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  1. I'm pissed how we humans are so stupid, me included. If I'm able to see how violent I am. I am the most violent human being there is. Can I look at this thought? Yes, this thought is violence! The problem is there. Nowhere else. That's why humans are lost, we are violent, me first! I am an ungrateful violent ant, a human.
  2. Take a deep breath. Humans don't get how valuable this is. I am an ant.
  3. David, high QI, would be more accurate. Doing nothing with it I'm stupid. Not as big as Mr. Trump tough No politics sorry...
  4. Having read a few posts, I saw some people which seems to have some brain. If U are one of those brain understanding more things than the average. What to U think about connecting with "normal brains"? Are U less prone to be enlightened? Thanks you big brains! Leo Gura doesn't have this high QI I'm talking about, I don't see it. David, Low QI
  5. I define beauty as what makes you feel joy with direct experience. Beautiful simple things: Hearing: - The birds signing - Sounds of the leaves at the top of the trees. - Pouring a drop of sugar into hot water. Add... Feeling: - Having a girls hand in your hand - Having sex - The wind in my face Add... Seeing: - An ant building his house - The clouds in the sky - Digital lines in my hand Smelling: - Leaves in the autumn - Grass having just been cut - Perfume of a woman Add… The person who is more enlightened have an infinite exemple of those, cause he lives eternally in the beauty of the present moment, as simple as it is...
  6. The present moment is always true. You may also keep your mind open.
  7. Haha I thought maybe you would Say this:)
  8. Stage Coral: Stay a bit yellow while you are enlightened gurus. Jiddhu Krishnamurti is the only human stage coral I know. That's my perception just a guess that this guy is Stage Coral, which I have no clue what it is, but I feel he his, whatever it means. The only human I know I think was Coral in the 20th century. From Wikipedia: Ex-girlfriend Helen Nearing, who had known Krishnamurti in the 1920s, said that Krishnamurti's attitudes were conditioned by privilege, because he had been supported, even pampered, by devoted followers from the time of his "discovery" by the theosophists. She also said that he was at such an "elevated" level that he was incapable of forming "normal personal relationships".[90] Ok, then a coral guy doesn't know how to deal with humans…:) Krisnamurti dropped Theosophists saying they didn't understand a Think following him… He said he was not to be followed, that's the first thing he says all the time: I am not a guru! Was his most important message I think he was insisting on this all the time. He was the guru of gurus as far as I'm concerned although he despised this word. I remember in one of his talks he said that he never compared himself to anybody, NEVER in his life since he was a kid, he just never did it cause it seemed stupid for him to do this. Which if true is truly remarkable and I believe him. Not common I guess being naturally not born to compare. He rarely talks about himself, but he did there.
  9. My job as a human is to understand, then to love, to be joyful. And feel this joy with others and help then understand with empathy. If I don't do that, then I've not done my job as a human and spirituality I've lost the real important meaning of life. Spirituality has an objective, I've got to remember what this objective is. Otherwise I'm wasting my time.
  10. If I manage in my life to feel joy most of the time. If I manage at the same time to share this joy and help others feel it most of the time like I do. Then I can say I did my job as a Humain. I cannot do more than that, but it's a lot. When I can feel joy looking at the way plants move over time, even if they move so slow, then I'm a real humain and I know where I come from. I'm a humain, I love everything around me and I'll try to lessen the suffering of others, humans or not. If I can do that, with pure joy and with the purest of energy, then I would be happy about how I lived my life. I will someday feel this pure joy and share it...I will! Enlightenment is not about me!!!!!
  11. @Gligorije @Gligorije @HamilcarI understand this is a very tough to break apart. For me, Lucid Dreaming was the key to break this paradigm. www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com if you dont already know how to lucid dream and want to know how. I am a bad lucid dreaming myself, I had just one complete Lucid Dream. It was enough to help me break the paradigm. Good luck man!
  12. @isabel Careful to say a desk has no mind! Every point in this universe you see has a "mind". The desk is made if the same atoms as you. Every atoms has his own "mind". So no the body doesnt "die". There is still an infinite amont of minds within it. Except the one you call "yours". There is an infinite amount of "minds" in a table. They dont as you Do, but its a "form of conscience" Thanks.
  13. @isabel Thans for this a very good reflexion you have. I was actually asking myself this question Against, as I dis for the past décade: What Isabelle death? The way you see it is very interesting it Will help me on my own inquiry. Thanks I will follow you from now on!
  14. @Leo Gura Sorry Leo but I dont get it. I thing "god-mode" cannot ne "experienced". Cause an experience implies duality, someone who expériences something. Time and space both imply duality. I'm in "god-mode" when I sleep without a dream. No experience. No conscience, no duality. After watching all of your videos thats the only thing you said I think you're wrong. When you Say Non-Duality can be experienced by a subject. I dont think it can be. Non-Duality is out of Time and Space. They both must disappear for Non-Duality. So you must also disappear. Your conscience must disappear, like when you are in the deep phase of sleep. Closer to god as ever every night! We go closer to who we truly are every night to recharge our batteries, go back to "the source" Cheers!