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  1. Personal Development enthusiasts sometimes end up being somewhat naive with what is or is not possible for each one of us with that " my beliefs are the only limits " mindset. Let's gather all the genetic lottery winners 😉 Note : Try to discern high skill and mastery from LITERALLY genetically special people. Genetically special people that also have high mastery ( Like Charly Puth's Perfect Pitch ) is okay for this thread as well. But not just mastery or high skill. For example, no ammount of training will give you the ability to hear colors without the right genetics ( AKA Synesthesia ) Here are some examples of what I mean :
  2. - Feel free to comment, ask questions, give unasked advice, use this post for resources, etc. ( all under your own risk and judgement ) Basically, the idea is that I'll be documenting and sharing my journey of chelation. I'm a noob for now, but I expect to gather a decent chunk of understanding throughout this year. This has been on my to do list for over a year now, and I've been motivated recently by Leo dropping the long awaited episode on chelation released for my birthday ?. Sadly, the episode is not as detailed as I'd like it to be and I'm afraid he may have forgotten some crucial information. But if there is time to whine, there is time to roll up my digital sleeves and get to work and research. Let's hope my journal doesn't end up being a Brian Bander's Suicide note 2.0 (RIP)
  4. @Indianonymous Good! you can frame what's happening to you as " i'm exhausting stage orange " .
  5. Beautiful. " How addiction is heritable " . My mother and Grandfather have been both heavy alcoholics. I haven't had this problem but I've had a life-long issue with videogames. I'm curious how long this has been in our lineage and how it even starts. How did I not see the connection before? I was literally born with the same gap between my front teeth as my mom. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
  6. Not 100% sure about this one . Insight : OFC humans will try to fake superhuman abilities to get money, status, fame and sex and worship. Extra precation must be taken to weed those out from the actual genetic freaks. And sometimes you will never be able to discern.
  7. Keep sipping on your whey protein shakes. A gorilla gets 8k calories and all his protein by munching on leaves . They digest the celulose. 98% genetic similarity to humans and 4 - 9 times stronger . I'm pretty sure some people would be happier if they had incarnated as a gorilla 🤣
  8. I can't find any good video for now but I remember the author of my Big TOE was a natural with astral proyection. I've done it a few times myself and there was a point where I was afraid to fall asleep as every night I'd find myself in this white tunnel of buzzing energy and turbulence. I kind asked for it to stop and haven't had any of these since. There must be plenty of videos of people claiming paranormal skills. Just gotta find the good ones.
  9. @Rahul 2paradox Simply improve your social skills. The wall of text you wrote defending your position shows me simply you lack social skills. It's not about your wealth. It's about learning the skill of banter, negging , holding frames, being witty, etc. If you feel it's a big problem for you feel free to PM me and we can have a quick chat.
  10. World's only Female Savant Twins
  11. Yeah, it's really " that simple " . Double genetic lottery right there as well 🤣
  12. Kim Peek - the megasavant. Beautiful. He is the actual man that inspired Rain Man. reads a page in 10 seconds. left eye reads left page . right eye reads right page.
  13. Insight : Do not get discouraged for not having " Superpowers " like people with Savant Syndrome. Relative to a person with a 7 second memory, a dwarf or someone with severe autism or down syndome, you really have won the genetic lottery 😉
  14. Now in the context of genic uniqueness and freaks of nature , put psychosis, schizophrenia , mental ilness, and the paranormal.
  15. ECHOLOCATION Blind people using toungue clicks and echo to see their surroundings. This is the superpower the actual batman should have 🤣 Video 1 : Video 2
  16. They don't feel physical pain. Asians lack the gene that makes sweat smell? Koreans don't even use deodorant !!!!
  17. Look for Savant Syndrome. You will be blown away. @emptiness dancing
  18. That's one smart kid. People diagnosed with " Autism " are full of surprises.
  19. OKAY IT WAS OBVIOUSLY JUST A MATTER OF TIME . 50CM 🐓 Edit: this is fucking hilarious from beginning to end and the Mexican accent makes it so much better
  20. Is it still cheating if your GF has two Vjays?