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  1. which book would you recommended me read on how to be creative ?
  2. been in this field for over 4 years an a half and all i had is the illusion of growth its all pure mental masturbation and a real pyramid scheme nothing really changes about your life it's really just you thinking that you know better than everyone around you and that you are spending your time wisely and that you are doing important stuff it's all a lie tbh and those gurus are only successful bcz they are selling your this scam and make money out of your struggles and sell you the illusion and hope of real success if you disagree take an honest rational look at your growth so far and count what tangible results have you gotten only from doing self help or show yourself a real successful person who made it in perosnal developlement but not a guru bcz gurus like i said they are just selling you a pyramid scheme
  3. if any of you has succeeded in anything I love to know what that is especially Leo cuz he made god-level successes im a newb btw
  4. whatever makes you happy.
  5. @hyruga i feel like im arguing with a 6 year old. never mind.
  6. you didnt measure right try again. you probably missed the proper lines make sure you know where the actual lines are located
  7. dude just go for it with 100% commitment , if you actually made it . you will make tens millions of dollars you will be financially free doing little work and living the best life ever . dont have to work for a boss or fear of money problems
  8. lol how come you feel so certain that you will become a famous musician most people who try fail completely bcz it's extremely difficult
  9. he probably not gonna make such a video but it's still worth pointing out this episode alone could help 95% of his viewers which raises their chances of success which ultimately gonna lead them to pursue awakening and enlightenment but instead, he makes videos on what is God or on drugs and some philosophical theories that are nice to ponder but will never change your life unless you take action which you won't if you didn't learn the skill of taking action and overcoming procrastination people who come to watch him are usually with problems such as health or finance or relationships etc it's as tho you give complex math equations tests to children from primary school get the basics first the rest will come automatically
  10. im not very good at expressing myself especially through writing. what im trying to say that the mind is very tricky so maybe that feelings or emotions are based on beliefs and brainwashing rather than actual fundamental change in your body or psyche. this is an interesting example of how our minds can often be wrong about very basic stuff. and how it tricks us despite knowing. by the way those are really the same size try testing in with photoshop its really mind blowing
  11. ok u are the courageous one here good for you bud. now why u r wasting your time with my posts ? go spend it elsewhere pls.
  12. when you actually get the tangible results you think u would have then say it's working until then it's just mental masturbation and placebo effect in my opinion. thats really an opinion of yours we cant verify if you actually have the right understanding of life. it really wont, i have had them for 5 years nothing really changed if any it made it a little worst bcz now your mind thinks it knows better and it is more clever with making excuses good point agree
  13. what mindset u have adopted that made you super productive ?
  14. thats all pure mental stuff which is extremely easy to aquire and every newbie including myself had all of that and more but never helped me tbh and when u actually achieve psychical practical results u know u are doing it right otherwise it's just mental masturbation. but good luck with ur journey and wish u all the best
  15. ok but so far not a single one of them has mentioned a practical results, all they have is nice feelings and some belief change which is what i have had, which is what i call mental stuff, but where is the practical stuff? such as money who doesnt want money? so why none of them so far dont mention a killing business they made? why none of them has had a pretty girlfriend bcz of PD? where are the practical results ? feeling nice and changining your beliefs is pure mental masturbation and is placebo BS bcz u think u are doing better with ur time of ocurse u will feel nice etc, but when u achieve tangible results thats when u know u are doing it right bcz that shit cannot be faked ! it's not just the audience here many i talked to are saying the same thing that they feel nice or that they have a little bit of this or a little bit of that but no major change really it's just self deception or what i like to call placebo . that made me question this whole thing
  16. it is quit bad for me bcz my life is on the line this is no hobby for me i need it to survive
  17. damn leo would look 10x more attractive if he grow his hair back
  18. when shit hit me, it's as tho i were doing MMA and after all those years i had a simple street fight and i got completely destroyed thats when you realize what im talking about
  19. lol as i expected. sounds exactly how i thought a year ago when i was under the illusion .
  20. go ahead then list the progress of your PD journey
  21. i did enjoy doing mental masturbation with self development but thats about it, it's just a hobby for fun like jerking off or smoking or playing video games and watching movies. thats why 99% hasnt really gotten tangible results from doing it they just feel the illusion of real success.
  22. like what, would you share some examples?
  23. that how it works in theory but in practice it's a different story there are many obstacles that would easily make it impossible for you to successed in that filed (GD) living in a third world country huge competition zero marketing skills you have no time to work long hours nobody is hiring you now u might say i could work on fixing those and yea thats possible in theory but working on fixing one of those would take years and would have great challenges in their own such as moving into a new country how could u even do that when u have zero money ? or no visa ? or with competition how could u compet against exerprts who are far better than u by decades and are dominating the industry or learning the makreting skills which is again a whole new challenge in its own and you are in harsh situation and u barley able to feed yourself and pay the bills and have time to work thats how it is in real life for most ppl thats the challange we are facing NOT that we are lazy some ppl have real challenges such as mental health problems: depression, severe anxiety/stress , no money and in a poor country where most servicers are quit bad.
  24. what are you smoking ?
  25. i like self reflection and i have been doing it ever since i start self help