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  1. If you get religion out of your own mind then it's gone. Everyone has to do that for himself. You can't really help people with that.
  2. With sex it's different because you can simulate it with porn and masturbation. Your brain thinks you're doing the real thing.
  3. I think most males are addicted to sex these days because sex is harder to get than it used to be. It's more scarce so it seems more valuable. In the past you could easily get a wife and get as much sex as you want. And now you're not just competing with the men in your village but also with perfect men that women see on their screens. What are your thoughts on this topic?
  4. I'm open to every possibility. He's saying the same stuff as Leo pretty much.
  5. Cholesterol and fat are good for you I think. Most of the cells are made out of it. Yeah my theory is that they want less people to eat meat because if everyone ate it there wouldn't be enough for everyone. Because overpopulation. But they also want to make people sick I think.
  6. I've been eating more red meat, liver, salmon, cheese and eggs lately. All supposedly bad foods. But I feel healthier now than I've ever felt before. So I'm definitely going to keep eating these foods. Before this I ate very little animal products and I felt terrible.
  7. You have to want to do the work and enjoy doing it. That's the only way.
  8. If people make you nervous that's because you're trying to impress them. Impressing people is a social thing. So basically you're too social. You care too much about what other people think and feel. The solution is to start caring more about your own thoughts and feelings. Stop trying to impress people. And stop trying to make people happy.
  9. And never do things that you don't want to do. I like this way of thinking. It's freeing. Many of us were taught that we have to do things we don't want sometimes. By sometimes they meant all the time. If you believe this lie you will constantly battle with yourself and get in your own way. Because you think it's wrong to have wants. But what about going to work? You probably want to go to work to get money. As long as you want it keep going.
  10. Don't say it with words. Say it with actions. If you treat her a certain way she'll know that you love her. If you say "I love you" That's really awkward.
  11. There's a charity that only helps female kids in africa. So nothing wrong with helping males.
  12. I predicted this like a year ago. It's gonna happen.
  13. Psychologists also tell us that disobeying is an illness. So f* them. You can have the mind of a child if you're a hundred years old.
  14. Look at the mental pictures that are causing the fear. And accept those possibilities. Are tigers going to eat me? I'm fine with that. Let them eat me. I hope they like my taste.