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  1. I agree with this but only conceptually, I am a middle-upper class white male that works from his own home and doesn't need to interact the all the idiocy outside, I can just put zen music and relax anytime I want without any disturbance. I cant imagine the horrors of being an atheist LGBT living in poverty ridden middle east, nor I can imagine telling such a person "oh you just have to realize its all love, lol".
  2. @EntheogenTruthSeeker I cant claim to know you based on your posts, but in case no one mentions it I gotta say you have matured a lot in so little time
  3. For starters, I would imagine it having something to do with not being locked in a mental hospital
  4. I honestly don't think this would work, the average human is just THAT stupid, for every well intended, well informed, well educated seeker you would have 10 Connor Murphies running amok making a circus out of the psychadelic journey. Humans are just not ready for truth. Maybe in a thousand years? Who knows. edit: I agree psychadelics should be decriminalized, but I dont think they should be easily available for everyone to purchase, not yet.
  5. @softlyblossoming You have developed a mentor-student relationship with him out of a need to satisfy loneliness, but be VERY careful when you set yourself on orbit around someone who needs help balancing mental health and stability. Whatever you can learn from him you can learn better from much stable teachers out here.
  6. Never expected the classic IT meme of "Can someone help me fix this obscure error? Edit: nvm fixed it" making an appearance in this forum. Post the solution for the sake of other people looking for it!
  7. You didn't even watch the video you linked lol. The magician explains how he does every trick in min 1:21 onwards You are being blind and delusional, please ground yourself otherwise you will be the victim of "psychic attacks" for as long as you hold those ridiculous beliefs.
  8. What does that have to do with psychic attacks? I saw your video, its very scientific, unless your neighbor isn't connecting electric discharge cables on top of your skin then you have nothing to worry about.
  9. I dont own a playstation, but have you played Journey? Thats the most spiritual game I have ever played and I am always in the look out for games like that. Also beware, this forum has a bias against videogames.
  10. Prepare an oinment of water hemlock, sweet flag, cinquefoil, bat's blood, deadly nightshade and Oil, rub over your forehead and in every window of your house and front door. Or you grow out of this woo-woo phase of yours and ground yourself in reality, because none of that shit is true.
  11. every time someone here suggests a Joe Rogan and Leo podcast I die a little bit inside
  12. Youtube only gave me like 5 results so I guess its rare, but on reddit search gives numerous trip report results
  13. That's why he is so interesting to follow, there is so much I hate about his pre-spiritual persona, narcissistic muscle obsessed tube pranksters are on top of my list of people whom I would rather not be in the same room as, but when I listen to his recent material I become genuinely convinced this guy has reached record-breaking spiritual heights, which is no easy thing to say as I have listened to numerous "enlightened" individuals since my journey began.