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  1. My Fax machine tells me: 1. Fame/Status 2. Game. The best form of game is pre-selection. Put hot females into friendzone, make them love you because of your energy and personality and go into public surrounded by them. Always keep a masculine frame while doing it and have the basics of game down. If you are super insecure, do cold approaches and learn how your behaviour affects your attractiveness. 3. Lifestyle: be social and be in situations where girl can actually see you instead of sitting at home 24/7 lol. 4. Looks 5. Money Facts. For most pre-selection game is the most effective and maybe the least effort. But ofcourse maximize your looks and confidence, go to the gym, get a beard and haircut that improves your face shape. Groom yourself. But do not get the Lithuanian Leg Lift (LLL)!
  2. And indeed, as some have said finasteriode, minoxidil and some other things have scientific benefits. Also grow the hair on your balls real long, if someone makes a comment about your bald head then say at least my balls have a full head of hair
  3. It's about looking masculine. Can you grow a beard? If yes, then grow it like God of War and get jacked. You can not deny that that looks badass. If you cant grow a beard, there are forums where people have no beard and then use minoxidil to grow a full beard
  4. You need the seed phrase to unlock
  5. Andrew Tate just released a program on how to permanently go into Samadhi. Together with his brother Tristan Tate they have a plan to give 1 BooGaahEE to every poor person on earth. True saints.
  6. confidence, fearlessness Being consciouss makes you less afraid
  7. you are not cool, unlike Adonisssssssssssss cringe
  8. you can face palm all you want but these kind of people will not respond to requests and kind words. If you are a male and another male throws you under the bus after having warned him before, a pimp slap works.
  9. get jacked and/or learn martial arts and pimp slap the ones doing that. Thats what I do and it works....
  10. Sounds to me like an extreme and unhealthy obsession. What goes up must come down. Honeymoon period will eventually end. BE AWARE NOW