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  1. Maybe you or me are the descendants of slaves or other pains. How would we know ? We simply strive to do well in this life without being on a vendetta.
  2. If you die by stopping your breath consciously and without an ounce resistance then this is Mahasamadhi, but dying by damaging your body is suicide, it's not conscious death, if one is conscious he doesn't need to damage the body. edit: his account says last visited 6 minutes
  3. What would happen if we didn't teach history in schools and black people wouldn't know about slavery, would they still carry the scars and trauma ? And in any case most people can't know whether they are descending from a slave unless some genealogical tree was made, maybe they are descending from a family that remained free. @ryanth you keep making new accounts to say that Palestinians were offered x% of the land and they refused. If that was true then the Jews would have taken (100-x)% and stuck to it, but we've seen over the decades is that they kept expanding, settling illegally and discriminating. Beside a more fundamental question is that the Palestinians where already on that land so why should they accept even 1% ?
  4. She's a young student, world war 2 was over for 30-40 years before she was born. What is the suffering she went through that you are referring to ? She was gaslighting the ongoing exactions of Israel with something she never experienced for herself and he called her out for her hypocrisy that's all. His strong emotion about it comes from the fact that his own parent were direct victims of holocaust so he's much closer from the "holocaust card" than her yet he can recognize the abuse that Israel is inflicting to Palestinians.
  5. It was said in the megathread that you can plug freebase too
  6. It has been mentioned on the forum that Leo's protocol is based on the protocol described in the book The mercury detoxification manual from Andrew Cutler https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/44243061-the-mercury-detoxification-manual There is a summary here : http://www.detoxlab.org/chelation-andy-cutler-protocol/
  7. Nothing to fear, my love, what is dead, is dead...
  8. @fopylo if you are sure masturbation goes against growth then maybe you have to reevaluate the exaltation you expressed in @didego's quote of you. edit: mh @sda got it
  9. You have to stop masturbation and porn watching, releasing energy that way is basically cheating (not even on the girl but on yourself) because you don't release this energy by expressing your truthful self in your relationship. With masturbation you basically release so you can act whatever in the relationship, but if you didn't masturbate your behavior in the relationship would be different and would naturally go in a direction that turns you on.
  10. Greenwoods made some documentation about how to attain to lucid dreaming :
  11. In a way death is like a trip. If you stop breathing now you will go into the deepest meditative state which is effectively death of your body. The question is whether you will resist that moment in which case it will be painful or not resist in which case the experience will be that of bliss. The question whether you die or not is a question of semantics. Yes the existence is eternal and undying, also yes when you leave human existence you will through an utmost personal and absolute experience, how you go through this is the whole point of spiritual work.
  12. Best is Hatha Yoga, you can also be helped with chiropractic adjustments or acupuncture. For instance you can see this chiropractic adjustment that resulted in emotional release :
  13. What a strong and beautiful post, it's impressive that you managed to develop this mindset in such conditions. I'd say this : Work on finding that strong reason, you say you're soon graduating this means this should open some doors for you to find a job in a city no ?
  14. for a first time ? That seems like a lot, I would start with 100mcg and remember that the onset is 1h long so if you think nothing is happening don't take more edit nvm I don't know about 1-p lsd