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  1. Leo had said that he doesn't advocate no-fap because it's unrealistic to expect men in their twenties not to masturbate and have sex. And that seems true looking back on myself, knowing full well how beneficial it is for me, yet still jacking off over 9000 times (literally) during age 20-29. With regard to sleep, as someone with chronic sleep deprivation (due to environmental factors I assume), not wanking greatly helps me feel well rested. On the third month now, not counting specific days, and I woke up after 5 hours sleep feeling like I got 8, very deep sleep. Used to have to just lie around in bed a few hours or knock myself out with an herbal supplement or antihistamine. So conversely for someone who gets normal healthy amount of sleep, having more energy and getting less sleep will feel like a problem to them, for me it's a boon.
  2. Monogamy came about in stage Blue, and that stage holds it as the only way to live, just like a form of religious dogma. Orange becomes more hedonistic and self-centered, is not restricted to this narrow view of sex and relationships. Humanity at this stage is open minded enough to explore their sexuality freely. They can have any kind of relationships, or none whatsoever if it suits them. Stage Orange sexuality I would call "sexual capitalism" which is the place where PUA, MGTOW, incels, cuckoldry, hookup culture, prostitution, swinging, polyamory as an ideology and cheating come from. Stage Green turns away from individualism back to a community orientation. At this stage, people realize that they can't own other people, and there is no right way or best way to have relationships, they can have traditional monogamy, but aren't limited to it, nor rebelling against it. It is also acknowledging human sexual nature and the diversity of it. Other persons' needs and wants are considered, with open communication, honest about our intentions. You can also have stage green celibacy, which can be voluntarily alone because you feel it's what works best for you, or an equanimity in accepting your lack of desired relationships.
  3. Well you can experience it for yourself if you just stop masturbating for 90 days, or at least try and see how far you get. Don't need others' advice to tell you to masturbate, or not masturbate. What does happen which is often perceived as negative is that it forces you do deal with all of your emotional baggage. Emotions become more intense, experience of live more vivid if how I'd best describe it. When using sexual release as an escape or distraction, you were able to hide from uncomfortable thought and feelings, most of which you may have been unaware of because you were so numb from the constant ejaculating. But it doesn't feel that way because it's like normal. But as consciousness increases the longer you succeed at semen retention, you realize you were living in a low energy state, your brain was foggy, and you had all these repressed, unresolved issues lurking beneath the surface. Is it natural for a man to live life with regular ejaculation? It's a moot point, it's natural to be an unconscious human animal in survival mode preoccupied with just food and sex. This is one way to raise your consciousness, and easily so just by retaining your seed. But it also feels like the most difficult thing to do because your body was designed to prioritize sex, increasing your chances of procreating, and you are reprogramming your money mind from it's entire evolution to survive and replicate as a mammal. If you have other addictions alongside fapping/porn, are on antidepressants, ejaculate through sex regularly or are at an age where you have weekly nocturnal emissions, you won't notice as many changes compared to living healthily with successful long term semen retention as a part of that.
  4. No, if you're a young virile man, involuntary nocturnal emissions are a sign your body is recovering from fapping addiction. Used to get them after a few weeks sans masturbation in my teens and 20s, but it doesn't happen anymore now. Likely because I'm better able to circulate the sexual energy from my yoga and breathwork practices (instead of feeling ferociously horny), and also could be because I'm older, and I damaged my sex drive with such an extreme masturbation habit for much of the past 10 years.
  5. After listening to Tulsi Gabbard interview with Joe Rogan and give other talks, it's pretty clear to me she is a systems thinker. She displays both heart and brains in a capacity that is unheard of in American politics, while coming form a life of military and civilian government experience. I was initially very sad to learn how unpopular she was compared to other candidates so far, but then again so was DJT at this point before the 2016 election. The more sensationalized D party candidates seem to keep embarrassing themselves and falling into ideological traps, and I'd expect Tulsi to gain momentum once the debates start.
  6. I often wondered why life is set up such that it is so easy to destroy, but so difficult to create. Anyone can go and break shit, and we could destroy the world by releasing all the nukes at once. I wished that the process of building something, and healing the Earth would be as simple and accessible as the process of destruction. The question was answered for me, that without destruction, there could be no new creation, and to create is to simultaneously destroy, like re-recording over a video tape. It's not just a reciprocal exchange, the destruction must occur in order for there to be creation at all. If you were to create your ideal self, you would be destroying yourself as you'd known yourself. The easiest way to create is to ask the right questions, to others, and for yourself to contemplate. An important question you could ask yourself is what can I create?
