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  1. when atheist say they dont believe in god, they obviously mean the biblical cis male in the sky whether you call God reality, or consciousness, or infinite imagination.. that's just a silly semantics battle
  2. it's a spektrum A thought of a lion, a written description of a lion, a picture of a lion, a plushie of a lion, a computer animated lion, an interactive videogame lion, a lion in a zoo, you being the lion... etc Its all inside the dream we are in
  3. Yeah I watched the whole thing yesterday, it was PAINFUL. Glink did such a piss-poor job to persuade Max into trying psychedelics', I was cringing the whole way through. Can't expect much from a person that believes being gay is a choice and that accepts jesus as his lord and savior. I want Max to try mushrooms, but he is just too scared of something going terribly wrong, which is understandable.
  4. Looking for wisdom in the bible is like looking for nutrition in a Domino's pizza. Sure, you can find some somewhere in there... but why bother?
  5. Hate that quote, its so naive. Its like closing a book of an epic saga on the fifth page and saying "yeah, that was a good read."
  6. Still waiting for Frank Yang to appear in Theories of Everything with Curt Jaimungal, that was supposed to happen in february
  7. Either you make a category for trans athletes, or you simply delete all categories and all sexes and genders play with each other without distinction. Either way, unfairness is just part of the nature of competition, someone will always have an advantage and no one ever plays on equal ground.
  8. What a short-sighted take. Why stop there? We should ban television, iphones, the internet etc.. because all those electronics are messing with the "natural order". We should all just live in caves and hunt animals with bows and arrows, as the good lord intended.
  9. We got a new trend boys! Deleting video of your most important insight minutes after posting it lol
  10. Lets not do that, it doesn't help OP or anyone battling with their inner demons. Imagine being a therapist and telling a schizophrenic that his hallucinations are just as real as material reality becase "it's all the same consciousness hur dur". There is a place and time to approach those insights, and this isnt one of them.
  11. Angelic rituals and magical incantations? Sigh... honestly some people should be banned from giving advice here. OP, the more you feed these delusions the stronger they will become, don't feed delusions with more delusions, you have acknowledged these entities as true, which is a mistake, the root of your problem is belief and the only way to get out of your situation is to untangle those beliefs with self-reflection, contemplation and mindfulness. Please be safe.
  12. Reminds me of Dr.K and Reckful. Youtube Leo Gura is perfect the way he is, but forum Leo Gura has been irresponsible in my opinion. Yes, people with serious mental illness should not come here, but they do, it's just inevitable, its expected that people that want to escape their suffering are more prone to discover and gobble it all up, most normal happy people just don't find this subject matter interesting.. . Leo should have been VERY aware of this, but the way he speaks about death in this forum is very prone to misunderstanding, which leads to this dangerous idealization that death = god. The dangers are lessened in youtube videos, because Leo carefully explains everything he means, there is less room for misinterpretation. That doesn't happen in the forums as Leo's cryptic messages are very short and vague, and this combined with the meddling of other users chiming on their own biases can be VERY disorienting for those in need of serious help. The forums have a big problem, I don't think most here want to acknowledge it, and shit needs to change.
  13. Mr. Girl has every right to be pissed, he knows more about the ethics of therapy than most of us here. Both his father and grandfather are therapists and Mr.Girl himself edited his father's book on therapy. I am thankful for what Dr. K is doing, but on the other hand he has done some awful stupid things and has taken no accountability, I myself cant stand the way he looks at chat and smiles at something funny he probably read while his interviewees are bawling their eyes out. Dr. K is well intentioned, but he is not professional, and he is not careful.
  14. I really dont believe this man channels an alien entity, but I do respect how eloquent and quick he is with his answers
  15. You would, just normal name and no "moderator" under it. This is the reason why game companies no longer publish their "balance updates " under a specific user... gamers would go ape-shit and send death threats to whomever published the patch notes, be it twitter or forums. Now patch notes are posted under the "The Development Team". Its a win-win for everyone.