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  1. You keep bringing up Connor Murphy, and I question how you even got to the conclusion that he is enlightened, because to me he is the very definition of zen devil. Have a look at his house, taken a month ago Does this look like a man who found balance and equilibrium? Or how disrespectful he was towards Leo who was just trying to help him Does this look like someone who embodies love? Frank Yang did edgy art videos in the past, but that was it, he was nowhere near as distasteful and abhorrent as Connor currently is.
  2. Thanks, I wasn't aware of the existence of the Diamond Sutra, did a quick wikipedia read, its allegedly the oldest printed book in history and whose literal title translates to "Weapon to cut illusions".
  3. Thank you, my frist draft had a third eye at the center, but at the end I decided for a well/portal into the dark beyond
  4. its a digital painting, and photoshop has symmetry tools that are great for mandalas
  5. Thought u guys might like this (my parents think its creepy), drew inspiration from my psychedelic trips. I am so glad I did this mainly because depression has kept me from doing much of anything these past two years and I was so scared to pick the drawing tablet again. Thoughts and criticisms are welcome
  6. You say once our life ends our POV jumps into another life. What if My_life.mp4 plays on loop? Once your personal movie file ends it just repeats itself all over again, eternally. That has to be possibility, right?
  7. Read this instead
  8. How interesting, Peter Ralston had an experience like this as linked here (from an interview with Leo Gura, start at min1:25). I cant imagine myself having enlightenment and not shaking in awe and horror, so I if I ever "get it" I do hope its peaceful and quiet like that.
  9. Mantis Shrimps can see a lot more colors and spectrums than we do.
  10. I believe every post or insight containing the word nothingness would help the collective consciousness more if replaced by the word "everythingness". Doesnt eveythingness have a better ring to it? If we are to awaken the world, I think everythingness is an easier bus to jump into for the masses or anyone inexperienced with nonduality. Do you believe the quality of the mystical teachings would be any lesser if I replace every instance in existence of the word nothingness to ----> everythingness? I may be wrong, so I welcome any discussion.
  11. just about anything that enhances one's survival
  12. Everyone wants world peace, also, everyone wants the biggest slice of the pie.
  13. Ah yes, a map displaying the trappings of naive stage greens experimenting with psychedelics, my friends would love that. All it needs is the words "Machine Elves" randomly thrown on top somewhere and we are set.
  14. Mark Twain was deep, here is where that quote is taken from: