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  1. You are not taking into account the physicality of genetics. Even if you have kids your point of view remains centered in Leo and when you die you leave the body, if you keep awareness your point of view remains but not genetics. The enlightened people then say that this point of view choses a womb according to it's tendencies and depending on the womb it will receive a body with certain genetics, therefore it's detached. So the physical memory like genetics is one thing but evidence suggests that there is an immaterial framework that can attach or detach from physicality. We can call it soul for common vocabulary. The point is the soul needs to get enlightened. With enlightened soul you could chose consciously the womb to be born in and be conscious during the foetal developpment. Now can a sick body allow the enlightenment of the soul, apparently this human mechanism is the peak of evolution because it allows enlightenment to happen, so we can say that sickness could impair it. But is there a set of genetics that will make you reach enlightenment faster and easier ? Some sets can remove more difficulties but in the end the soul has to make it, no matter how good the genetics.
  2. I saw you give some credibility to past lives rememberance, note that if one can remember past lives this mean there is an immaterial framework underlying the physical body from which the brain can download those memories. By working on that framework with yoga and other spiritual practices one may carry his work through lifetimes. Hence the saying that enlightenement may take lifetimes and that genetics are not the main factor in this work.
  3. What do you hope to achieve wihtin yourself after which you won't have to say "I need to work on myself first" anymore ?
  4. I wouldn't waste too much money on neurofeedback, especially if my wallet is thin. Evidence suggests that neurofeedback effectivity is due to the placebo effect*. In fact placebo doesn't mean that it's useless but that the mechanism at work is disconnected from the neurofeedback method per say. It's all about stabilizing your mind patterns in way that your outcome behavior serves your goals. *source : https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/brain-myths/201302/read-paying-100s-neurofeedback-therapy
  5. Great proposition. I was actually thinking that Leo should meet with Kerian, maybe invite him to his place for few days, they are like big and little brothers.
  6. That is nice but the problem is not to have a glimpse of what you are talking about but to conduct your existential thread towards the ultimate. By existential thread I mean the point of view that stays during the process of birth and death, we can call it soul for common understanding. By ultimate I mean That thing that we are all searching for, that which will settle us for the rest of eternity. Not the experiencial eternity like heaven, hell or eternal bliss but actual eternity. Time is illusory so is actual eternity since there is only this moment so it would be more proper to say that the ultimate is this moment getting to absolute stillness. To stabilize to absolute stillness one important step is to be able to die properly, meaning consciously and blissfully or ecstatically, not panicking or trying to get one more breath. It is unclear whether 5meo helps to that end. Martin Ball seemed pretty advanced but you saw how he panicked when the system went in a certain direction, and that was after he surrendered to permanent 5meodmt effect (as he claims) that would have rendered many mad or dysfunctional. Had he died in this state of sleepless sleepiness it is unclear what it would have meant for his existential thread.
  7. That's not so bad you also use low consciousness marketing tricks when you make an entire episode on kriya yoga only to tell that for people to practice they need to check the book on your booklist. You guys want to boost your income that's understandable.
  8. You are still attached to the RV, it is quite a cumbersome vehicle. You may as well find a place in the nature where there is a shop not far away. RV is nice if you're working, you can change town and job as you please. But if you intend to keep the same job for longer it's probably better to have a flat somewhere near your place of work. Depends on what you seek really all solutions have trade off. If you earn six or seven figures you don't even care you can have both... In fact what you showed on the video seems like luxury. All you need is a car where you can sleep... You don't need a kitchen a top grade bed, a coffee machine and whatever. I lived in a car for a year the only problem is when you need to shit in a town you don't always have instant access to the facilities. But generally speaking you can outsource everything.
  9. What kind of success in life are you having after the paradigm shift ?
  10. What makes you think you'll realize God at your death ? There is no such guarantee. The best thing you can do is to learn how to conduct your death properly during your lifetime so you don't make a panicking mess when you can't breathe, or heart stops. Instead if you can keep your awareness during death you will realize.
  11. Your post is text book blue pill. Long term relationship, "girlfriend" 30y-7y older, she seems to matronize you on your flaws and you probably like it etc. Basically she has 0 sexual attraction to you because she friend zoned you long ago. You are more an emotional validator for her, you are here to listen to her complaining about the relationship with her boyfriend. You should check "Reddit the red pill". It's a community that has a lot flaws they are basically identified with their body, they miss a spiritual component so to them sexual agenda is one of the end goal of life (belief that will make you waste your life). That being said it will teach some basics about how sexual energy work in human and present culture. Leo hates it and may delete this post because he manages his relationships in a different way, a green way while red pill is orange way, but that's only because he delivers on some fundamentals and red pill is good to understand those. That's why they say that green is built on top of orange first you have to conquer orange so in fact it doesn't even make sense for Leo to lock red pill posts, but can you do, we all have our bias.
  12. Leo's arrogance is indeed stunning but I am not going to challenge him any further. After all he went through many maddening trips and endured without breaking. He doesn't seem dysfunctional and holds his course. We will see over the years if existence gives him some lesson in humility or if one can pass like that. I admit so far so good even though I know only of what he likes to broadcast. Apparently in Martin's condition he would have endured (how does this condition ends ?) and not softened ? Or he's too wise for such a thing to happen to him ? Good for him.
  13. @Arhattobe wait source ? Is he going through these issues now or in the past ? Edit : it seems it's on his Facebook too bad I don't use this. That's a big new for me as I always took him as a proof that 5meoDmt might be a legit tool. Shows that having fancy experiences and insights doesn't necessarily involve mastery or ultimate well being. I read similar things on erowid that long term 5meodmt users started having trouble breathing. It's like all fun, feeling powerful with access to truth until your system starts dysfunctioning at a level you weren't even aware of.
  14. There is no guarantee that psychedelics won't take you to hell. Some people pull out their eyes or cut their parts in a bad trip. Maybe they feel spiritually healed after going through the absoluteness of such act but we don't know that either. You can also end up mad and spiritually damned who knows. So first you should establish practices, better you follow an established spiritual path rather than stacking up random practices + psychedelics like it's encouraged here. It's safer but if you're itching for results and start trying technics without sticking to anything then there will be risk it goes in a direction you regret.
  15. @MM1988 why do you care ? if you're out of the sexual game this is a tremendous boon as you can invest in other areas of life.. Don't you think we are already overcrowded on this planet, do you really want to pursue the same thing as billion other people in this age of polygamy and degeneracy ?