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  1. I'm willing to sacrifice 24 hours of my time I guess. On a saturday. My focusing skills are pretty good.
  2. But what's connecting everything? If you get stabbed I don't feel anything. Even if I'm right next to you there's no pain signals traveling from your body to my body. You would think there's a ripple effect if everything is connected.
  3. I don't know. It seems weird to me that you can be seperated and connected simultaniously. I'll check it out. It seems silly to me to put effort into becoming something when I don't even know if it's real. You know? I'll just wait until I die. I'm not preaching. Just asking questions.
  4. That makes more sense to me. But it's still a weird situation. Things existing or not existing blows my mind. No matter how you slice it reality is a magical thing.
  5. I agree that you shouldn't distract yourself from problems. But rejection is not a problem. It only becomes a problem when you keep focusing on it and attaching negative meanings to it. You can't go back in time and undo the rejection so it's pointless to think about it. Just move on.
  6. I've come up with a simple practical way to overcome rejection. Move on. What do I mean by that? I mean you keep moving and stay busy. If you do nothing you will dwell on the rejection. When you get rejected just go home and watch Leo's videos. Or play video games. Or do both at the same time.
  7. Ask them if they want sex and if they say no move on. Some of them will say yes. Don't waste your time on having meaningless conversations with girls.
  8. Every desire is authentic. Even those crazy desires that you've never told anyone about. If you want to be in a close relationship with a girl you should definitely do that.
  9. Certain things might be worth doing every hour. To keep yourself energized and motivated throughout the day. For example stretching, low intensity exercise, deep breathing, affirmations etc. Or you can do a small task every hour to chip away at a big project.
  10. Ugly people are not victims. You don't need sex to be happy in life. And you can get plastic surgery, prostitutes etc. Fear of intimacy. Heterophobia. I have both of these problems. I've had girls try to kiss me but I pushed them away because I was scared.
  11. It's true that only looks matter in sexual relations but the good news is that 99% of people look fine. Most people who consider themselves ugly are not ugly.
  12. In order to grow you need to have multiple perspectives. Including my perspective. And then decide for yourself which one is true. Sometimes the truth is very ugly.
  13. Only looks matter in the dating game. If she cares about how "interesting" your life is she's probably a gold digger. This is the black Truth with a capital T. When I say looks that includes your body language, facial expressions, fashion, items that you carry with you etc.
  14. More proof that democracy doesn't exist. The majority of people wouldn't vote for this.
  15. Not so fast. I said they can change behavior but it's not guaranteed. Don't you think you would be more confident if your name was Sauron the great? Or Napoleon.