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  1. There is also a lot of value in reading Harry Potter, doesn't take the sting out of knowing the author uses her platform to campaign against trans rights. I am thankful for the Bible giving me The Prince of Egypt, one of my favorite movies, but I have no interest in reading a book that promotes misogyny and homophobia or the myriad of ridiculous draconian "laws". If anyone wants to know more about love and compassion there are already many many sources (books, songs, films) available elsewhere without the poison and toxicity.
  2. why do christians come to this forum? i dont get it! if you subscribe to non-duality or want to have your prejudices challenged, then drop the bible because truth is within if you think god is a bearded man in the heavens, then go to youtube or fabecook instead
  3. Shrooms: Relatively easy to find, and naturally grown without the worries of weird "lab mimics" you get with lsd. Remember, set and setting are most important.
  4. nothing sadder than watching someone defend his brainwashing
  5. Apologies, normally I would ask this on reddit, but the site is having troubles right now and who knows when it will be back. I took a small quantity 2 days ago and barely felt anything, I should have known better to take more quantity because I have a high base-tolerance to psychedelics. I have a day off today and I am wondering if I could take a larger dose today without issues, I know Psilocybin builds tolerance and that I should wait at least a week, but considering my last dose was small and barely produced a feeling maybe its okay If I dont have to wait.
  6. Could be a brain or genetic thing, I can never get visuals out of LSD even in high doses, the experiences themselves are intense, just no visuals. If I wish for visuals ill just go to my trusted Psilocybin or DMT, those never fail me in the visual department.
  7. I love horror films, but I am scared of watching this one lol, I dont want to feel anymore depressed than I already do.
  8. Thanks for this video, I just binged this and along some of his videos and the recent ones on his secondary blog channel and his journey has been an excellent one. Very useful for me.
  9. The director also made "Inner Worlds Outer Worlds" which is also amazing, and he also made the music himself. Just amazing work
  10. And yet those eastern countries are the most misogynist and homophobic, despite being "closer" to truth.
  11. how many more threads are you going to make today before the sun sets?
  12. Very vague. It comes down to how disciplined a person is. Any responsible adult from any background can do a psychedelic in a well-planned Sunday without disturbing his day-to-day survival. But if Rasta420 quits his education and his day job to smoke and do psychedelics several times a week, then that's just silly escapism.
  13. the human you stops, with no more brain chemistry the thoughts stop arising and the egoic self-identification disappears, no memories, no thinking the higher YOU continues its cycle of infinite creation and discovery, as it always has, as it is right now at this very moment, that never dies
  14. Fellas here that want to believe in Mahasamadhi are like tourists flying to an island asking the pilot to drop them off mid-air... just no, stop being stupid, ground yourself and enjoy the ride.
  15. Do your ask your videogame heroes permission if they wish to participate in the contests and slaughters? Your higher self chose to experience you. It chose to experience everyone and everything.