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  1. Yeay that is why i started talking about this here. To talk about is it right or wrong EDIT: I am still relative Young (17) and just starting in pua world. And that is when i discoverd Julien. And i wanted to know your thoughts of drama game. I want to try some of it but i do not want to use it as a default game ofcourse EDIT2: I am in my revolt phase. So julien game is kinda intriguing. But i do not want to cause collateral damage
  2. @TruthI am not saying i am going to do it. It's just that many here follow RSD and i wanted to know what your opinions are with drama game in general.
  3. Game does not equal happiness. We are talking about here if you are using it from the place of want to create strong emotions and NOT hurt women. Is it still wrong? That is what i am asking. I am not gonna create drama because i want to hurt someone. I don't think game will make me happy at the core ofcourse. Just like almost everyting else
  4. Now i am not talking about happiness or personal development. TM is not a pickup product. It's a personal development product. I know many here follow RSD so i wanted to know the opinions about juliens style and drama game in general. Even if julien doesn't game anymore.
  5. I acually disagree. When it comes to this knowing WHY it works is key to make it work. In fact he could not make his game work if he did not know why. only target women already have low self-esteem and weak boundaries is bad game. And using drama is not a way to increase confidence. It's a tool to create strong emotions. But ofcourse if you are using drama because you hate women it's very bad.
  6. Not really haha. He does not go around and do that. Face in his crotch was a more of a Twitter joke. And when he do the choke opener he calibrate beforehand so that She won't freak out and It's done playfully. Not a real chocke. He uses drama to create bad emotions and later turn them into Good emotions. He does not go around and to do random chokes. That is not only really bad game but just stupid and would get you thrown in jail after a while. In PIMP he has a drama video. And he said that drama cannot come from a place of wanting to hurt. Istead drama is used to create strong emotions.
  7. Ok. It's just that it has been on my mind for a long time.
  8. Ok. I do actually meditate 20 minutes a day, After leo talked about hell it's something that has yet to release from my mind. I know we should only trust our direct experience but do you think ppl like Hitler, Lenin etc went to hell after death? Or did there ego die because there was no hell to go to?
  9. absolute infinity must include everything. including hell. I am asking ppl here if they know about hell
  10. That is why i am making threads about hell. Because i want to know why some egos go there
  11. I have never really belived in god Tbh. And i have been antheist for years now. It's only now after watching Leo that i have started to think about these Things. And ofcourse i want some answers. When it comes to hell few ppl here Don't really talk about it. Witch make me wonder even more because of it. I thought the best way to know is to ask the ppl here who has experienced enlightment etc to Maybe answer my question. To Why ppl go there. When we are talking about that there is no hell, no free Will etc makes everything just more confusing. I hope you understand were i am coming from @Nahm
  12. 1:07:24 What do think of this? @Viking
  13. Ok you are right. But after watching The paranormal video this hell thing never left me. And i am trying to figure out Why some egos go there after death. If They do. Why. The answer i got was because of Low consciousness. But the devil episode makes that statement confusing.
  14. So as Long a i am making her feel better i can use after i can use drama and other julien techniques?