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  1. Try doing the same experiment with an old white bum that reeks of piss, you likely won't get the same result.
  2. Of course. China is deep stage blue regarding the spiral dynamics. Your 50's values are also stage blue. I do agree with a pont that you slightly pointed towards. American neo-liberal ways of treating racism don't work at best and escalate it at it's worst.
  3. Honestly, if you can you should probably avoid using the tube. It would be best if you could commute by bike, or some other way.
  4. Obviously a rich black man is more privileged than a poor white person, and vice versa. It's all about socio-economic factors. Just being white doesn't help shit. In my opinion identity politics while they hold some truth are a major distraction from the real problems caused by neo-liberal politics.
  5. Feminists do have a valid point with objectification. But it goes much further than objectification on the sexual market. In the capitalist society we are all mere objects. Our value as human beings is completely determined by how much value we can produce and then negotiate it on the market. Look at some business terminology HR (human resources) - the term straight out designates humans as mere commodity. RIF (reduction in force) - here humans are mere "force" , a nice way to say that people will not be able to feed their children. Right-size - this one is again about firing people And to be honest. Probably all of us here judge other people by how much we can get out of them. We are all selfish to some degree, a big picture perspective reveals how this selfishness causes us to hurt each other.
  6. I can't help but to respect his determination. What a way to go...
  7. I'm very glad to hear that. We will do our best to protest US regression, here in NATO member states. Stay safe bro.
  8. Of course people should own more wealth if they work more. Even in USSR more work yielded more money, nobody is proposing equal money for unequal work that's ridiculous. But does a billionaire really work a billion times harder than a cleaning lady? Does he really produce a billion times more value?
  9. The virus is not deadly and only kills if the symptoms are not treated by professional doctor. Problem is that it's highly infections so there are more sick than we can treat it. The virus is very infections before a person shows symptoms, so anyone could potentially have it. There isn't a way to cure it, all we can do is treat the symptoms until the imune system manages to beat it. Because it's a virus it can always mutate, which means that it can become even more deadly or harmless like Ebola. It seems to me that it's hard to judge how dangerous it really is, because we can't tell weather the Chinese government is telling the truth or is lying to us. So we can't be sure of how meany dead and infected there are. I have personally faith in Chinese government to control the situation and buy us time for either the virus to mutate or cure to be developed. If there is an outbreak in your town I would recommend you to avoid working, public transport and public places in general, stock up on food and basic medicine. In general you should become a germophobe, wash hands and clothes and sanitize everything. Avoid elevators, take the stairs. If you do that you can survive a massive outbreak. Also take care of your health, your imune system is the best protection you have. And don't panic, stress weakenss imune system. I think we will be fine, problem is that we are overpresribing antibiotics so a disaster like this is a possibility either today or in the future.
  10. My guess would be terrorist attacks. Iran does not posses capability to strike at US directly. Another target could be Israel, but I doubt that they would risk launching projectiles over non-hostile countries. They coul also strike at US bases in Saudi Arabia, but it would be risky to anger the Saudis. They could also harass US shipping, potentially even close the gulf entirely. But that wouldn't hurt America too much since the price of their own Oil would peak. In truth they probably can't directly militarily hurt the US. Terrorism seems the greatest threat. Especially since they labaled US actions as terrorism.
  11. I don't really think that veganism is proff of high conciseness. It's still an ideology after all. It tends to be a stage green characteristics, because of that we might have a correlation here. But correlation does not equal causation. It's probably the case that high counciousness people tend to be vegans more often.
  12. Yes there needs to be a minimum wage that guarantees a worthy lifestyle. Otherwise buisinises can always just import workers and artificially lover wages under their normal market value. If workes are imported from the third world they should have the same conditions. They are just as human as citizens.
  13. I don't like the hate that incels get. A lot of them suffer form anxieties and disorders. I can't help but to feel sympathetic for them. Although I do admit that their frustrations manifest in toxic behaviour. And it's not really just about sex. There definitely is a social stigma if you can't "get laid". And there is also the companionship element. People need this. I wish that something was done to help them to help them over just deleting their forums. It doesn't make the problem go away.
  14. I doubt that Hong Kong has much chance. Hong Kong's independent government is only temporary according to "One country two systems". HK can't do much since it has no military. I doubt that any other great power would risk it's trade relationship with china for it. I think that Republic of China (Taiwan) has a relatively better chance for maintaining it's de-facto sovereignty. Since they have an active military and a geographical advantage. Amphibious assault on that level would be very costly. But it strongly depends on the will of the Taiwan's people for independence.
  15. I like Žižek. Although my friends who have to study his work as part of the curriculum express some frustration.
  16. Napoleon has an interesting place in my countries historical memory. At the time we were part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Slovenian and other slavic cultures, languages, national movements were heavily suppressed by the Austrian monarchy. Elites always spoke German, Native languages were restricted to peasant class. While out of selfish motives, the french did allow ex-Austrian territory to use their own native languages in schools for the first time ever. One very positive thing was increased secularisation. The Church was now separate from schools and other public institutions. Some educated higher classes were very welcoming of ideas of the French revolution. But the general population was turned off by high war taxes and forced military service. The French era over Slovenia and other Balkan Slavic peoples lasted only four years, but left a big impact in terms of national revival. Especially the use of native languages in public schools left a huge impact. There still are some squares named after the french revolution and some supposed napoleons's bridges.
  17. Wow you listed Hillary Clinton as greatest leader. She did a really good job in Libya didn't she? Americans really need to stop being "the word police".
  18. Look at Bolsovaro's "propaganda music video" It's gold I can't help but to laugh. With all seriousness in my opinion whoever the new president is, he deserves the benefit of the doubt. He should be judged by his resoults, for example the post election -anti Trump rallies were really inappropriate. Quite a lot of my own countrymen left for Brazil in 20th century. While I would be happy if they would return, I would prefer that they won't need to.
  19. Considering you are only 15 I would highly advise you to search for healthy food that you can fill your diet with. Instead of looking for things you can't eat. At leas that is what helped me to clean my diet. Especially since i am from a lover class it is quite a challenge at times. Of course everyone is a bit different, depending on your genetics different things will work for you.
  20. You mean herb tea right? Hard to say, there are tons of herbs out there. It seems to me that pre-modern culture can hold a lot of truth to it, even if it's not based on science. In my culture we have those interesting sayings about the weather. so for example one goes "saint Mathew crushes the ice, and if there is no ice, he makes it" It also rhymes like a song in the original. It's funny even though there is 0 science behind them they seem to hold some truth to them. It seems to me that over 1000 years people have noticed certain patterns and put it together.
  21. I think that if you like being vegan you should be vegan and if you want to eat meat you should eat meat. Anyone trying to force their ideology upon you is full of shit.
  22. Put up a challenge for yourself so that you can only play video-games if you do a let's play. This will turn video game time into productive time, as doing a let's play is surprisingly difficult, especially if you are not native English. You will also be forced to learn basics in video editing etc. And it will help with your speaking ability. I am saying this as a person with an inactive let's play channel.
  23. What bothers me is the blatant virtue signing. Gillette talks about how they care about women etc... But at the same time they don't have a problem with practising the "pink tax", meaning that identical female pink razors are more expensive than male razors.
  24. Yes the add does pretty much show how a white dude tried to approach and then the black guy stops him. He didn't even do anything illegal. Why do Americans insist on being the craziest nation on the planet?
  25. Could be. But there are tons of very cheap self help channels on you tube as well.