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  1. Can we even say what we are when our entire perception, existence and life is ego? The fact that we label existence as a process? Thought is time? Isn't all of this just a creation of our mind. Sure, we can have no-thoughts but again, it's a loop. The no thought concept must be something we created. Awareness is something we created. Whatever we do, we created from our thoughts. Is it fair to say all of this? How can we define what we are when we can't even escape from reality...
  2. Nothing is wrong with you. It's good your asking these questions, and you need to deeper. What is purpose? How do I get fulfillment and why? Or even deeper, the fuck is fulfillment? Do I exist? But try not to get depressed about these topics, and if you do, take a break. The truth is harsh and scary, but you will overcome it as you get used to it. If you want purpose, then make it Goodluck
  3. Well you need money to actually live, so I say commit to it. But it seems to me you're not earning money for your egoistic needs but earning money so you can do those retreats and not actually die from starvation, lol Self-actualization requires you to be safe, this also includes financially. Seen by the bottom of the triangle below Don't "try" to find the balance. Find the balance. Then when you retire, you can do whatever you want.
  4. I agree. Just fucking do it
  5. Why don't you just be aware of the ego? Don't fall for the traps for it. Do what you want. But simply beware and analyse the needs you want perhaps? The ego isn't the evil thing that we need to stay away from. I mean, it's best to but when somebody is starting off or even 5-10 years into self-actualization, it can be hard to just become egoless. The best practice I do to stop falling for traps is just becoming aware of the ego. I still do the stuff that is egoistic, but I am fully aware (or try to be at least ). Goodluck
  6. Making me sound spoilt! But you will get through this like any other obstacle in your path. I believe in you! Sorry for the repeating what has already said Goodluck!
  7. Life isn't hard, you are just making it hard. Notice the word "you". There is no "you", it isn't like suicide since there was no "you" to suicide with in the first place. Your ego/identity (the you) is making life to be this extremely hardship, harsh and even happy place, when it isn't. Life is neutral. Life isn't the ego. If you feel like you want to belong or be something, be the universe, because that is what you are. You're not your ego, you are infinite and everything.
  8. @7thLetter Very nicely explained. I did lack details out with the higher/lower consciousness mindsets, my bad. As a newbie, it can be hard to remove those distractions but only a newbie believes that self-actualization is a luxury. It's an actual need, to stimulate our mind and become more than humans... We don't improve ourselves for our own egoistic gains but because we're trying to stop our ego! Anyways, you are correct in saying that. We should be mindful of the actions rather than resist it. Once we're mindful, then we can control our lives
  9. I think it's also important to not do actions that are distractions, so TV, social media, news media, porn, capitalism, consumerism, stuff like that. It's great that you're doing all of self-actualization, but beware of the actions that are distractions to your self-actualization as well and Self enquiry them. Why am I following this TV series, why am I on social media, why do I like porn or materialism? Be with the distraction and feel it, and beware of what you're literally doing. Link those actions to your ego and identity. Mindfulness on the actions that causes distractions, like a chimp in a zoo and you're the scientist observing the chimp. Commit 100%, everyday is self-actualization. How has this changed my life? Well I am doing more stuff that is stimulating, and become more aware of human nature. Instead of watching TV, I am reading and learning
  10. Make it all of your time!
  11. Hello all, and I hope you are having a lovely day So today I had an exam. Before I left off for the exam, I did my daily meditation to help me calm down and focus for it. I focused on awareness since I thought this could help me with my exam where awareness was key (by increasing my observation of everything). It was also to calm me down, and clear my mind of any worries. But I felt like I was in a paradox. I felt like I was using my meditation habit rather than selflessly doing it. I felt like I wanted an actual return from meditation and not in the sense of self-improvement results but more like "if I meditate now, I will do better in the exam" which to me seems ego since I only care about me?. Quesitons Is meditation egoistic? Is it about "me me me"? Do I meditate for my egoistic needs? If the answer is no, then why do I meditate, could improving ones self be egoistic since I am improving "me". Could self-actualized hide some aspects of egoism that I need to be aware of? By all means I am not criticizing or telling anybody to stop meditation or self-improvement works. I will carry on until I die I hope this post wasn't negative
  12. Haha, it does seem a bit silly when you phase it like that but it's something to think about. I, by all means, do not want to stop meditating or any personal work. But the reason is so I can be, and not to benefit or expect a return . It's what I learned from this post, to be even more aware of manipulation
  13. I've learned an important lesson. Because I've just noticed how easily the practice can be manipulated to benefit the "me". If it benefits the "me", then it's the illusion, just like you said.
