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  1. Hey everyone, Recently I saw a "Opinions On Teal Swan" thread. It was really interesting to read all your comments because as her subscriber I was also questioning some of the stuff she talks about. Today I want to talk about Ralph Smart. I have watched his videos for about 2 years, with couple of breaks. At first I literally fell in love with the message, calmness, peace and loving energy he shares with the world. Even downloaded loads of his stuff and listened to while driving a car or while having a walk in the park. I learnt a LOT, realised many things about myself, about vibrating the positive energy and letting go of fear. However, I have stopped watching it, recently. It's just... I felt like it goes in quantity rather than quality! I mean, some of the stuff he talks about is great, but hold on a second, it's all the same thing all over again, the same scheme, the same stories, the same vegan-canigetahellothere-repetitiveness. This guy releases like 10 videos per week, it's just insane. I mean, I'm not questioning the knowledge, the positive attitude, sharing the love energy etc. but... the strategy. To be honest, 2 years ago it used to be more practical information, now it's... weird, I just don't get it anymore. Over 1300 videos of which 80% is basically the same. Sometimes I feel irritated and overloaded. Let me know if some of you feel similar. Thing is, his videos have served me for some time, I learnt a lot, but I think it's time to unsubscribe. Cheers everyone, have a good weekend!:)
  2. Hey, Today I wanna share a story about channeling Bashar - an entity from another dimension. I know it sounds hillarious and it surely requires some amount of open-mindedness to get that idea. If you don't know it and yet take seriously your path to enlightenment, you should stay with me right now. But if at this point your rational mind judges it as some crazy shit not worth of reading - just go back to whatever you were doing, maybe it's not the time:) Before I get to the point - You probably noticed how expanding consciousness works. It might have started couple of years ago when you accidently saw a picture on facebook about the benefits of stopping watching TV, then you might have accidently bumped into a self-help book at your friend's house, then let's say you read somewhere about meditation or affirmations, maybe somebody told you about The Secret and Law of Attraction and the story goes on and on. You might have fallen asleep from time to time but let's be optimistic here and eventually you DECIDED to "stay on the track" forever and you took it very, very seriously. Is this your story?:) Let's continue. I am 25 now. I read, watch, experience, everything connected to expanding consciousness since being 16 years old, to the best of my ability. If I said to 17-year old myself that "hey dude, did you know that your thoughts create your experience of reality?" I would probably think something like "what are you smoking?". It was the same with Bashar. It took me quite a while since I started to somehow "believe" in that concept without laughing or mocking. I've had subscribed a YouTube channel with Bashar's messages for a long time and I just couldn't understand WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? At that time I was probably listening to Anthony Robbins on "life changing techniques" or read about Brian Tracy's methods of achieving happiness by learning how to sell. Then step by step, year after year, book after book, I was becoming more conscious of the spiritual side of life. Long story short, one day I've decided to give it a try and listen carefully what Bashar has to say. - Alright dude, so tell me what is it? Well. There is this guy Darryl Anka, who falls into a deep meditation and becomes a CHANNEL for an entity named Bashar, who is alive but "lives" in a different density of this Universe. Bashar is some sort of higher form of consciousness, let's say like us, humans, but with much more developed consciousness. He translates his thoughts through Darryl to English language so it's understandable for us. - Alright. And what it talks about? About everything you ask it. And it can explain things on an Universal level, from very broad perspective. It explains... how this thing called "life" works. What are thoughts? What about free will? Am I creating my reality? What's my purpose here on Earth? What is enlightenment? How to achieve what I want? How to be happy and what is happiness? What is ABUNDANCE and how to be abundant? What about DMT? How to manifest? Basically everything in the matter of consciousness, thoughts, awareness, enlightenment, frequencies, vibrations, auras, time, intentions, meditations, creating, manifesting, being and living. And that's just the tip of the iceberg (favourite Leo's saying ) I have been listening to Bashar's translations for a couple of years now. I apply what it says practically into my life and I have to admit that I have never been more happier and abundant and finally I am what I was always supposed to be. And I have been into self-help work for years, read like a hundred books, watched tons of enlightenment videos, been watching Leo for over 2 years etc. And on top of that there is Bashar, who explains everything on a much higher level. And that's why I decided to share it with you. Maybe it is what you need right now. I'm not here to convince you at a push. Maybe it's time, maybe it's not. Maybe it's for you, maybe it's not. All of you are on a different level of consciousness. But if you find it helpful, let it serve you the most. He's an example. Bashar here talks about manifesting our reality and how law of attraction really works. Give it a try and listen. If you want to talk about it - feel free to ask some questions. Cheers.
