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  1. @now is forever Why do you keep talking about law of unattraction? I don't know what that means.
  2. Nothing I do can make girls say yes. Even if I'm perfect they can say no. And some girls feel intimidated by successful guys. They rather have a loser boyfriend. So I have no control whatsoever.
  3. This flat earther likes veganism but he also likes hitler. So it's hard to tell. I'm guessing orange.
  4. Do you look at pictures of her often? That would explain your obsession. Look at other girls. And you don't have to touch girls to appreciate them. Seeing them is enough.
  5. Am I making them say no? I'm presenting a solution. ''SOLVED SOLVED SOLVED''
  6. When the opposite sex deprives you of sex it can be traumatizing but there's things you can do about it. First you have to understand why you want sex in the first place. The biggest reasons why you want sex is because it feels good and because it looks good. So you have to give those things to yourself. You have to make yourself feel good with masturbation, nutritious food, warm cuddly blankets etc. And you have to surround yourself with beauty. If you don't like to go outside you can look at pictures of beautiful girls or pictures of nature. If you rarely see beauty you will be starving for it.
  7. Walk up to her and say "Allah says don't eat. But I would still eat you" Are you allowed to date non muslim girls?
  8. I don't know. He seems fearless and joyful.
  9. Uploaded 10 minutes ago. I felt like sharing it because some of you might not be subscribed to this channel.
  10. The vibe I'm getting is that you don't like feminine girls. You want her to be like a mommy. A mommy who's cold and distant. And you can get stuff from her but only if you work really hard for it. That's what you want right?
  11. You guys are funny. I think I'm just gonna call it knowledge.
  12. I want to make a notebook for storing my ideas and observations. And I want to put a fancy title on the cover. I thought about calling it "Knowledge" but that doesn't feel right because I think it's impossible to know things. And I thought about calling it "Studies" but that's not compatable with storing ideas.
  13. Lol most of the time it grosses me out but I would do that if she's cute. Maybe add some lemon or honey to it.
  14. I don't know what empty means. I only see potential. In the short term that might feel reassuring to that person but it's the worst thing you can do for the long term. Because those people will keep treating you like you have depression and you want to keep acting depressed around them. Because they're rewarding your depressed behavior by giving you love and attention.
  15. @LaraGreenbridge I don't know which word you're speaking of. But it sounds like you're wanting something to exist.