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  1. There's also different levels of concrete vs abstract. The "lowers" like highly defined stuff while the "highers" like less defined stuff. Debating is usually for messing with highly defined stuff, while discussion messes with highly abstract stuff. Its impractical to debate about literature class but sure as hell easy to debate about maths class. The agreeable vs non agreeable stuff adds all that social conditioning and ego self deception stuff to the mix which makes things super complex to analyze. I find studying ego self deception to be the hardest thing to study. Its just ridiculously abstract and hard to ground, and you tend to do it a lot yourself which distorts your ability to spot ego self deception.
  2. Nice, multidisciplinary research is definitely one of the big driving factors, along with other things like SD and economics. I find it interesting that you compare debating to discussion in terms of effectiveness. IMO debating and discussion are on a different wavelength because their relations to truth is different. Debating assumes there is 1 truth that is the same for every person. Discussion assumes that there is no actual monopoly and such monopolies(if any) only make sense within limited contexts(I even think groundlessness is a grounding that cannot be assumed as well lol) So debating and discussions literally do different things. I thought of an analogy of a car vs a helicopter, but even that doesn't really work because both cars and helicopters have the same goal: getting somewhere. Maybe debates vs discussions are like comparing a car to a psychedelic. Cars and psychedelics get you somewhere. Cars take you to the shops while psychedelics take you to machine elf land. Yet comparing them in terms of effectiveness is interesting because both things are on wildly different wavelengths.
  3. Except how could it be any other way? That's literally what "I think I'm right" is, if he knew there was a bigger map, he wouldn't think he's right in the first place and there would probably be a good chance that he would explore that other map. His whole demonization is based on the assumption that his map is the biggest. This is how its like in spiritual work. In science, scientists see this and thats why they are very humble when it comes to talking outside of their specialization. Yet spirituality is all about truth and its not as mappable and its more complicated so you get the problem above a lot. EDIT: sorry science is all about truth too, but in science there's a mindset that specialization is part of truth, unlike spirituality where 1 state of consciousness is all truth. That's all true and all. The original point I was making was more in terms with Leo interfacing with society. That's what I meant by Leo's expertise is in debating. Because debating is super crude but gets you somewhere in this society. Discussion doesn't because people aren't in a discussion mindset. My day job is mapping altered states of consciousness to mathematical structures, and I spend all day debating other mathematicians/scientists/engineers because thats what science (and the rest of society) is today. They don't understand discussion. You get somewhere by debating. Discussion and T2 stuff requires both a T2 transmitter and receiver. I can discuss all day in an open way about my beautiful mathematical structures and how it definitely and validly relates to altered states of consciousness, yet that wont stop all the other people saying im absolutely wrong (including the ones in peer review). And I'm not sure what position you're in, working in humanities. But I'd assume Leo would be in a similar position to that, because the ones demonizing him are assuming they know it all. If you know a way of making T2 discussions work with normies, I'm all ears.
  4. Seems to me that to partake in a job like Leo's, half of what makes you valuable/an expert is how good you are at debating and communicating clearly in debates in a way that makes you seem like you know your shit. Then the other half is the actual fun stuff like discovering and studying more altered states of consciousness. Every job has the shit part I guess. Its like how to be a great scientist, a good 70% is culture wars, marketing, fighting the common herd, administration, solving people conflicts, managing people's rebukes that aren't well thought out or have ulterior motives, politics. Then the rest is the actual fun stuff of inventing and architect-ing scientific experiments, coming up with scientific ideas, making elegant solutions to problems, etc.
  5. I thought Zingo meant Leo isn't stepping out of his comfort zone by discussing with Adeptus Psychonautica publicly. I got this from looking at the context that Rob wanted to discuss this topic more openly, yet Leo contracted to only discussing within this little thread. A discussion with Rob might be somewhat enriching. Yet he used the word "rational" which means he's gonna keep within the rational paradigm. And that means nothing will go anywhere. Yet at the same time, if Leo doesn't give people like him an opportunity to discuss this stuff, Leo's taking on an authoritarian role. He saying he is right and that's not up for debate. Which means he can come across as being dogmatic himself. Yeah you can make the argument that there's no point in debate and discussion. But in reality that's not how society works. If you aren't open for debate, in this orange stage world you'll get demonized and that will be a sign of weakness/dogma.
