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  1. @khalifa my bad it wasn't my intent to introduce negativity in your process I just wanted to share my experience so you may enlarge your perspective of the situation but maybe it's not how it works. You feel you're going to be fine so stay with it and heal nicely <3 @Leo Gura i'm not sure how it works, does taking medication really slow down anything, what spiritual progress would temporary medication take away from you ?
  2. I had a similar symptom 2 years ago when I did some cannabis oil (+ I was tripping on lsd on a weekly basis). I could barely sleep and when I managed to sleep it felt as if I was awake all the time. After some time asleep I would suddenly wake up in a burst because my consciousness was hitting a point that felt like I could go mad and not be able to come back. I couldn't stay in place or anxiety would start to snowball I felt like being on a slippery slop so I kept walking all day long to try to stay grounded. Seeing that my condition wouldn't improve after 3 days I could see that it would only get worse as the more tired I would be the worse it would get with hallucinations, even harder time to sleep etc. So I went to medical emergency the 4th day, they gave me one Xanax which helped me with the anxiety instantly but for a short time, they gave me anti psychotic I took it for 3 days and it slowly got better. Now maybe your condition is not so bad so you can keep trying their kundalini and spiritual emergency stuff, but see Martin Ball, when shit really hit the fan he went for medical care and science and stabilized him.
  3. It's unclear what makes the individuality in the cycle of reincarnations. For instance Buddha is said to have reached nirvana but is said to still coming back whereas someone like Sadhguru says that after 80years after his death his presence will disappear completely. But how could that be if the rest of existence didn't attain to absolute stillness ? Basically the question is how the self emerges from absolute stillness.
  4. What I mean is that this conscious death, although not ultimate, was great to the point I still remember it and even things that happened after such as the unhinged energy being or eternal bliss. Some alternatives is that you die in suffering or in panic which will make you lose awareness. Imagine next time that you take a dip in water that you will drown right here, would you be able to let go of your breath blissfully ? If not you may panic and lose awareness which may lead to a different after death experience.
  5. Unfortunately that's not it. I remember leaving my body consciously in a previous life and I'm still around. After leaving my body around a firecamp in a tremendous surge of energy I remember hanging above the body as pure consciousness but I didn't know what to do next and waited for the existence to carry me away which eventually happened. I then traveled through existence as energy and eventually became an unhinged energy being. I also remember passing through the phase of eternal bliss at some point which is eternal in experience but not in actuality hence here I am. So leaving the body consciously is not the ultimate answer. But it is still preferable than an unconscious death for sure.
  6. damn same for me... imagine this is all a scam people think they will attain to god by doing their yoga practices but in truth they are just messing themselves...
  7. To be fair sometimes there are posts in here of people who say they had experiences and realizations just after watching a video, no psychedelics involved so the worth of Leo's work is already demonstrated. Also for all the people who started a spiritual practice it's also worth it if we accept the ultimate benefit of those as an axiom. As for the people who started psychedelics the ultimate benefit of doing them is still at study so I won't talk about those.
  8. Western culture agressivity and empowerment by technology took over the world it's a fact. But then we don't know what happened millenias ago and why they had to leave their place to go to europe in the first place. Maybe they had a score to settle and it got settled millenias later. So let's not hate and do for the best because ultimately we are all one anyway. As for the culture there is some level of interpenetration is it a bad thing ?
  9. That is going full circle, first you start psychedelics and you're blown away by what reality is but then you start to wonder to what extent you're being hallucinatory and come to rediscover the value of the scientific process and why it first emerged from a more mystical culture.
  10. What a horrible trait you are striving to develop. Being so sure and confident about all your bullshit as if we needed more of that in this world, ugh.. Don't you think it would be better if you strived to increase your perception instead, acting not out of confidence but out of what you see ?
  11. While you experience this the first reflex is to come on a forum to boast, what is the truth and what is caused by chemical exaltation ?
