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  1. Why am I so opposed to gambling on myself?
  2. How to love my shadow self
  3. I love it when I decide I'm just going to fight for the sake of fighting. Solicitor was hot. So was podiatrist.
  4. What's my one thing? What's my Trump card? What's the one thing I do better than anything else?
  5. I don't care about you. I love you but if you do me wrong you deserve death.
  6. Fuck you all. Fuck you all. You claim to be free speech. You claim to be fair, just. You claim to be civilised. You claim to need donation to support server. You claim trouble maker needs permanent life ban. So really, always, everywhere, you are wanting my money in exchange for being a good boy. That's not a fair deal. And I hear you say yes but what else is there? I fear for you alone and so on And it will be bullshit Again You were not with me You are not for me And you do not fight my fight What is your fight exactly? Fuck you is my fight. I ask the questions. I do what I want. You either love it or create war.
  7. I want to get better
  8. What if I believe that God has a chart What if I believe that God knows all What if I had the mindset that I needed to have for the rest of my life What if I found true pride on this Earth.
  9. What if I chose not to hold myself back What if I put in the hard work What if my biggest fear is not living to my full potential What if I visualise certain things What if I lived the life that I was supposed to have
  10. What if I was fully functioning flexible What if I had courage to accept my life What if it was me against me What if I went to war with myself What if I figured out who I was What if I went out there and found more of myself What if I had peaceful feeling in my heart What if I believe in a power above What if I found my real self What if this book changed my life for the better What if completing all the challenges meant something What if I turn my life around What if anything is possible What if my will is more powerful than any obstacle What if I develop my own will to conquer it What if I face my own shadow What if I live in the grip of life What if I create the life that I want What if I achieve that life What if I am willing What if I confront myself What if I confront my demons
  11. What if I am the hero What if I am willing to do the work to change What if pain can't hurt me
  12. What if I am open minded enough to over come What if I am here for a reason
  13. What if God himself was in awe of what I am doing? What if I exceed God's expectations?