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  1. Its the same case with psychology majors, it attracts the mentals and insane. Have you seen Westworld? A theme in that series is that suffering advances the consciousness of robots. I feel most of the people here must have been seriously hurt in the "right ways" to end up in this path. I just dont see your casual happy-go-lucky folks dwelling into mysticism and non-duality, they are so care-free and happy that they pretty much dont need it. I may be wrong tho
  2. Theres nothing more metal and shamanic than this. Leo if you are reading this, listen to their complete live concert, it will melt your mind
  3. Gentlemen, please! What we need here is for Leo to make a video on chakras and Kriya Yoga. I for one am skeptic too but I wish to know more.
  4. Because its contextual, some people see scary clowns on 5meodmt, some people see their souls, some people realize we have no souls at all and its just one substance. Truth is truth, but our understanding of it is subjective and relative. I believe there is much more to reality than simply escaping the matrix, and also much more than realizing two of its properties (infinity, eternity). But that, in my opinion, is the beauty of it, an endless mystery, and there is no end-answer to cover all of reality.
  5. Interesting and sound thoughts, but... Understanding Reality =/= Understanding the ilusion of self (maya) Edit: I think to most gurus and mystics here, awakening means the profound realization that the self is an ilusion. But that, in no way or form, answers the bigger questions about reality, but it does point in the right direction.
  6. Oh how interesting! The guy is respectful and admires Leo's dedication and wisdom, even tho he disagrees with him on some points. Hopefully everyone here takes the time to understand his thoughts and discuss, and not swarm his channel and calling him out. From his website: " It is the idea that we are human beings having a biological or bio-spiritual experience rather than spiritual beings (dualism) having a human experience."
  7. Over the last months I have sunk deeper into mysticism and awareness. Just recently I had an abstract experience with 5MeoDMT last week where everything I was aware of dissolved into one primordial liquid, a field of endless possibilities and manifestations, it was both scary and majestic. I stumbled upon the Seth material the other day, a woman who learned to channel a trans-dimensional intelligence who she calls "Seth",, I am not yet entirely sure if thats really possible but clearly the lady knows her shit and its been a fascinating read so far. Tho they place a huge emphasis on the idea of reincarnation and a persistent individual soul. The way I see it, our bodies and experiences share within the same soul, the one god that makes up all of reality. For me, to begin to conceptualize the idea of individual souls would bring conflicts of separation from the one source of it all. What are your thoughts?
  8. I loved it, but I dont get the part about "you will be a Chinese girl next". Wouldn't he simply be everything? One with god? Instead of one-at-the-time?
  9. Elisabeth already explained it better than I ever could, but do you have a source on that?
  10. A common misconception and misunderstanding for those that love to copy- paste this study. Its not that observing it causes a reaction, but shooting a LASER a it in order to be able to observe it changes the behavior Its just science and mathematics, not hocus pocus stuff.
  11. Could be the ego resisting the truth. I watch Leo's videos in periods of 15-30 minutes too, it takes that itch away and also helps the ideas set in. It also depends on the video-subject-and my current state of mind.
  12. Great responses, thanks everyone!
  13. This should work better off as a gif with images on the background.
  14. Turquoises realize there is no separation between self and else, matter or organics. Life is life, wheras it takes the configuration of plants or animals. So why would one spare the animal and sacrifice the plant? Is pain the only argument left? Is it okay to eat an animal that has cerebral impairment that spares it the feeling of pain? Sorry if this comes out as trollish, I know this is a delicate subject for some people here.
  15. Hope you guys are ready for this. Watch/listen this at night with headphones on.