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  1. I know Leo talks about disolving the ego and how the ego is the main source of our suffering, but in my case i have a terribly weak ego, and i believe a stronger one would be beneficial for me. Its so weak that i have lost all sense of selve, but not in a good way, but a disfuncional one. I have found a video by Shinzen Young, where he describes a form of meditation that strenghtens the ego structure, but i'm not completely sure what to do. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3gv05sLZQBU Does he mean to focus for example on the mental image of my foot when i feel into it? And on the image of my shoulders when i feel into them, and so on? Or does he mean something else?
  2. I took maybe 3mg of freebase 5 meo, and it hit the second i smoked it. Its a small dose so i didint have any mistical experiences, but the thing that was present was pure love, unconditional and pure. It didint last long, maybe for a few minutes, then i started to feel unconfortable in my stomack, but i relaxed and the feeling faded away. The feeling was very similar to MDMA, maybe identical. I want to up the dosage but i dont have a good scale so i can do it properly. But now i feel nothing mutch has changed, probably need to up the dosage to have something stick.
  3. Was someone stuck in learned helplessness, and how did you overcome it? What can help to deal with it?
  4. Subcouncious fear, trauma, phobia, fear of sex
  5. Whitch are the best supplements to treat ADHD?
  6. I fucked up, my life was changing so quickly and i got so scarred at a moment that i tear down my hearth chackra, it litterary felt like i teard down my hearth. Since then nothing seems to work.
  7. I'l try yoga, maybe that works.
  8. I am trying but its like something is blocking me. When i meditate i get this preasure in my head, and the more i try to relax the more riggid i get.
  9. MDMA makes all my emotional problems just melt away. I get more confident, i know exacly what to say and what to do. Its like i wake up and become the person i want to be, and i am. Sadly when its wears off all my problems come back. And i am stuck again. What does that mean, that i need to love myselve more or? How can i make the feeling stick?
  10. Ive watched her videos, but nothing seems to help...
  11. Does anyone know a good way to deal with shame? Its a constant feeling for me, and i dont know how to get rid of it. I cant even identify mostly what i am ashamed about, its just there, all the time.
  12. I was depressed and anxious and didnt know what to do, so i tried nootropics, armodafinil and l theanine, but they didnt work. At that time i didnt know why, they made things even worse. Then i discovered that i was abused as a child, i reconnected with the experience and that went me flying. Now i tried them again and they work, they realy work. I am far from healed, but since i discivered the root cause, nootripics work. What i want to say is how important it is to find the root of your illment, then you can start to heal it, and that then nootropics work lol
  13. @OctagonOctopus @Apparation of Jack I'll do my best.
  14. @Apparation of Jack its a bad living situation, but its realy fucking hard to go find a job and live on your own when your in a state like that.
  15. @Codrina that im alone, and noone realy cares about me, but it was before i knew i was abused as a child, and it kinda showed me that, maybe now it would be different.