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  1. Sweden has ignored practical issues for so long, and just been preoccupied with keeping a moral facade outwards and now karma will hit Sweden hard. Not only highest rates of gang violence we also have the highest rates of drug related deaths. Unfortunatly this is only the beginning of the decline of Sweden.
  2. As far as I know The Romance was a reaction to the enlightenment, which was orange, where emotion was seen as more important than reason.
  3. I've been getting into languages and polyglottary a lot lately, and thus guy is just truly amazing. Anyone speaks several langauges? Which ones? I speak English, Swedish, Hebrew and some Arabic.
  4. If you really enjoy it, doesnt that provide value?
  5. Consumtariat=Consumerism+Proletariat The Netocrats *Informationalists - Collects and processes data *Protopians *Sensocrats
  6. Maybe not nonduality , but some thing in that direction. Alexander Bard Björn"Natthiko" Lindeblad
  7. I just read that 42 percent of the health care workers here in Sweden refuse to be vaccinated.
  8. The future is not talked about enough in my opinion. Philosopher Alexander Bard talks a great deal about this issue, and has some really profound insights into what might happen the coming decades.
  9. Philosopher Alexander Bard predicts that a post- capitalism will be a netocracy. The new elite will be the netocrats, and the underclass will be the consumptariat. Here are some outtakes from wikipedia: "Netocracy was a term invented by the editorial board of the American technology magazine Wired in the early 1990s. A portmanteau of Internet and aristocracy, netocracy refers to a perceived global upper-class that bases its power on a technological advantage and networking skills, in comparison to what is portrayed as a bourgeoisie of a gradually diminishing importance" "Alexander Bard describes a new underclass called the consumtariat, a portmanteau of consumer and proletariat, whose main activity is consumption, regulated from above. It is kept occupied with private problems, its desires provoked with the use of adverts and its active participation is limited to things like product choice, product customization, engaging with interactive products and life-style choice"
  10. When you say "the conversation" do you mean mainstream media? Cause yellow will probably never enter that conversation. Those platforms has way to low center of gravity. Yellow is awakening outside mainstream.
  11. Two minor reasons from the top of my head. A lot of manga and anime are aimed toward all age groups, but in the west cartoons are aimed mostly towards children. Sushi is delicious.
  12. Graham Hancock suggests that there is a forgotten chapter in human history. He theorizes that a lost advanced civilization existed, potentially in America. Mainstream scientists tend to cling hard to established paradigms.
  13. In what way do you mean? How does biology have a huge impact on the ego?
  14. Four aspects of fundamental reality which are all very important. Most people tend to focus on the interior-individual, and forgetting the other three. Any thoughts on Ken Wilbers Aqal Model?
  15. Actually the opposite is true, it provides a very useful foundation in "the work". Of course you dont try to categorise while contemplating, but knowledge of the model is useful.
  16. @Rajneeshpuram I've struggled a lot with trying to convince my family of similar things, but they dont want to hear of course. In the end I figured it is more about me, trying to enforce a self image of competence. Archeology is interesting though, are you familiar with the work of Graham Hancock?
  17. I dont think anyone is BIOLOGICALLY doomed to low consciousness, since consciousness is beyond biology. And biology(external, individual) is only one aspect of reality. Individual, internal(thoughts, emotions, values etc.) plays a huge part, as well as collective, internal(paradigm, collective values etc.) And external, collective(systemic).
  18. Living in Sweden I dont see much of this. My views of the government is that they are very stagnant and ignorant, especially when it comes to drugs. It's like they've fallen back to blue from green. It feels like we have a giant orange "hole".
  19. I'm not talking about a culture where the center of gravity is yellow. It's very different from a 10% tipping point. During the enlightment when the 10% tipping point of orange, and 10% tipping point of green during the flower power movement, orange and green ideas dtarted to penetrate mainstream culture. But the center of gravity was not orange during the Enlightenment or green during the hippie revolution.
  20. Great integral model that covers all four aspects of fundamental reality. Anyone have any thoughts on what lower-right green and teal(yellow) might look like? Green - Value communities Teal/yellow - holistic commons Upper Left: Individual/Internal Upper right: Individual/External Lower Left: collective/Internal Lower right: Collective/External
  21. True, but to me it looks like mainstream culture is redifining itself in a radical way. There are a lot of yellow out there. I think its more likely that people will find yellow than yellow finding the people so to speak. I read somewhere that the amount of screen time per person has gone from 1h/day to 7h/day in ten years. That is huge, and we havent seen the full effects of this yet.
  22. Also Saudi Arabia is growing up to Orange. Great video that illustrates this:
  23. Nor will yellow enter "the chat". Integral politics will probably take place in totally new platforms, cause remember that there is RADICAL shift from green to yellow, or tier 1 to tier 2.