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  1. Skeptic here, I dont believe in the paranormal but I still find the subject fascinating, it just seems that, in the end, most of these things end up being easily debunked. Is there anyway you can prove these powers to me?
  2. Its gonna suck, the first one was lightning in a bottle
  3. Hi Leo Does this all mean that the past and the future are not real? Before yesterday's video I thought everything was "information", and as such, past and future events are eternally stored somewhere.
  4. Leo argues that god is all good and loving, and that evil only exists from the human's point of view. I was not convinced by his arguments as endearing as they may be. One could also argue that love and kindness only exists from the human's point of view as well, by that logic. If reality emerges out of a perfectly balanced oscillation of distinctions (big-small / feminine-masculine /black-white / hot-cold-...) wouldn't all the things that we perceive as "negative" have equal value or importance in the grand scheme of it all? It would make more sense for truth to be neutral (point zero) instead of love.
  5. stage turquoise shouldn't contain lyrics
  6. Monument valley looks kinda neat, got to try that out
  7. Well most of those go against the purpose of this thread I think. Mmorpgs and action games are entertaining, sure, but games like Journey offer something much in-tune with the realm of spirituality and contemplation.
  8. AHA! I noticed your egoic mind squirm at the title. Tut, tut! But I am serious here. We have threads about music, why not about videogames? So heres my list: 1- Everything: A journey in which you transfer your consciousness into every-thing in the universe, narrated by Allan Watts. It doesn't get more non-dual than this. 2- Journey: Most of you already know this one, the game that challenged preconceptions about games as art, and good news, it will come soon to PC. 3- ABZU: Another beautiful and enchanting journey into the ocean by some of the same guys that worked on Journey. 4- GRIS: Just launched, a bit more platformy than the other ones, but a living-piece of art nonetheless. These games are minimalist at its core and designed to immerse you into its visuals and music. Hopefully this will bring attention to those hidden gems out there.
  9. You are feeding the negative thoughts way too much. But thank you, I sometimes think similarly and reading your post feels almost like watching this aspect of myself in third person, I can now identify those thoughts and feed them less now.
  10. Morpheus, we gonna need more blue pills in here!
  11. If you want to make the most out of your psychedelics and have a true spiritual experience, there is only one correct answer: Heilung
  12. I clicked expecting to cringe, but this is perhaps the most valuable thread in years here. Unlike others in the path, I sense no delusion in your words. Thanks for sharing your insights with us.
  13. I for one am not entirely sure if I have seen the Ox or not. Took ayahuasca and it took me into a surreal journey into the realms of the abstract, great love, a mystical experience through and through. Took mushrooms and it showed me dream-like visions similar to ayahuasca, I felt immense love and respect, and overwhelming divinity inside me. Took LSD and it showed me how reality, time and perception can bend and stretch into unfathomable proportions. Then took 5-Meo-DMT... and my experience was black nothingness, as if I ceased to exist for some minutes and I was reduced to blank awareness. No emotions tho, I did not panicked nor did I felt any joy, it just happened. I came out of it feeling underwhelmed to be honest, but it was nonetheless a very interesting experience.