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  1. That is the equation of life that we are all trying to solve. Especially for people still insecure about their physical survival. "With money I will be able to meditate all day without worry", "But to be able to earn a lot of money I need to improve myself first". And of course rare are the people that can meditate full time for extended periods of time. Even Leo couldnt hold more than 2weeks in his one month buddha challenge. To dedicate all your waking hours to your work you either need workaholism or enlightenement. So it's about parameterizing this equation right in your day to day life.
  2. There is someone that did just that on this forum : https://www.actualized.org/forum/topic/4845-1000-hrs-sds-in-6-months/ You can read this account history to see how it worked for him.
  3. @kieranperez are you using psychedelics ? You keep posting those threads that display ill being, impotency and confusion. Psychedelics or random practices keep energizing this pattern and you may end up crazy, broken down or who knows how it ends. A woman plucked her eyes after some drugs, a man cut his manhood etc. Someone on this forum manifested schizophrenia after 3months of breath watching according to him. So random practices in random environment can also do damage. Also beware of actualized.org, Leo makes videos going in all directions, there is no master plan in his teachings, whatever idea he has in current timeframe he makes a video about it, depending on who you are it may confuse you tremendously which seems to be the case. You need to stabilize your state, quite psychedelics and join an ashram for few months at least. You can volunteer in Sadhguru's ashram for instance but also any place you resonate with that will give you guidance and context.
  4. Leo acknowledges that the effect of psychedelics is to warp the various perceptive bodies (psychological, visual or even physical) so that one can even experience hyperspace or such things. He makes a distinction between that and awakening per say which is something I can relate to. Now for people that experienced awakening using psychedelics how do you phrase or frame the fact that it seems more likely to awaken using psychedelics despite the fact that another outcome of their consumption is not to awaken but to make hallucinatory ? What are the mechanics of awakening in your experience ?
  5. Don't call Leo a cult you'll be flattering his ego...
  6. Well I don't know for him, probably since he doesn't answer. But when you say "we" this is definitely projection.
  7. Yes tripping is not too different than binging except if you can monetize the content of your trips. But reading 111111 trip report I fail to see how he is above what he accuses you of.
  8. How is your trip more than a fun experience than what he described here ?
  9. @Leo Gura I reread your post and I see your point. You are worried about suffering and life long unfullfilment if you don't accept the experiences that you had thanks to psychedelics as part of existentially meaningful growth. I have a question for you however. Do you have clarity on these questions : -If your psychedelics supply goes dry for years will your spiritual satisfaction remain at the level it is currently ? -if you have a heart attack or other sudden death will you be able to conduct your death gracefully (at least without panicking) ?
  10. @purerogue he says ego is necessary to operate in this world, he has a calculated ego which makes sense if he is free from karma.
  11. @Arhattobe your description of spirituality seems a lot saner to me than what Leo describes even in this thread. Leo seems to have an urge to call himself awakened/enlightened that feels like self deception. What do you say about Sadhguru. He claims complete liberation from karma and says that 80years after leaving the body his being will also disappear whereas other beings like the Buddha are still here. Also are you aware of those beings that are supposed to be still around ? I'm not experiencing such things.
  12. If one needs an example of how one can be deceived up until the end this would be a good one.
  13. Psychedelics will show you their own things in their own way. Even if you experience ego wash the background feeling of the whole trip, during the trip or after ego reforms, is still very psychedelic in nature. And once you falsely think you attained to truth there is no guarantee that you will be able to get higher order of truth through stable meditation. Typically look at the enlightenment video from Leo. He's having some experience, at the beginning he is very excited and in awe then near the end he's getting more depressed and bored, the swing of mood is caused by the psychedelic, this is not different than alcohol. And this mood is the important point actually not the content of the trip that he's describing. Leo is an intense seeker and he may arrive to the ultimate someday but so far I am not convinced. Actualized.org is a nice cozy place that he built for himself and others, but he built it at a time when he was not taking psychedelics, since then he's taking them and I don't see much growth, he simply living in the continuity of what he initiated then. The psychedelics, by giving him a sense of being in truth, enabled him to get a very assertive and dismissive tone on this forum and in his videos and I can see he's enjoying it a lot. But he better be sure he's not missing the point entirely. The worst part is that he knows what I'm speaking about. In a video he described actualized.org as "solid shit " as opposed to the liquid shit of mainstream culture. That is in line with my understanding. But despite knowing this he still decides to be complacent with it... So yes, I think op is closer to enlightenment than psychonautes because without support of any kind he was able to do the practices for 2years, he shouldn't waste that. Psychedelics will only make him hallucinatory.
  14. I think you should keep doing your work. You seem very dedicated, you managed to follow such discipline without prior use of psychedelics. Psychedelics will take you in another direction. If you get there with psychedelics you will be dependent on them to have experiences. If you get there through meditation it will be a highway for growth. Try them if you wish but there is no guarantee it will not close doors for you.
  15. You had your first episode after 3months of daily meditation. What meditation was this ? We can do a lot of things sitting with eyes closed. Also you said nothing about psychedelics, what was the gap between your last trip and your psychotic episode ?