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  1. The problems most likely isn't physical. There are people who have a completely fucked up spine, people who have slipped discs, whose back muscles are weak etc etc and they have no pain or problems. Check out this book, Mind over back pain by John Sarno. Haven't read it all yet but it has explanations and instructions how to heal. https://www.amazon.com/Mind-Over-Back-Pain-Radically/dp/0425087417 You can download a free sample for Kindle.
  2. @pluto many thanks! 🙏
  3. @pluto and others who have found CBD useful: what brand do you use? I'd like to try but have to order online, not sure which to choose.
  4. Thanks you for replies & help @kerk@Esoteric@GreenWoods I've done more grounding activities (gym, dancing, yoga etc) and am no longer experiencing panic during kriya, only in other times. So that's good! Haven't tried shamanic breathing but I've been to holotropic breathwork sessions. Last time I vomited, mostly physical stuff. It's interesting and frustrating for I don't experience any panic or fear when doing breathwork: how to get to the root then? Still, afterwards, the feeling of terror has moved from my lower abdomen area to chest. I don't know..
  5. I've been starting to experience panic-like feelings when doing pranayama (SantataGamana's, focus on 3rd eye). It intensifies on out-breath: pressure on chest and lightness on head. I'm not pushing the breath but doing pranayama as gently as possible. What to do now? Will I damage myself if I continue, because people say kriya shouldn't feel bad. Also, I have a history of having anxiety and panic attacks.
  6. I'm interested too but my case might be different? I have one amalgam filling which cracked some years ago due bruxism. I have no idea how long the amalgam filling was open and leaking.. I'm considering going to a biodentologist (?) who removes it appropriately. Anyone done this? One thing I know it can cause tiredness, though people blame many issues on amalgam. Once I read an article where some U.S. dude went to Amazon, a shaman to find a cure for an uncurable disease by western medicine. The jungle doctor took all his amalgam fillings out which made me think there might be something behind it. Also did aya & some herbs etc and got cured.
  7. Great tips here, I'm going to get that book by M.Walker. I heard you should stop using electronics 4 hours (!) before bed, new research says this. I heard it from a sleep scientist in Joe Rogan podcast. Sorry I don't have the resource right now, but blue light (and bright lights) in the evening is a problem. Blue light blocking glasses help some but other parts of your body absorb it too. Most people who sleep only little think they are fine, but they aren't. They don't notice it, but when measured they are sleep deprived. Wake up at the same time everyday.
  8. Maybe try some yerba mate? Helped me a little (add). But if you don't want caffeine addiction, don't do it. https://www.organicmate.net/yerba-adhd/
  9. I've been thinking I'd like to try some guided meditation also (already do kriya yoga) so this post came in perfect timing for me. Thank you sooo much for sharing 💙
  10. @moon777light Yayyy for getting motivation for yoga! Btw in another thread you mentioned you do hatha yoga, may I ask how did you learn it? I would want to do it but not sure how to start. I'm asking you because you seem to have been succesful with it.
  11. Oooh, I'm almost finished reading that book from Bessel van der kolk! I just saw it randomly at the library. Loving it. Thank you for the tip, I'll go see her ig.
  12. Hahahha. Where you read these stories, same page? Thanks for sharing!
  13. Recent studies show you should not expose yourself to electronics, blue light or bright lights 4 hours before sleep! One hour is ok but 4 for the win I struggle with this...
  14. @Good-boy Already got it for ~3 years. Thanks thouhg. It seems that when I take benzos (rly rarely), biting is less. It helps me relax. But without it I. Just. Can't. Relax.