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  1. How to develop a genuine interest, curiosity and longing for truth and reality? recommend books that can help thanks.
  2. i didnt get how its related
  3. 3-2 months ago i strarted to exprience a heavy contracted feeling on my chest neck and chin area. i feel this everyday and its there most if not all the day. in some mornings its absent but then after a couple hours it start to build up. its strongest in the night. if im distracted from it durning the day its i can still feel it being there in the background. any idea what it could be? thanks.
  4. so im not mistaking the precence of awareness for my body?
  5. i have a sense of being or sense of precence but i feel it inside my body. am i mistaking being for my body?
  6. can someone give me some clarification or some pointers on how to be aware of being aware? thanks.
  7. if i meditate 30 min twice a day is it the same as meditating one hour a day?
  8. when should i start doing the higher kriyas (omkar kriyas)
  9. whats the difference from the fourth editon, the fifth edition and the one that says complete lessons on the cover? and which one you have?