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  1. which is why i asked you those previous question I wouldn't tell you to do this unless you are a male and old enough to deal with such a threat
  2. I was thinking maybe you could confront him and have a serious conversation with him
  3. sherif gaber the atheist i love this guys content
  4. @Focus tips to make your work far easier step one download the subtitles from the video usually, you will find English auto-translation subtitles imbedded in the video. step two go to google search download subtitles from youtube step three open that text file and copy-paste it to google translation and you will have the arabic translation on the right copy it and paste it in a new text file and save that file as SRT and then upload it to that youtube video maybe you could review it and correct some words its not perfect tho but it will make your work significantly easier and saves a ton of time
  5. @Arcangelo are you a dude? and how old are you and your dad?
  6. what are some deal important habits/skills that you wish to have acquired in your younger self?
  7. I can totally relate to that the best advice I can give you is DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, DO NOT PLAY THE VICTIM! you need to grab a pen and a notebook and sit down to do a deep reflection with yourself to know exactly what you must do to turn this around. you don't have to watch videos or read books or listen to others telling this and that in fact, that is procrastination and I have fallen into this trap for years and got zero results from doing mental masturbation. make the way to go about solving them very simple because your problems are simple (that doesn't mean it's gonna be easy ) and no one knows how to solve this better than you because you experienced them.
  8. i struggle with IBS for a decade the only treatment that worked for me is a gluten-free diet and some mental work such as reducing anxiety and stress and unwiring this defense mechanism from avoiding feelings and emotions. I though this could realte to your topic on guts problems
  9. whenever i try to contemplate or think about something deeply or with concentration my mind resists, tension in the back of my head builds up and becomes impossible to concentrate or think. any solution?
  10. this is exactly how i feel for many many years but lately after I started taking my health seriously i did some research and contemplation and experimentations i succeed at reducing this phenomenon by 50% or 60% the things I tried are do pushups or move or standing on my hands to move the blood to my head after waking up doing feet exercises and stretching before bed but lately, i have not been doing any of this except taking iron supplements which alone helped me because i have anemia and low blood pressure
  11. if you struggle to fall asleep when you first go to bed or after waking up 4 hours later in middle of the night which is natrual but the problem is that you are trying to force yourself to sleep or pressure yourself and that make you paniced and stressed which that make you even more stressed and worried which makes it impossible to fall sleep even after two hours thats basically anixety the way to treat this is pretend that you are tired and very sleepy. dont push force yourself to sleep dont panic or worry about anything it's all gonna be okay say to yourself infact open your eyes and pretend that you dont want to sleep but dont use your phone and make your room dark slowly your eyes will close and you will fall within few minutes i use this and it usually works for me
  12. what's best time to sleep ? and does it make a health different if we slept late or early ? i have been struggling for years with waking up early im used to sleep at 6 am and wake up at 3 pm it's emotionally hard for me to sleep early and i dont have good reasons to do that as well so what do you think guys?
  13. im not sure what this really mean tho lol