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  1. Happy birthday Leo!
  2. Awesome! The ability of AI to process vast amounts of data and derive meaningful insights is truly impressive. let those insights roll man!
  3. True, some friends know i've had many trips and ask if they should try it or not, my answer is usually based on how well i know the person, but then again, you never know what you're gonna get, you just follow the guidelines of basic "newbie tripper" rules if you're starting out, but remember to keep in mind it's never 100% safe, in fact, one of my scariest bad trips was when i took what i thought was a low dose of albino penis envy mushrooms but ended up having some suicidal thoughts because my stupid ass thought it wasn't a bad idea to mix it with one small weed brownie (ha!), in the end i learned a lot from that trip but man i wouldn't wanna risk going there again ever..
  4. not sure where you live , In my country, you typically need to officially demonstrate that you have Narcolepsy and receive a diagnosis for it. Best of luck!
  5. I used modafinil for a year, took 2 days off at the end of each week, helped me a lot, i don't use it anymore but i like to keep it as a back up for when i need to focus better because of a sleepless night, then again, different people have different tolerance so you might need to test it out...
  6. cool! thanks for sharing.
  7. Well this looks more promising than crpyto in many ways for sure, although it's a different domain, but most people are using crypto like stocks, we can already see where A.I is changing the game already in crazy speeds..
  8. sounds pretty intense , but i can see why it can be pleasant, reminds me a bit of the time when i took a high does of Ketamine, the reality being slowly torn apart was amusing to me on many ways, it's also eye opening to experience ego death.
  9. I think Ketamine doesn't get the rep it deserves when it comes to mental / sensual imagery, i've had mind blowing ones on it..
  10. Wow, quite surprising, i used Modafinil for over a year and a half sometimes 100 mg and other times 200 mg, can definitely confirm it's not placebo, but i guess like Leo mentioned above it might have to do with your unique metabolism.
  11. @Leo Gura good point about respawning radical jihadists, how can this loop stop? I’ve grown up in Palestinian schools they do not teach anything close to the radicalism of Hamas. But those jihadists grow up in Gaza where Hamas controls probably most of what it’s being educated. By the way: it is well known that in the West Bank every Friday prayer, the government sends out to all the Muslim shieks what to preach on that Friday, just think about what hamas might preach out to achieve their goals, if you grow up believing in an afterlife full of pleasures in the garden of Eden if You die as a “shaheed” , you will probably not fear death as much in fact, that will be exciting for you. We can see why this is a problem. Ps: in this video around 8:30 you can see a okay being done by kids at school training for commando team in Hamas
  12. @Leo Gura I’m curious didn’t the US also assist in ending Isis not only because it was a problem for Syria, but potentially for the world? I don’t see hamas less dangerous than isis at this point.
  13. @Leo Gura I understand where this is coming from , but a ground invasion is also not so simple, especially when there’s evidence going out like the one in this video of Hamas stopping civilians from Excavating out the areas they were warned away from. How can Israel deal with this strategically?
  14. @Nivsch True, at this point Hamas is much weaker technologically at least than Israel, I'm not sure what are they putting they bets on, maybe they thought about negotiating there way out of this with the hostages? yet again they might wanna try even if it looks suicidal at this point, stage red much?
  15. I live a couple hours away from where this is happening, people here are in shock that this is actually happening, it’s the first time in Israel’s history that this kind of attack in this scale blew up..
  16. So ever since I heard about this drug and saw Leo's video on nootropics about it I thought to myself "This sounds like exactly what I'm looking for", and I think i was right, here's how it went: After finally getting my hands on it I was super excited because my current job I work requires me to be focused and awake for long periods of time and I don't like drinking more than a cup or two of caffeine to avoid those afternoon crashes, Modafinil came as a lifesaver for me without a doubt because my productivity skyrocketed and I barely saw any side effects from it, so here are some of the Pros and what I think Cons for this awesome nootropic: (these are based on mostly 100mg but on days that I didn't sleep that well (4 to 6 hours) I would take 200mg, even 300mg in emergency situations was a lifesaver) Pros: 1-It gave me that feeling you get when you had a really good night's sleep without being under the influence of caffeine or any stimulant. 2- The feeling of being awake made it much easier for me to focus on my tasks for longer periods, it felt good to focus. 3-It generally made me feel happy and energetic but focused and relaxed too, I always wanted that zen mode of being able to focus without feeling overstimulated. 4- I had really smooth come-ups and come-downs. 5- My memory was doing much better than before meaning it didn't take much effort to remember things that mattered most. 6-I could take it on a daily basis without feeling any noticeable side effects. 7-It goes pretty well with caffeine for me (keep in mind I don't drink much caffeine and I also delay it after 1 or 2 hours of waking up). 8-Long duration, 100mg was enough for me to stay awake and focused for 8 to 10 hours and more. 9-I could work out on it in the morning after taking it though I try not to overtrain. Cons: 1-I realized that I tend to rely on it sometimes to not sleep an extra hour or two that I rather need for my body to recover because I know that modafinil will make it easier to stay awake on less slept hours. 2-In some cases of stressful situations, I did find that it was a bit harder to calm down my anxiety but a bit of breathing well did the trick for me. 3- There aren't many studies that I'm aware of that track the long-term use of it (please share if you do know any). 4- Higher doses did feel like a slight comedown sometimes. These are the Pros and Cons I can think of right now but I can sum it up by saying Modafinil was a true gamechanger for me however i don't know if i will be taking it long term for now, it will probably depend on some different factors like me having focus and wakefulness for good sleep, nutrition and exercise etc, if i can get what i need from these i think i will probably stop using modafinil 4 to 5 times a week and leave it for some special days when i need more focus and energy for now. hope this helps guys and do share your experience if you have any, cheers.
  17. This brings to mind accounts of individuals who have experienced lucid dreams that seemingly lasted an entire year. In a way, I like to think that these dreams can genuinely create the sensation of a year having passed. Yet, in reality, the dreamers have only undergone REM sleep for approximately an hour and a half. The dreams they experienced can be likened to a well-crafted movie that portrays events spanning a year. If executed skillfully, with a well-designed plot and storyline, the movie can indeed evoke the feeling that a substantial amount of time has elapsed
  18. Terrence McKenna and Alan Watts would be some
  19. eat a lot of different kinds of plants, especially fermented food, i like sauerkraut
  20. such an amazing book! well written , informative and practical! really recommend it for anyone who's into achieving optimal health.
  21. the "What is reality" episode was a huge eye opener, especially since this is one of the main reasons why i started watching Leo
  22. awesome! better be over 4 hours
  23. I stopped seeing straight , I started to believe I’m stuck in a loop and will be feeling like this for ever , this caused suicidal thoughts , never mix shrooms with a weed brownie