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  1. This thread brings up a curious point though. Is it that unadvisable to speak this truth? I get the point you are trying to make. I feel I am guilty of it too much. In terms of being too honest around people that harm. But maybe maximum honesty isn't as bad.
  2. I run into this problem too of accepting who I am vs. making progress in reality. I feel the latter is an illusion but I agree it is the basis of self-development and basic material success is a nice experience. I would go with whatever one you have more energy for. Both are rare in their full completion. If there is a conflict choose one that is easier for your current energy level. I don't think there is a wrong one. Also, sometimes completion of one leads to another. For example, a massive retreat can oscillate into a massive idea, or being burnt out from completing an idea can lead to a massive retreat.
  3. You need to decide the last question. Monogamy, sex, or nothing. In general what works well is to tell a girl straight up you are looking for sex. I will qualify this in saying you are confident and non attached emotionally to the outcome. The same with telling a girl you are looking for a monogamous relationship. The point is if you have feeling good in yourself and interaction down, then you drop whatever one you choose into the positive interaction. You either have to not care about living with your parents or book a hotel.
  4. Sometimes they are running their mouth and fishing for you to say something like "fuck off", and make them laugh, and most of the time it is some kind of shit test. Other times you could genuinely appear intimidating and they are genuinely trying to get away from you. If it is the second I wouldn't worry about it. What does self love look like? I am talking in relation to not changing your looks and still attracting more attention. For the record, I agree affirmation meditation can raise vibration and get more attraction, but I also feel looking your best can attract more attention too and is high status. I would say I felt deep connection with meditative state, but more attention with presenting myself above my income. In other words I would not knock presentation, in terms of looking your best and most comfortable, as an act of self-love. It does open doors. However, I have also found it can lead to too much attention or appearing too weak and controllable so in general I find it hard to win.
  5. I've had the same issue. A female in a powerful position is a dangerous thing. Why? Because she will say on one hand, that no one can intimidate you, and on the other hand say she feels intimidated and use it as a reason against you. I am not joking when I say this. Highly educated professional women think this way and use it against men in group scenarios. They do not realise that feeling intimidated is their own problem, but think that you feeling intimidated is your problem. I have encountered this even in therapeutic situations whereby the goal is to realise you own all of your own feelings. It is extremely hurtful in a safe space. You cannot win. It is a zero sum game. Don't even play.
  6. Have you ever been to the police about serious human rights violations? Have you ever been to a doctor as a genuine victim?
  7. My full peak experience of transcending culture was bliss and now what did not occur. My only real problem was seeing how everyone else was not on board and attacked me, and how there was not any help for the issues I was having that I was detached from. Executing things in time and having a single true friend. Now what was not a problem. No one else transcending and the world turning too fast was a problem.
  8. Lots of ways. There is a wrong time for everything and everyone. But even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  9. Reasons I don't have common courtesy 1. I have been ghosted in the past 2. I don't trust the place the other person is coming from 3. Even if the other person is genuinely well wishing, I am depressed so can't interact back positively so better to say nothing at all Probably a few more. When people do it to me I also just assume they hate me, or they don't want to be on Facebook, or something else caught their attention, or whatever. I have heard lots of stories of cold messaging not working.
  10. BULLSHIT. Plenty of genuine victims shamed needlessly. Police don't help. Doctors don't help. Therapists don't help. Message boards don't help. Dangerous new age self help cults don't help. SJW is a problem, victim shaming a bigger problem.
  11. Mr Deep Sense Sensory impairment Frankinsense burned Gold taken orally All my sin was a mistake I can take a mistake I can forgive But not with my heart I cannot forget In my body Jobs Applications Police come knocking I am too cryptic Too intelligent Another level They come to me for answers
  12. Truth The truth was cold My way was better It was unkind to say it How do I say anything useful I second guess and doubt myself I need more courage More cunningness But I am feeling a pointlessness And I am shying away Why were we scared Was it trauma Probably Everything worked well Higher up the classes Away from the hood Nobody helped. Nobody understood.
  13. Happiness. I find it hard to trust happiness I sit here and my wallet is full After half fixing a bedroom drawer My DIY somewhere between Half screwed and super glued Reminds me of my father I didn't have enough male sports Ostricised, criticised, codepended Punished for taking risk No happiness expressed On the field Lest some cu** would take it away Take my ball away Take my balls away Maybe I should delete him on Facebook Tried to be friendly to the stupid cu**
  14. Contentment. Beanbag. I like my new beanbag I'm a fucking baked bean Baked on a bag I gave up cannabinoids For the week In order to gain Emotional mastery For the weak Hahaha ha I am so strong I am not wrong What am I going to do About Residual trapped emotions ... [no thing]
  15. Aura. Ascension. This is where I am at. They thought I had to go down some road. Smoke a pipe and meet a toad. Toadstool like a mushroom. I trip better on my own. In my zone. I'm an emotional projector. I like Malaga. The airport is easier than Bangkok, Dubai. The mountain is still hard to climb I am stuck Far away from base camp Wishing for a pretty good woman All I've found is whores