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  1. I agree with you , but i feel this attraction to go into it . So i do not know what to do, that is frustrating
  2. I got the same situations .... This changed all . “I don't know" is not confusion. Confusion is "I don't know, but I should know" or "I don't know, but I need to know." When you fully accept that you don't know, you actually enter a state of peace and clarity that is closer to who you truly are than thought could ever be. Defining yourself through thought is limiting yourself.” Eckhart tolle You have to allow yourself to be confused and not knowing ! Why are you going against your actual situation? . When you surrender to" i don't know and thats ok " everything is much clearer . It is a little bit scary and you feel vulnerable , but after a while you enjoy , it's amazing how this can transform you ! . Let me know ! and good luck ! :))
  3. Yes you are so right ! it's a trap !
  4. @zambize Very helpful, nice Thank you !
  5. I have been reading about Osho's biography. I discovered that he was a philosophy student and later he became a philosophy professor in the academic world. I don't undestand how a Spiritual master like osho could have become a Western Philosophy professor . I mean he had said a lot of stuff against rationality and philosophical stuff . Why should a man like him waste time on philosophy ? Do you know something about it ?
  6. @zambize What do you mean by "it will explain the deepest truths of the universe" ?
  7. I have a similar situation . I was very interested in philosophy but now after knowing all the spiritual world it became meaningless , so i don't have any idea what to do in life , i wanted to became a philosophy professor. The problem is that we are serching for the BEST thing to do, but this classification is pure illusion. The is no best thing to do , we waste out time in mental analysis , this creates anxiety and confusion . Try this exercise : Try to be totally involved with something you are not familiar with . For example a science book or history , geography. You can aply this to every field . You will see that with total involvment everything you do is beautiful and joyfull. No matter what you choose , important is to be decisive .
  8. Hi everyone. I was wondering about after enlightment experience. I have many passions, like playing music with a band , reading and so on. My fear is that after the enlightment experience all theese hobbies are going to evaporate ! I love playing with my band , making concerts ,studying my instrument , i don't want to loose them . What is your idea/experience ? WIth my band we are trying to make a job out of our passion . I don't want to abandon them . Thank you for attention . Sorry for the english . Love from Italy
  9. Hi everyone. I'm 20 years old . One year ago i had Derealization/ Depersonalization and a lot of existencial crisis. This brought me to leave university. I was studying philosophy . Now i'm healed , after knowing spirituality and spiritual masters like eckhart tolle and osho. Now i feel very lost because i don't know what to do and what i want for my future . I don't feel the sensation : " I want this ! ". I know i want to go to university , but i don't know what to study. I was very interested in philosophy , and after spirituality it seems very nonsense. Osho had influenced me a lot by saying that philosophy is pure madness and far away from truth. Maybe he is right. 5 years studying philosophy could be stupid. I don't feel any attraction to an other subject . I surrender to the situation hoping that something happens . Have you any advice ? Thank you very much. Sorry for my english
  10. I think that everyone in his life time should truly know who he really is . The idea that i'm living without knowing who i really am is a disprection for life and for my self. Why living in the fake reality ? I'm not feared of enlightenment , absolutley not. The thing is that i love,enjoy also beeing active in the material part of life . I'm scared that i will loose my intererst in those things. Abandoning my band , or my instrument , i don't want that.
  11. One could have goals on the material level. They could be seen as simple games to play with and not be worried if they are going to be reached. I think osho gives a gret view about this . Zobra the Buddha . He says that the Buddha is incomplete beacause he lacks the external life, the material one . Zobra sings, dances , but he is also incomplete , he lacks the "Religious Part" of life . Buddha is the spritual one
  12. Thank you very much for your answer
  13. I think it's fear of the unknown , now
  14. Hi everyone, i would like to share my actual life situation, hoping someone could help me or just give me an advise . I'm 20 y.o and at the moment i have no idea what to do with my future life . One year ago i was in univeristy studying philosophy, during that time i had a hard depersonalization/existencial crisis, so i decided to leave the studies and heal my self , i couldn't focus and concentrate. All that situation brought me to discover spirituality and non duality . Now i really don't know what to do, i don't have that feeling to say " Yes this is what i want to do !". This makes me anxious . I start thinking that i'm wasting my time and feeling old (don't know why ). This brings fear. I have a lot of interests but i can't decide , everything is so confused, maybe it is normal after a hard existencial crisis . Thank you for your attention , sorry for my english , i write from Italy .
  15. Thank you everybody
  16. Hi everyone, i would like to share/discuss a personal doubt about psychology . I'm thinking going to study pscyhology, but many doubt arose in these days. I questioned my self if psychology has something useful. I think that the main problem is the ego, in every situation and in e at the source you find the ego/persona/. I read the Social Psychology book , and in every arogument my mind finds ego . Maybe i'm influenced a lot by spirituality and can not go beyond this ideas . Osho influenced me a lot saying that psychology is only pure madness. Maybe all this spiritual stuff distorted my clearness to se psychology . So, if anyone of you is a Psychologist or Psychitrist could help me to understand better this mechanism of ego and the structure . Thank you very much . And sorry for my enlgish