panicked quite hard smoking weed while being on 125 mcg LSD... I guess weed is just not my Thing.
  6. Got it. So plugging would be an interesting try. I like the idea of having a more intense trip, that lasts less long.
  7. @Bogdan Amazing report. Thx for sharing! Did you read Christopher Bache's Book "LSD and the Mind of the Universe" by the way? I can see some interesting similarities between his psychedelics eplorations and your experience.
  8. You mean plugging lsd is 4 to 6 times more potent than taking it orally? Am I getting you right there?
  9. This one is quite amusing: Imagine you are the women on the phone and you have never heard of enlightenment or nonduality before… what would you think?
  10. Here we go again…: I kind of like the guy. He really seems at peace while explaining his 'mission' and non-duality to this lady from the mental healt services.
  11. @Consilience Awsome! I always enjoy reading your trip reports. For me they are the most interesting ones here in the forum. I really feel inspired to take my psychedelic work to the level you are at.
  12. Paul Chek's channel is mainly about diet, conscious exercice, self-development and spirituality. He offers interesting multi-part series like the "The Chakra System - Transforming Pain and Bondage to Freedom" or "The fastest Way to Health".
  13. @reves Yeah, People react really different to psychedelics. I need 200 mcg of 1P to reach a (small) breakthrough.
  14. Great insights for only 175 mcg. Thx for sharing!
  15. Is it worth to experiment with Ketamine for consciounsess work? Did anyone of you try ketamine? What was your trip like? What ROA and dosage did you use? In Germany you can order 2F-Ketamine legally.
  16. @DandI had a really good 2h meditation session after the peak (30-40 mg), but no breakthrough.
  17. @Dand Thx. Did you had a breakthrough experience using just 2F-Ketamine? @Aaron p got it.
  18. @Javfly33 ok, I also dosed 30 to 40 mg today and snorted it as a first try. I feld some milde effects such as a rather calm mind and a smooth warmth in the body.