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  1. True. This is what 99% of the weed consumed here looks like. That's a real problem, people are not interest in the quality. So i cant see how government can sell at cheaper prices than this. 1Gram costs 0.50 Reais = 0,125 Dollars . I think a good way to turn this around would be allowing people to plant their own weed at home.
  2. Procrastinating to get up early, losing precious morning time messing around in the comfortable bed.
  3. @Dima logach What has been helping me is to stay away from distractions such as cellphone, television, bad food, alcoholl , etc ... Also try not to run things in auto-pilot, when you are running movies in your mind. Remember to stay mindfull accepting the present moment as it is. Take a deep belly breathe wenever possible, as weel as to stay relax and confortable in your own body. And of course, meditate every day. I hope some of this help you.
  4. Hey guys, i just came back from a 1 week retreat. I've heard about Energetic Field, and how stones like Ruby can unblock energy from the Chakras. Every Chakras has a frequency, the same as a color. Has anyone experience some bennefits of concetration in the chakras with colors or stones ?
  5. @Jacobsrw Totally agree, i have been doing cold showers lately as well. It's a great tool for kicking out of the confort zone, it get us used to stay unconfortable. I had great bennefits with my shyness problem thanks to this. The problem is doing it on cold days lol
  6. @Cody_Atzori I Suffer form this as well, lately i just try to ignore it. Try to find a position where this problem decrease. For me the numbness decreases when my upper body is above the legs, higher. Give it a try sitting with one more pillow.
  7. @Anton_Pierre I agree with you, but what this have to do with Left Nostril Breathing ?
  8. Very hard-understanding topic
  9. That seems pretty chalenging, if you are already experienced with some retreats it would be a nice idea. You will take a pillow or something to sleep on the bathroom ? Eating nuts for 3 days also seems hard. Good luck
  10. It doesnt get much better .
  11. i Am myself trying to be a better comunicatior as well. Some aspects that have been helping me : Be present in the moment. Sometimes we try to predict what others will say in the next moment. Stop it , and listen before talking. Stay RELAX. Relaxation = Conscious. When your ego start to defend itself, it's very common to start acumulating tension in your shoulders, belly and face, just let it go and speak calm. See the others point of view. Every person has a perspective of world view, dont try to impose your "only true". People are what they are, we have to celebrate this diferences and love them. Love = The will to extend one's self for the purpose of nurturing one's own or another's spiritual growth - Scott Peck. Sometimes we want to be right in a pointless discution, just for the sake of the ego.
  12. Hello, What you guys think about the results of this UK Policy ? We have to remember that this is a kingdom whose ruled the world for a century, it political ideals affect several other nations worldwide. Would this be a backslide in terms of spiral stage evolution ?
  13. Hey guys This month has been pretty exhausting to me. I'm planning on spending the weekend camping and meditating on a mountain, like a mini-retreat. It is a wonderful place with a view of lush nature. I live in Brazil Any toughts and advices on that ?
  14. @UDT Share my music with the world, make people feel a little bit better when they hear me play. Nowadays I play in two bands, one of them we are recording a disc. If you want to give it a listen I will be gratefull. It's in Portuguese by the way. I think of the future to live in another country, and live as a musician.
  15. Hello everyone, i have a history to share about a good friend of mine. I dont like to say about others life, but this is something interesting to a debate. We're friends for 15 years, i was always the one feeding the relationship. The guy rarely invited me to his place. It's like he cannot be 100% open with someone, all others friend of ours have the same opinion about him. He is very very selfish. If needed he would kill the entire planet to his survival, that level of egoistic. I personally think this is one of the strongest Ego i know. This history takes place at the south of Brazil by the way. One other friend of ours has invited us to go to his farm, we went there with a group of 7 friends. The idea was to choose the perfect setting for a LSD trip, a safe place in the forest, some good music and a fire. We were all real good friends at the scene. The LSD was the strongest i've ever taken, JESUS was the name of the drug. (Very comon in Brazil this LSD Paper, it is a mix of LSD and Tryptamine, not the purest thing, but was the best we could find). It is dificult to say what the dosage was, something about 200-300UG. It was enough to a break-Through expericence. We had all taken the dose, was a real bliss at the time, just the nature around us, good friends chatting and waiting for something to happen. The first effects were the basic Lsd feel; light body, laugh, different connection with the body. But it was climbing very fast to more intense experiences. About 1,5 Hours after we've taken it, we all decided to go for a walk in the woods. The forest was reforested, had a very interesting mathematical pattern. During the walk, Strong visuals starting taken over, very beautiful perceptions of nature. It was like I was jumping on clouds, the elasticity of the grass could push me forward. The bark of the trees begin to change color, it was impossible to see the end of the forest, only tree runners to infinity. That moment with my homies was the best feeling I had with drugs in my entire life. This was the first time that this guy had taken LSD. We could see