  12. I remember when I was a kid documentaries about this 15 years old sitting under a tree for months. He was advertised to not eat or drink for months on end, of course he was undoubtebly fed at night as his handlers would hide him behind a rug during nights but still sitting under a tree unmoving during the day for months is something. A crew claims they recorded him for 4 days, they skip a lot of footage but we can still see him unmoving for many hours straight : Now I checked what he became since then, he has an ashram and apparently the guy is a psychopath. There are records of him beating people up, kidnapping them, holding them hostage, torturing them, performing sexual assault, he killed his sister, harassed his family, people disappeared... There is a lot of detailed material describing his deeds on the internet but here is a good documented summary : https://halkoriatimes.wordpress.com/2014/11/25/the-ram-bahadur-bomjon-controversy/#more-28 So as you can see one can be able to sit unmoving all days long for months and years and still be a power lusting psychopath. He is well connected with his government and intend on opening more ashrams. Despite all this material people are still revering to him because nobody can deny that this guy can sit and his damage control seems to work so far.
  13. @ardacigin crazy stuff. When you say that you experience samhadhi is this a tangible experience, are you really able to come back to an existential experience reliably ? How do you describe it, is it a matter of understanding/realization, a configuration of mind, existential coordinates of your witnessing point ? Because you see my problem is that I tried practices but no realization ever crystalized in a way it became self sustaining. So now I'm taking refuge in the knowledge that I will never access deeper levels of realization, I just want to abide in my compulsions so I can live peacefully, striving being such a hassle. But if you are reliably able to get to a deeper experience of existence it means that some realization or understanding crystalized and is self sustaining. How did it happen ?
  14. @Matteo ultimately you have to make a decision for yourself because there is no authority that you trust. Sadhguru tells you not to do them but you are still tempted so you question whether he's saying the truth or has an agenda to make such a call or isn't aware enough to really know. I wouldn't recommend them either, two years ago I did like 10 LSD trips in 4months and I felt like my brain voltage kept going up, it was uncomfortable. After that one day I tried cannabis oil and I had a trip so powerful that I couldn't sleep for days. I felt like I couldn't keep hold of myself, feeling constantly slipping on a slope and if I didn't focus on my surroundings to hold myself in reality I would drift in imagination and the further I would let myself drift the more violent it was for me to come back and this would go on and on. It made me terribly anxious and after days of that I had to seek medical help, they gave me antipsychotics, I took them for few days and slowly the anxiety diminished. For months thereafter I had this voltage-like feeling, there is no clear cut line after which I considered myself back to before all this endeavour. So I can definitely see why they say it can mess up your energy system, and the sleeplessness that I had felt similar to Martin Ball's sleep issue description. On the other hand Leo does a lot of those trips (mostly not with LSD) and is happy with them so far. He also considers those trips transformative although to me transformation is when a Buddha live like an ascetic for 6 years and then suddenly after sitting under a bodhi tree his life is forever settled in a direction. I have yet to know of an instance where a trip set someone unwavering for the rest of his life and more.
  15. Translation from timestamp : It’s a loving god, and a loving god doesn’t seek to punish, doesn’t seek to condemn, it’s a savior ! He came to save us because he loves us, and he would want so much that in our current world of indifference, our current world of so little heart, he would want so much for us to know that it’s in love that he saved us, and he would want that each time that we see his cross we hear him tell us “see my child how I loved you and how I still love you today, if only you knew how much I love you”. For as long as you don’t get this grace of understanding the extent to which the lord loves us, you will have to ask the spirit, that he comes to pray in you, call the father incessantly so that he grants you this grace to understand the grandeur, the immensity of the love of god for each and everyone of us. Despite our sins, despite maybe a life of weakness, of misery, despite all of this, one glance from us, one gesture of forgiveness and he is ready to open to us his heart for us to get established in him for the blissful eternity. Thank you lord. It just brings tears to my eyes..
  16. Tears come from the intensity of energies, There can be a sense of bliss, or misery or no emotional interpretation in your case.
  17. Holy hell those guys are monsters, imagine sticking to your practices in such extreme conditions. But that's strange how did he eat there ? It must have been a cave near a living point where there was food and some relief at least. Those people were enlightened in a sense before the ultimate realization arose. Apparently ascetism is the most powerful path to attain, but to stick to an ascetic path you already have to be somewhat enlightened so I'm not sure what this is all about, it's like the chicken or egg problem.
