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  1. @Emotionalmosquito Learn to take responsibility is all I can say. Your outlook on the whole thing is absolutely miserable. No wonder it doesn't work for you. You can argue all you want, but do you really want to believe that it's all women's fault that you can't get laid? That's a very self serving, egocentric, blame-shifting and lazy attitude that precisely prevents what you set out to do.
  2. Good question. Every single moment is a divine opportunity to become aware of yourself. Most people aren't and that's the whole issue. Also you're looking at a tiny splice in time in relation to the whole. It wasn't like this 1000 years ago and it won't be in 1000 years (or will it? that's up to us!)
  3. No it isn't. Stop trying to reframe rejection as something positive. What's good about rejection (or failure in general) is that you can learn from it and grow from it. But it sucks. That's the whole point. It sucks, but it's okay, it happens to everyone. Trying to say "oh rejection is actually something really great and I should seek it out" is complete bullshit and a bad attempt to negate the negative feelings that arise from it. The solution is to embrace it and see/reframe it as an opportunity – but don't pretend that it is in fact something you ultimately want. Be careful what you wish for.
  4. @Emotionalmosquito What you have to understand is that women have to look out for potentially dangerous situations all the time. You can't talk about that shit if you just met her. When there's rapport and she already trusts you, that's when you can get more weird etc. Or when you deliver it with a wink, you know. Then you're together in on the joke because you recognize the weirdness of the situation. You guys talk like you're some kind of alien that just read a book about humans. Go out and learn to socialize. Most of your questions would simply disappear by then. Stuff like PUA in that sense or, I don't know, NLP hypnosis is so popular because guys with social anxieties are looking for a way to bypass the possibility for rejection that they fear so much. But then they make it worse, like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Girls aren't that much different from men in their crudity of humour, horniness, and so on, but they have to be much more cautious because they are way more vulnerable.
  5. It depends on what voice you're listening to.
  6. LOL The basic idea of the technology of crypto is really fascinating, but the whole space has been corrupted by human ego even more than mainstream finances.
  7. Do what feels right for you, that's all I can say. I've been through something very similar and can tell you: It will pass – and you will come out of it more developed than before. But how exactly that path looks only you can decide. Just don't try to run away from it. It's pointless anyway But you already know that.
  8. We don't really know how substances work, like, at all. All we can do is observe some effects of them in the brain. But how they actually work remains mostly a mystery. For example, we did observe that depressive patients have lower concentrations of serotonin in the brain. So the obvious solution was to develop drugs that boost the concentration of serotonin. That's a very very crude understanding of what's actually happening and, in fact, serotonin boosting drugs often times work only very slightly better than placebo.
  9. MDMA+LSD is one of the best synergies out there, not necessarily for going very deep, but for a great euphoric time and dissolving of inner and emotional barriers. It also lasts pretty long (8-12 hours, the MDMA also gets boosted in duration IMO) in comparison to, say, mushrooms (4-6 hours). For pure emotional work I'd recommend mushrooms over LSD any time. For going really deep something like DMT etc. is way more effective anyway.
  10. The whole notion of 5 senses is some human bs. Even humans don't have 5 just senses, that's a pretty persistent myth.
  11. No one is evil, not even you. But you have not forgiven yourself, yet. In fact there's nothing to forgive. Evil is a creation of the ego, it's so clear. The ego needs something to fight against, else it can't exist. Drop all resistance and you drop the ego as well. But don't make another ego out of that. Even the ego is not evil, because it has no substance, it's a mirage.
  12. Sure, that's equally true. But I like to drop those word games. THIS=I.
  13. There can never be anyone but you in your experience. You will never experience another consciousness bubble, that is separated from you. You could argue "but there still can be other ones, I just can't experience them". But your experience is all there ever will be for eternity.. they DON'T exist.
  14. No, there's only one consciousness bubble and it CAN'T be otherwise. Why? Because, look, answer me this: Is it possible to experience something outside of "yourself" ever? If no, there can only ever be one consciousness "bubble" for you, and you can also never experience something outside of you – which essentially means that there is no outside of you. Because appearance is reality.
  15. Women love men that can lead. Of course looks are very important for the first impression, but after that your demeanor is at least equally important. Confidence makes sexy. And that is precisely what blackpill ideology destroys in yourself. Consider it from the opposite way around: What makes a woman attractive to you? Is it just looks or is there more to it?
  16. LSD is a full-on stimulant IMO. So yeah, it's a totally possible side-effect. The only bodily discomfort I sometimes experience on LSD are painful sensations in my digestive tract.
  17. Sure, but there are sooooo many misconceptions that open up here. Like thinking that you can do what you want without consequences. Everything you do falls back to you.
  18. Solipsism as reality is true, but solipsism as a concept is false. It doesn't work how you think it works.
  19. Solipsism is kind of true, but you probably misunderstand it. It suffers the same fate as nihilism a few years/decades back. If in doubt, just act as if everyone is real. If solipsism leads you to treat everyone like an empty shell it has become falsehood. Solipsism = Love. Else it can't be true.
  20. Better take some LSD and think about the possibilities of your future.
  21. @Princess Arabia This is a perfect example of not feeling alone when you appear to be.