in his eyes the fear and anxiety transforming into panic and resistance. In the middle of the walk he started to panic, the guy was pale. Suddenly he buckled his shirt, threw himself on the floor and said he was having a heart attack. Everybody kind of knew this was just scene, no one had taken it seriously, he was claiming for attention. I could see his resistance to the experience. Out of nowhere he got up and ran back to where our base was. when we got there he was totally lost in his thoughts, when he saw me coming it was like seeing a ghost. he caught me and started screaming my name. It looked like his brain was having a bug. he stopped talking normally and went on to speak colors "Yellow" and meaningless things "you betrayed my heart" "I'm a shame for the family". After this show, we decided to go back to the farmhouse, drink some water and prepare for the night. It had already been 4/5 hours that we had taken the lsd. In the car, the guy looked like a gorilla, went head down with his feet on the glass talking nonsense things. I was afraid of him. Long history short , the group made a campfire to talk and eat and he isolated himself in the house. He was aggressive and we decided to leave him alone. I've already taken part in several trips of lsd and mushrooms, and I've never seen a resistance experience like this guy has. He ate grass, broke his goggles, and smashed plants vazes that where in the house. And out of fright he ended up slapping me in the face as I was coming out of the bathroom and he wandered down the hall like a zombie. 1 year after this, we decided to take other LSD on a rock show. Roger Waters to be more specific . He completely panic even with a tiny dosage (Around 50Ug). He lost control of the situation and ran out of the show. I am sharing this story so that we can debate about the ego and its defense mechanisms. Anything that takes control of the situation generates resistance. Imagine how much suffering he must have every day with all this self survival and egoistic behaviours. He eventually drifted away from our group of friends and his friendships today are merely for social status and ballad partners. The ego does not allow it to show its real personality to others. Every time I see him nowadays, I realize how much he judges me in every speech of mine, and how much he tries to show the group his superiority. Meditation should be more publicized so that people can grow spiritually. I am very grateful to Leo Gura for having totally changed my life and that of many others. Each day I try to be more mindfull of the pitfalls that the ego produces.
  16. @Serotoninluv thanks, i'll try being more mindfull about my body. Totally agree. If you let the addiction consume you, everything becomes boring, life becomes grey without it. My goal is to limit the use to special situations only.
  17. @ajasatya I've been smoking before i heard anything about personal development. Maybe this is the time to drop it.
  18. @Matt8800 Thank's bro, it is just that sometimes, when i'm in a bad day, i just put all the blame of my problems on it. My monkey mind keeps saiyng " Look how it is bad for you, your lazy dumbass" . But me too find it good to take a look at my life from a diferent perspective.
  19. @UDT 21 . I'm working at my family business right now, while building the instrastructures for my life purpose, which is playing drums. This is the thing i love doing, devoting hours of hard work to become a master. At least 1 hour a day. Im also in the process of finishing college. I live in the South of Brazil by the way, very closed minded people down here. The war on drugs is still very going on.
  20. Here in Brazil we're living in a polarized society, this presidencial election is divided by two ridiculous candidates. In one side there's PT the workers party, the left that is in power since 2002. They have establish a major corrupt organization, contaminating every part of the government, from the judiciary to the legislature. They are believed to fight for human rights, with more love to the poor people and the gay comunity, but in fact they just want to continue stealing from the population. In the other side there's Jair Bolsonaro, a Donald Trump kind of president, with a military and autoritary politic view. He claims to end the violence here with no mercy to the robbers. There are videos of him talking shit about gay people, saying he'd rather have a dead son than a gay one. In the past Bolsonaro said that torture isn't a bad thing, and his vice president is a military general. Bolsonaro major proposal is to end corruption and violence, and therefore he's gaining force ,Brazilians are sick of the Left corruption, this guy is most likely to be Brazil next president. These week, more wood was threw in the fire, Roger Waters has expressed his opinion against Bolsonaro during a show in São Paulo, and the croud got crazy with him, preventing the show to continue. I was wondering what you guys think of this, i'am undecided like 30% of the population. what stage in the spiral are these guys in ?
  21. @Key Elements Agreed.
  22. Hey you, have a profund day. I was thinking today about the role of other people in your own development as a person. In Leo's video " How to stop carryng about others opinion " he talk about being authentic and happy by yourself, that people can't really offer you anything significant in life. He also talks about this in his video "How to deal with loneless" , that personal development is a path to be trilled alone. But in the other hand he also talks about expressing love to everyone , and being a light source for man kind. I've read some books that also encourage you to see the beauty in other people. And i have met many human beings that inspired me, i've learned alot by living with some really great people. Perhaps balance is key in this question, any insights about this ??