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  1. I haven't done the very next physical action steps
  2. make a music idea about the lost music ideas
  3. Scenario: Move out Purpose: Be a man Ideal: Ibiza Apartment Brainstorm: Assistant, alone, do it hard, wildcard, year, 20k, reiki Priorities: wildcard, alone, 20k Very next thing: sort out 20k
  4. Scenario: Running Purpose: Fitness Ideal: 22 Minutes Brainstorm: Treadmill, outside 6am, pain, water, too hard, past failure, unmotivated, uninspired Priorities: 1. Easier 2. Water 3. Any Very next thing: Running shoes
  5. 1. Close your eyes just for a second and let emerge whatever most has your attention 2. What is the primary purpose? 3. Final ideal scenario & outcome 4. What would mean success? 5. Any list of relevant random ideas 6. Three most important 7. Very next thing physical action
  6. I'm not experiencing any benefit
  7. Idea capture Wildcard glass villa retreat year long Ibiza apartment beach beautiful sun What is important for me personally is freedom Face your fears and get through them
  8. How do you take ownership when you aren't able to? Like, as in, you have done what your leaders asked, chased things up command, and still been unfairly rejected. How do I take ownership of a country. Of a family. Of it all being fucked up. Of emotional instability. Of neglect. Of abuse. Of all of that. It's my fault. It's not my fault.
  9. I think I need to leave again. The cruelest thing was the start. No. The cruelest thing was the end.
  10. Fuck the world
  11. There is also a lot I am struggling with that I feel no one can recognise or connect with in terms of my own freedom.
  12. Nocturne op.9 no.2 This is the first classical piece without lyrics. The reason it is being selected is quite frankly, it reminds me of being retired playing online roulette in BitCoin in a dressing gown and slippers with a cigar and a whiskey. Needless to say it is a perfect background casino piece to loop for 9 hours straight. Other options people may be tempted to include are lifts, telephone waiting services, and cafes, but they would be dishonouring the original function in my opinion. This song is only to be played when your work is done. You have accepted your fate. And you are riding out to the perfect sunset that will last forever. Any other time is a waste of musical airspace. [Link]
  13. I wanna be around Leading on from the classic jazzy feeling, this has to be another favourite. I don't think I first heard this song on The Church of What's Happening now, but I certainly remember it from there and it is what inspired the uploader. This is a pure culture clash, as the truth of a New York comedian felon inspires hundreds of thousands of millennial snowflakes to over-appreciate upper class jazz. I have no shame in doing so. The piece that is helping heal Joey Diaz's heart to this day is still universal to the hearts of all of mankind. That is how we know we have struck a winner. Overall, it is a 10/10 piece. Well composed, great songwriting, production, finish. It strikes a nerve. Hits the core of rawness. And is presented immaculately. All in all, it is a classy motherfucker. Describes the journey of a heartbreak, and elegantly says fuck you. The nature of the beast admired and delivered from a higher octave. Beautiful in the truest sense of the word. Because it is authentic expression. And everybody can relate to that. And then on top of that it is coming through an amazing artistic talent. Both components will not be underestimated as they both make up the two 5/5s that are required for a 10/10 song. Safe to say, it makes the cut. [Link]
  14. The girl from Ipanema The original version of this song is in 1962, according to YouTube. On that version, it is a very pleasant experience. I am not so certain how much of it is inspired by the perfect still image that the uploader has chosen, a beautiful girl looking back at the viewer, and how much of it just hits the spot as a listener searching for a classic. What I am looking for whenever I find this song is a sense of recognition. It is a connection with a stillness. One may say that the subject matter is that of misery but that simply is not true. It is a composed piece, intelligently written, detailing the experience of a man fancying a woman, and knowing he would do anything for her. But the genius of this piece is that it takes it one step further. The lyrics understand that the woman does not see him, and the whole song is of a jazzy nature which is entirely accepting of the man and the situation. Therefore, this is not a painful piece. This is not even a sympathetic or empathetic piece. It is not even a compassionate piece. What it is then, is a wholesome performance of art. What strikes me is the non-judgemental subjective love. The song version itself is akin to a 9/10 first version of a live recording. There is a perfection in this too. A man, going over the lyrics in Portuguese, and then a woman, translating them to an English song. There is a craft here too. It may not be on a conscious level. This imperfect performance and process is what makes it an 11/10 complete hit. A 10/10 studio composition, only in English, would deteriorate it to an 8/10. I am saying this as a polished English critic. I don't understand Portuguese. I know a little bit of Spanish. I do understand the music. [Link]
  15. That might be one of the realest things I have ever wrote. It is real in the sense of the context before it. Also the fact that, the power comes in the recognition of the healthy option being the decision for optimal sanity and healing. I am a lion. And the lioness, and the little lion cubs, are tearing into me. And I watch them, and I play with them. And they bring me closer to my being. But they just aren't me.