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  1. look intresting, give me example
  2. @cle103 Do "The work" as you are the boss in this situation
  3. Question 4: who would you be without that thought?
  4. Do you write "The work" on paper, word file or in minds?
  5. Do you do "The Work" for just heavy negative feelings or also for minor negative feelings?
  6. What do you think about LEO "Self-inquiry video " it's a good guide to follow?
  7. I'm not an expert but maybe people should follow specific diet , some foods can enhance your heart rate before smoking
  8. i'm not sure but after that exercise my dreams looks more vivid
  9. where did you find this Technique ?
  10. how you can learn Kriya yoga it's ok to learn from youtube or online courses ?
  11. I quit porn for 60+ days now, i started getting strong cravings for sex,porn how to deal with that ?
  12. i'm not sure vegan diet is best for beginners, i would try keto instead, it helps suppress appetite , while vegan diet will trigger insulin
  13. What books would you recommend for self inquiry? Maybe this topic needs F.A.Q