  3. Hi everyone, I've been in a beautiful relationship for 5 years, not married yet but I think Im going to propose to her somewhere in the future. No kids so far. Just a stupid cat. I am into personal development for 8 years, the last 2 years were more active. I really have tried hard and I simply cannot solve this idea of being with her till the literal END, regardless of how great this relationship now is. It's a fucking great relationship and I cannot imagine leaving her, BUT once for a while I have these sneaky thoughts that there are so many gorgeous women out there and by staying forever with my current love I simply miss a lot. I feel stuck. My ego wants to flirt, to cheat, my ego wants to experience "something different", however my heart tells me to stay with her because I won't find any better being out there. For me, this is the hardest ego game to overcome. Maybe some of you have had a similar experience? Maybe you were in the same position and decided to cheat/leave? Or decided to stay and it was the best you did? Let me learn from your experiences. Bless!
  4. Do you have any previous experience with meditation?
  5. I got a similar feeling. Sometimes it's like a harmony of a lower and higher sound at the same time. Noticeable especially when going sleep. I have been "chasing" this sound for quite some time and I don't know whether it's my core cosciousness vibration from the point of spirituality OR just an ear damage cause I have been listening/producing music for many years sometimes listening noises for couple of hours per day with full volume on my headphones.
  6. True! 100% agree. In fact you now reminded me of those times when I used to listen to him a lot. His teachings/speeches could really put me in good vibes.
  7. Sorry, double post >.<
  8. Tricky question. As far as I know, true self is a true, core vibration of every individual, but at the same time You are the U (you) - niverse and the universe is you so it is indeed a separate concept but acts as a part of the whole (all that is/nothingness/god).
  9. Just watched that episode. Very good video, as always. Is there a possibility to measure the progress of somebody's enlightenment? Like, this guy over there is in 70% enlightened because he's been attending to several meditation retreats and he's been into self inquiry for 20 years, whilst that guy there is just 5% because he's just started to work on himself and he often falls back into the trap of ego. Is it even... countable? Measurable? To the point when a beautiful day comes, when you level up from 99% to 100% and BOOOM - ENLIGHTENMENT ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! And suddenly you are finally alive/you are in heaven? I know it sounds silly, but I'm asking about the "real" enlightenment work - self inquiry/mindfulness, self acceptance, deep meditation sessions, living in the woods/whatever, taking DMT's or other transcendental substances, eating organic, taking care of the body and more and more. Is it measurable? And even if it is, what I mean is - is there any point of working on "yourself" towards enlightenment if there is NOBODY to work on? There is NO YOU to become enlightened, because you don't exist. Do you? Could someone elaborate more on that matter? Thank you:)
  10. Ye, I always drink coffee before my morning meditation. Helps me to focus on my breathing and I feel vibrating higher. I have tried couple of times without it and it's definetely not the same. At some point though I feel like I should give up on drinking it. As Leo said, it's a rather fake boost and meditation should be more natural, not dependent on any stimulants.