  18. What happened is that with this intense speech he channeled powerful emotions of love and kept rubbing it during the entire mass until his life got catapulted into infinity through the heart.
  19. When talking about the third eye Sadhguru will sometimes talk about people smoking pot. He says that "whether you do yoga or smoke pot the big thing is opening your third eye". He also says he isn't against anything that works. So Sadhguru is aware that drugs are legit part of some spiritual paths but he deems it an inappropriate path for the masses. To volunteer in his ashram you have to be psychedelic free for at least 6 months. What I say about psychedelics is that it is unclear whether peak experiences, be it of samhadi, non-duality or however you describe them, work toward your ultimate well being. Leo for instance states that the most important thing for him is to understand inner workings of reality but he doesn't realize that this doesn't necessarily mean much as he will have to let go of that knowledge when he dies, he's making the unwise move of creating a source of cling. He fails to integrate the significance of those trips in the greater context of the rebirth wheel. I can imagine few outcomes to Leo's path : - He dies of old age. Maybe he will be like Martin Balls or Chris Bache and decide to stop at some point or maybe he'll be like that chemist that did hundreds of different psychedelics into old ages. We'll say of him that he lived a life as a psychonaut. Now how will this life impact his futures lives and in betweens life and rebirth ? We don't know, we can imagine that after having those experiences he will be more resilient to experiencing infinity (I remember that between death and rebirth I sometimes hit points where I experience everything, like all people on earth at once and I panic and lose awareness), or less resilient because he wasn't able to live life without the help of psychoactive drugs, like any junky basically. Maybe those trips are messing his soul in ways we don't imagine. Or we can say that he's just enjoying his life with those trips and it won't make much difference whether he lives like this or otherwise. - During a trip he finds himself unable to come back to his body and dies for the world. If he panicks that would be hell, if he rejoice blissfully that would be heaven. Sounds random, but can we say that dying after a life of no psychedelics is any less random ? - So far his trips seem non transformative. Despite claiming that he hits ever deeper trips for a year now did he really transform ? When Sadhguru talks about his enlightenment he says that in a matter of few month his 23y old self was a very far away already. Would you say that Leo's vasana smells differently over the years ? So one outcome possible is that after experiencing ever increasingly deep trips he will hit a truth so powerful that it will indeed transform him. That is the hope of most psychonauts but I've yet to know of someone for whom it happened. But maybe his transformation was progressive and anyway he was already a successful teacher so there is not much to transform appart from fine tuning his style and teachings.
  20. You're welcome. I too was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but there are blog posts of followers with a genuine tone that describe how they were disappointed to witness what seemed unwarranted display of violence on his end. Apparently some of his behavior is explained by the fact that people were bullying him so yeah even if you're a meditator you have to defend yourself, and it's easy to preach non violence for me when I live in a western society that arrived to law and order after a history of war and colonization when his country was rather on the receiving end of it. But still that's a lot of material to justify from an alleged enlightened being. Here is some more material : Another documented summary : https://melmagazine.com/en-us/story/the-dark-secrets-of-nepals-famous-buddha-boy Some blog posts from people having witnessed his unwarranted violence : https://halkoriatimes.wordpress.com/2015/03/23/repost-of-a-scary-witness-account-about-ram-bomjon/ There is more if you're interested you can just research on a search engine and follow the links in the summaries.
  21. That is what you get when you cheer when they censor right side people like Alex Jones or others. You hoped to win their favors by calling Democrats and everything that goes with it more advanced than the right side but that's not enough they want you to crawl, they are not interested in your genuine pursuit of truth. And they are insidious, here they removed the video without a word or way to appeal, they prevented you from uploading your video on void also without giving any reason, simply giving you the illusion of some technical issue rendering the video unuploadable and so far you gave up on it. Apparently the people responsible for this trademark are also part of this shit.
  22. you say this because you haven't transcended life itself yet so you think you are that