  7. A few days ago I had what feels like a micro-awakening, rushes of energy throughout body, lots of automatic kriyas, and tears flowed. This was lying on my back on the floor late at night before bed, very tired, procrastinated on going to bed, and took a high dose of liquid melatonin, which seems to be the most potent form. After the episode and since then, the sense of 'me' no longer feels like it comes from a mind within a body, but something that is present everywhere but also nowhere at the same time, like an expansive emptiness. Admittedly, can't be sure exactly where belief and direct experience intertwine, as of course they both inform each other. Like for example, I think about something I learned in a video, and then it becomes part of a lucid dream, it becomes a direct experience, and after experiencing 20 seconds or so of what feels like genuine ego death during a meditation, then identify with ego less as a belief. I'm unable to sit long in any position chair or floor, but also unable to sleep on my back - thus meditating lying down. Feels most natural this way, feet and legs don't get numb, easier to pay attention to breath, spine can elongate without worrying if am I keeping my back straight, and the body can writhe and wiggle freely to circulate energy/release tension.
  8. Yes and Yes. Single vs. coupled is a false duality, even in the ego world. Men are fed that narrative that they need to find a partner, and have this unrealistic fantasy of a woman loving (with a lowercase l) them in way only a mother could love her children. As you get older though, you tend to become happier alone, and genuinely appreciate the peace and calm of solitude.
  9. I prefer psybient music, like this:
  10. What do you actually want? Not as an idea or abstraction like "a girlfriend" but what is it you actually want to experience in life? I think that your suffering comes from being hung up on the concept of having a girlfriend, and feeling you lack that abstract fantasy. Long ago I realized how ridiculous the duality of single and "Taken" is, and laughed at how the human animal takes itself so seriously. No one belongs to anyone else, there's no such thing as having a girlfriend, relationships are the process of relating always in flux, undefined, unlimited. A relationship is not some sovereign entity whereby a man and women (from the heteronormative perspective) get together and mutually own each other. It's something that happens moment by moment. This is as concisely as I can explain my mindset, single and whatever you may call it's opposite are not terms in my vocabulary, the concepts just don't exist in my reality, they come from a paradigm I don't subscribe to. From this perspective I am not deprived of anything, I am whole and complete as an individual, and as the infinite. When it comes down to it what I really want is physical contact and intimate connection with beautiful women. I get to experience moments of this on occasion, even if it's just eye contact, conversation and hugs, and it warms my heart. Sure, in a perfect world I would get to kiss and cuddle together with someone for longer, but even so, it's like a glass half full perspective, seeing sensuality as abundant, and myself as communing with feminine energy. There are plenty of ways to experience it through the 5 senses, not just with women if that isn't an option. Can listen to all manner of music, ASMR, women looking into camera and talking, and enjoy the sound of their voices. While I avoid looking at porn because it feeds fixation on sexual lust, I get satisfaction looking at the female form as art, as well as being out an nature, being soothed by the sights, sounds and smells of abundant flora, taking it all in. Whatever path to freedom you take, it is best to come from owning your sexuality not trying to repress it, and de-abstracting your ideas of intimacy to experience sensuality directly, getting to the point where all of life is a sensual experience, as well as a spiritual one, whatever you're doing.
  11. Well reusable bags and Priuses don't help the environment. Human population decline and new technology to pollute less, and clean up pollution will. Consumer choices have negligible effect, so unless you're an engineer, really the greenest thing you can do is just never reproduce. I care because I actually have to drink the water and breathe the air on this planet.
  12. I'm going on the extreme and uncertain path of doing consciousness work before developing a strong ego or addressing long term survival concerns. I was never able to lock those down, they didn't seem possible to get handled. Worrying about that stuff led me to depressive thinking, the scarcity mindset and worsening addictions to things I used to escape it, like porn, junk food and internet games. Petty money and ego bullshit, I don't care, makes me numb thinking about that stuff, boring drudgery. It's accessing higher consciousness and contemplating the absolute the brings me to tears, that is the place from which I want to live out the rest of my human experience. To hell with wage slavery, live free or die, as they say in New Hampshire. The whole process of building a personal identity, choosing a life purpose, and slaving away for a few years to escape money-slavery felt beyond my reach, too late for me, and also not worth my limited time and energy every day. I'm a unique case though, cause most people, and particularly men seem to need purpose and a grounded sense of self to function as a human, and others don't have the luxury of not working while having food and housing provided. My master plan would be to merge my personal development (including but not limited to spirituality) with a strategy for escaping scarcity once my unsustainable living situation runs out. I am seeing myself as like the bamboo tree, which spends years gradually sprouting roots, not looking like it's making any progress, while by the time it is ready to grow it shoots up several metres a week. Facing actual poverty and/or early death are real possibilities though, but I choose to face life without fear of that.
  13. I watched this video a while back and remember that being the jist of it: @Ayilton
  14. "Lowest Priority" means it's generally not enforced, like with marijuana in California during the 10 years before legalization.
  15. Try audiobooks while lying down closing your eyes. This way your mind can focus entirely on the content rather than reading words off a page.