  11. Poznan, Poland Currently living in Cardiff, Wales
  12. I found it on Instagram, don't remember which channel:)
  13. 20-50 push-ups after waking up/stretching + cold shower afterwards and of course meditation/life contemplation (10 mins is enough for me) drinking water with turmeric in the morning before breakfast (more info here) downloading youtube inspirational/self help videos as mp3 and listening on the way to work/school (I use this site) if you eat an apple, eat it ALL with seeds inside - anticancer vitamins and many more benefits do not use sugar in coffee or tea, especially if you drink a lot of coffee during the day, generally cut on sugar
  14. Every morning when I wake up I am grateful first of all for being healthy and for the energy given through sleeping. Then for the roof above my head. Then for the foods I eat on breakfast and to be honest it goes on and on during the whole day. I have trained in myself a sort of habit of being grateful anytime for anything. But like ULTIMATELY, hmm, for being here on Earth and having the possibility to experience life. That's just awesome. Cheers:)
  15. Watch your breath. Each time you get lost in thoughts, just go back to your breath, it will center you.
  16. Here's an advice for you: Whenever you do something, whether it's coding or editing videos, do it just for the sake of doing it, without ANY expectations of what the outcome should be. If, at some point it stops exciting you, find something else to do and do it to the best of your ability. If you get bored, do something else. That's it. There's nothing wrong with that. Don't judge yourself that you should be doing this or that in order to become happy. Life is an experience, so experience it as it is. Cheers.
  17. Let me share with you some of his teachings: 1) At any given moment do the things that excite you the most to the best of your ability without any expecations of what the outcome should be. This way, you will get to the things you really want much faster, through the path of least resistence. 2) Life is a reflection, a mirror. Many people are waiting for the "outer" world to change, when at the same time they haven't really changed inside. You have to change your vibration first, so that it will match the circumstances outside. The things you want are always already there, but it's YOU that has to change first in order for THEM to come to you. 3) Definition of abundance - the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it. That's it.
  18. Thank you for all your replies. I'm not trying to summon any entity for myself It's just, I have been listening to Bashar for some time and applied many things into my existence and it really... works. And this guy channels Bashar for over 30 years, so it's not a one-season bullshit seminar to rip off some money from newage seekers. I have been really careful at the beginning and I had no trust, but as the time passed and as I started to raise my vibration, my inner and thus outer reality, started to change very visibly. That's why I decided to share it with you here. As I said, maybe you'll find it useful, maybe not.
  19. In my opinion the main reason why people enjoy his speeches and him as a person is beacause he's AUTHENTIC. He says what he thinks and does what he says and people love and admire such attitude. And the more they like him the more they buy his ideas. I think there are no "techniques" behind this, it's just the way he is. But if you want to find techniques of persuasion and dealing with people I recommend you this book:
  20. Two practical advices which I have tested on myself: Switch your Internet off and hide your laptop or tell someone to hide it for you (unless you use a PC, might be harder to hide ) and promise to yourself that you will be the biggest loser in life if you can't live without it for 1 week. Or even 1 day in someone's case. More radical advice is - delete ALL your games. Just unistall them. It is hard I know. All the cool stuff you have earned, all awesome items or unlocked tiers and amazing GTA5 saves - GONE. But after some time you will feel really cleansed and thankful that you did it. If you combine both you will have no choice but to do SOMETHING with your life other than that. Notice how your mind will quickly find some other activities to fill the gap during the day.
  21. Hello everybody, I have accidently bumped into this guy's channel and I decided to share it with you. Amazing insights told in an easy to understand way. PS. I have just realized that there is a Guideline rule here which forbids "Sharing copyrighted material, including sharing of files, videos, music, etc. to which you do not have copyrights." How to relate to that? Can I share such videos here or not? Bless.
  22. As Pinocchio said - priorities. Meditation is something veeery contrary to other everyday tasks, because it requires NOT moving/doing/thinking and obviously that's why it's so hard to "find" time for that. 24h/day - 8h sleep - 8h work you get 8h left of free time. Try to extract 20 minutes from that for everyday meditation:)
  23. Well... I think we are quite open to each other and we both believe so, but just imagine that: Hey honey! Look, I love you so much but sometimes I have thoughts about cheating on you and the idea of being with you till we are 80 years old freakes me out. How about that? I was watching Leo's episode on lying where he talks about being really deeply sincere with ourselves and our partners especially when it comes to cheating. It's damn hard thing to do. Thank you:)