  14. But we're going to have to face them one day. Face the fear I guess
  15. The best way I forget about the past is to hold the belief that the past doesn't exist and what exists is the present. The past and the future are only concepts, but the *now*, the reality, the experience right now is real. I also hold the belief that past is robbing your energy, in your case the emotional pain is draining your energy. But all of this can be stopped, and remember that too. This emotional baggage can be lifted from the past. Use the past to better yourself and to avoid making mistakes. Don't think about the negativity that past bought but the positively it can bring to you. So I try to find that positively or the learning from the past . So once that emotion or the thought of the past comes up, quickly try to think about what good came of it. E.g. if you break up with somebody, think about the other opportunities you can have with different people and find even a better person! This should ease the emotional pain. If the past comes up, the ultimate way to remove is to let go. *past comes up* - Oh fuck, it's here, I need to let go, forget about it, it doesn't exist, I have learned and I am now one with the now. If the thought keeps coming up, then the past is harder to let go. Remember, the past is only a memory, it doesn't exist, and the best way to forget a memory is to never think about it. This can be hard, so I advise finding a hobby or activity. Keep yourself busy so your mind will be off the past. Good luck, much love!
  16. So yeah, it's egoistic. We need to stay clear minded, be aware of ourselves, and become one with the Truth. It's something we need to work on hard. Nothing makes sense, but go with it
  17. You are right. I mean, it is only one meditation session when this really hit me, so it can't be applied to the entire practice. Just need to make sure I'm on the right path
  18. You can say that those tools are helping you close off the ego world as well. But I don't know, I have this weird feeling that meditating to control anything in my life is deeply rooted in ego... I should just flow, so perhaps meditating for those specific purposes (anxiety and stuff) is a way flowing with the world? Like you said, getting through the ego world Great insights
  19. So what should I do with situations like this? Where I want to meditate to help me calm down for an event, or become anxious over something. Where I want to meditate to help me for a specific instance?
  20. Yep. I've hit a wall We're becoming enlightened by being egoistic though? That doesn't seem right to me
  21. So meditation is not an action, it's a being, it's a selflessness state? It's not something we can do, it's some we are? The meditation I did today is not true meditation then. It is when periodically clearing my mind and stopping the thoughts. But I was being aware to benefit myself, being aware for a return, for a better mark. Not for being? I've done it all wrong haha. Ultimately. I need to stop manipulating my meditation sessions into benefiting me.
  22. Best way to motivate myself is using the Sedona method. Leo talks about it when talking about resistance. The method includes asking these questions (below) to yourself. This will, ultimately end your resistance and increase productivity. It's quite an amazing how these simple questions can make a huge difference. If you can't answer them, it's fine. You can answer no but keep on looping it and asking the same questions until your resistance is gone: - Could I let it go (let go of the resistance to do an activity) - Would I like to let it go? - When would I like to let it go - Could I get excited about the activity/motivation Or, you could *just do it*. DO IT. Nike. Close all thoughts of the activity or motivation, don't overthink, and just do what needs to be done. I prefer the Sedona method Goodluck my friend!
  23. Sometimes our days become so busy. A western life really does rob your awareness of ego, life, and nature. Do you notice when your breathing? We never realize that we are alive and we are part of one unit, one whole, rather than just our little world. It's why It' so important to take a step back in life and observe nature. I've been doing this a lot. Whenever I am too busy, stressed, anxious or tired, I breath and become aware that I am alive and I am one with the universe. Maybe take a step back for a min and become aware of breathing