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  1. The thing is who are you to decide whether a view of the world is conspiracy theory or not? You think you have enough data and clarity on the world to dismiss a view as conspiracy theory to the point of banning it?
  2. > There cannot be "non-existence". > There can only be [...] a no-experience of existence Chose one, LOL
  3. > You are Hitler. Once you realize that, your understanding of slaughter will change. I don't understand your point at all, the way Hitler industrialized human killing is pretty much comparable to the industry of killing animals. Check out the documentary Dominion (why not post it on your blog?) Not only animal suffering but also global warming as the meat industry is one of the largest CO2 producing industry. So you're frowning on Trump for having quit the climat deal and having no consideration for global warming but you can't give up meat eating to align your life with love and climat? You say Trump devilry will cause tremendous suffering so I don't get it, are you saying that meat industry is not causing suffering or that only human suffering counts ? Also the argument of "someone did worse than I did so leave me alone" seems a low consciousness one. Finally I'm not judging you, what I noticed is that you like to bask in your authoritative tone on both deep and surface level topics so I'm pointing that your integration work is very much lagging behind which in turn raise the question have you really discovered truth? If you can't adapt your behavior to the truth you think you've discovered then at the very least you're missing the part of the truth that empowers you to adapt.
  4. Non existence is not a concept, it happens when the universe is void and you lose awareness. Also the explanation that Leo uses here to bring his point is invalid, It's not because there is a concept that it doesn't points to reality. It's not because there is a map that there isn't a terrain.
  5. He's making a fool of himself. All these talks about self-bias, love and oneness just to be so shameless abut his anti-Trump bias and trying to trigger people in a very devilish tone. But that's fine it's rather inconsequential, I'm far more concerned about his meat eating which shows very poor integration of what he talks about in his videos because that cause real suffering to the animals he indirectly slaughters. If you're going to be a meat eater at least don't sub-contract the killing to people that are going to end up crazy, kill your own animals.
  6. You guys missed the part where he states it's all acting, at the very beginning. Pretty obvious it is also, I can't see a single tear as he's just pumping it up artificially.
  7. The irony of a "teacher" who makes videos about self-bias love and oneness but shamelessly doubles down on his bias against Trump.
  8. Trump lived a very involved life, he has physically interacted with tens of thousands of people. He lived the life of a business man among other, to call him red is stupid, he wouldn't have lived his life like that if he was red. Red are thugs, if he was red he would have crashed against the judicial system a long time ago. It's funny to see people say that Bill Gates is not red or orange because his life wouldn't look like that but insist that Trump is red. I doubt someone can own so much estate, operate a 757 and a choper without being a billionaire, to me that speaks more than any propaganda job. Trump is identified with the USA as a nation and does what he knows best to keep its metrics ahead of other countries.
  9. You keep finding excuses to keep eating meat when it not only causes tremendous suffering but is also terrible for the climate and environment, which are all things you stand for otherwise, aren't those supposed to be green values ? Check this video instead maybe it will change your mind :
  10. So first you say you don't want to take it anymore because you're worried that may not be able to come back and now you say you overgrew it. Also you tell people what ego death is as if you know what it is, yet you refused to go further during a trip because you were worried you wouldn't be able to come back. This sounds like the ego and fear of death is not entirely transcended.
  11. Problem with people claiming they reached omniscience is that if it was true they would have rewritten themselves to make the state permanent. It's the reason I can't reach such states myself because I cannot ignore that it's just bullshitting. At least Sadhguru, whether he's lying or not, is claiming his state is permanent.
  12. Maybe someday you won't give more update and after sometime a member of your family will post a blog post saying you are dead and it was ruled as an overdose, but we'll know you made it
  13. On one hand you say that all criticism doesn't stand, that existence is love and on the other hand you allow yourself to despise or hate Trump, you never got over it. And it's not really you either, the Trump hate is a social karma expressing itself through a subset of the population.
  14. Do you know this out of your omniscience ?
  15. So there is the awakened state and the non awakened state the omniscient state and the non omniscient state. Nice dualities.