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  1. Very good explanation on a topic - I like how Sam articulates things.
  2. No, people don't have children to reproduce their Genes. That's a bullshit strawman. One of the weakest videos of Leo of the past year.
  3. Some places need a strong arm
  4. Those studies are based on statistics most of the time, so there's your answer
  5. I'm trying to wrap my head around this after watching the vid about death. If the awareness in the area of the universe which we call a human can trick itself in believing that it is a self, does any complex structure in the universe do the same? Is there such a thing as what it's like to be a building, or a leaf? Or is it simply the fact that because human perception is so much more intricate that such concepts can form? Is consciousness somehow enhanced by the human capacity to perceive? What about different structures that also have their form of perception such as animals or AI, can they construct a self? Can they become enlightened? Hope it's not too dumb of a question...
  6. Personal experience. Then also theres the principle of skin in the game. A coach is never penalized if his teachings do not help the student. The student loses out, coach just cashes in the money and moves on to bs the next guy. Trust me,finding an actual good coach is really really hard.
  7. Because most are crooked scam artists
  8. I use Headspace app for that purpose. It's harder if you have to stand, but if I find a seat I can actually go deep.
  9. There is clearly lots to trim from everyone's life, especially when doing this kind of work, I agree. But having a small baby, a demanding job and a long commute also eat up a lot of my time. I hear you about the life coach, I'd be keen on getting one but I've seen loads of frauds and bs vendors which has put me off for now. Any advice on where to start looking for better ones? Thanks
  10. I thought I could make progress in my own in this field, but with a busy life, trying to cram some meditating in the train while commuting won't take me far. So I'm wondering whether anyone here can point me towards people, coaches or groups which can aid in this quest in London, UK. Also, how can I tell if a coach or mentor is the real deal? Thanks,
  11. Don't ask me, thats for you to figure out. That's all life is about figuring out what to do next.
  12. No the point is do something instead of moaning that the world does not conform to your ideals. Get out of your armchair and fix the issue!
  13. If you are so worried about it, why not jump on a plane and join a humanitarian organisation in Brazil to save the forest?