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  1. This is very interesting. Can you recommend some more books or resources to understand these techniques?
  2. Tax the rich in theory always becomes tax the middle class in practice. Because the government implementing the taxation can easily be corrupted by the real rich to not tax them. Closing the loopholes and insuring the tax money is properly used is the real challenge, not "taxing the rich"
  3. Clean your room!
  4. I think we should focus less on who to tax and more on who does the redistribution...
  5. Where do you get this stuff from? Aren't they illegal?
  6. Can this be sticky-ed? I was looking for the notes for those times I listen to the audio while commuting, and this thread is amazing.
  7. We need morals around sex because at the age where people start to be able to have sex they're too young to understand the world properly. And irresponsible sex can ruin your life. Women are more at risk here than men, but men can also be damaged as well from unconscious sex...
  8. I've watched the video - you spent a lot of time combating the basic ideas that most YouTube and twitter warriors spin around - which is a good thing, but far from advanced. I was mostly reflecting about the second part where you put forth the idea that government must be for everyone and that the purpose should be the raising of consciousness. Now, of course, I have no problem with that ideal but in reality the problem with what you're saying lies in game-theory. It's a prisoners dilemma. Whoever gives up first will likely not survive and nor will his ideals in the long run. Its like in a government of lions and gazelles, we are preaching very hard to the gazelles to think of the poor lion cubs and stop running from the lions... Soon there will be no gazelles and funny enough lions will disappear soon after. My point is that, selfish games are part of what maintains a balance in the world. Raising of consciousness can only come once moral boundaries between self and the other have been defined, and the survival of the self (be it individual or group) is guaranteed. Any polical model must care about this first if it wants to succeed.
  9. This is exactly the kind of nonsense thinking which arises when people take Leo's videos too literally and turn them into conceptual ideas.
  10. I think that in order to even consider these teachings you need to go through other growth stages first. Otherwise this will spawn a very nasty religion, nastier than the ones we already know.
  11. Worship the teaching, not the teacher
  12. Stop buying into this mumbo jumbo
  13. I was actually looking for something like this. Awesome work
  14. I dont give a rats ass about politics
  15. I'm a wall street banker. Studies: masters degree in mathematics