  6. I've taken salvia and san pedro on the same day before. That's IMO a very effective way for realizing what this universe is. You get both sides of consciousness in a short time period, and get to compare and contrast both experiences. Although I haven't taken psychedelics since then (4-6 months ago) because it quite intense. I've got friends who micro dose on datura every day as a means to deeply understand what psychosis, schizophrenia is. I can't see how you can claim to be awake if you have not deeply studied the hell realms. The hell realms are just as important to study as the heaven realms. Its surprising Leo gets criticized by the public on here. Leo's channel is quite noob and beginner compared to a lot of practices around the world. There are spiritual secs in China I've met that do things that would scare the shit out of the most hard core spiritual practitioners on here. I'd rather take salvia then be locked into one of those secs in china for a week.
  7. This ended up being a raw, unbaked confession of how I felt on this forum and why my activity is about to significantly decrease or not be present at all for a long time, if not forever. I've tried to fit into this forum for the past few months. I tried being compassionate at the beginning, to being more straight forward, to taking on more of a student archetype, to being more of the sharer archetype, to trying to be the archetype that reveals people's blind spots on here, but it just isn't working. The compassionate archetype seemed to get a positive response on here, and I felt some value being added, but then after later inspection I think the positive reaction was short lived as people didn't really take the advice on board. The straight forward archetype was ignored more often but more effective, yet ignored too much. The revealing people's blindspots archetype didn't really work well because people just got defensive. The student archetype didn't work because I already know everything. There's nothing I can learn here anymore, on every subsection, especially the consciousness one. The sharing archetype doesn't work because what I share is too advanced for people on here and they are into lower consciousness stuff. This forum is feeling like I'm scraping at the bottom of the barrel. There's no more insights to extract from here. Everything in the consciousness section I've already traveled through. And I can't help because they don't get what I'm saying as its too advanced. There are definitely some really powerful posts and insights and ideas here and there, but they come every blue moon. Its more effective for me to just look here passively once a month. The dating section is the same. The stuff I know is just too advanced for the people on there. Its not necessarily how good I am with women, but my level of thinking is just totally out of wack with people on there. I feel like I've been where they have been, but bloody 6 or 7 years ago. Lots have changed since then. I've tried to share this higher level thinking(my posts of tantra and how to approach women in a different way), only a couple of users get it though. The health section is a little bit useful, but I find that to solve health problems you need to really go deep yourself into it, and not ask people on the forum for advice. Its a great place to get ideas from and see whats new in health though. Even the environmental section... I am really bad at politics. I've probably read 10 books in total in the last 3 years, and half of those were spiritual books, and the other half were books for my career (startup entrepreneur). I've read absolutely no books on spiral dynamics, or politics or economy, yet even then I when I read people's posts in the politics section I can instantly point out where they are being deluded, or maybe not deluded but limited, or mixing up the context, or something like that. I can point out a better way basically. And when I point it out to them, they have no answer! Again feeling like I'm on a different wavelength... which is just disturbing, because I'm at around orange/green. I'd like to feel like people can out wit me again. I love that feeling because it means I can grow. I don't learn much from that section either. There are a couple that I love reading from like ep75 or something and forestluv(I forgot to add, for the consciousness section I get lots of value from Nahm and Mandyjw till recently, they are still awesome but after the recent realizations, even those conversations are getting old, that's why I'm so hard on psychedelics, humans are just getting too limited), but even then there's still lots of areas I can point out where common sense isn't being applied, they are thinking a bit limited, or something else. Forget this place for psychedelics, the people on here are serious noobs compared to face to face people and people on dmt-nexus and shroomery. I know people using datura to radically improve their life. I plan to follow them. The people I talk to face to face who do psychedelics tend to know alot more about spirituality, and I resonate with them a lot more now. They tend to go beyond infinite love just because psychedelics show you so much, so much more then what a spiritual path could. You literally get an alien brain. Its amazing, the psychedelic groups get spirituality so much better then Ananda, Ramaji, buddhists, you name it. I think shamans know more about infinite love and consciousness then the buddha after my experiences with psychedelic and shamanic groups (both in asia and my local home country). I am really feeling a strong strong strong urge to get deeper into psychedelic circles to advance my spiritual path. I want to get into datura, 5-meo, shamanism, and psychedelic research. I want to dedicate my life purpose to building machines that alter people's states of consciousness, I'm feeling super passionate about that. The realization of infinite love is not the end of the spiritual path. Its 0.01% of it, and I realized this without psychedelics. I realized it sober, so just imagine how big the spiritual path really is. My infinite love awakening that happened 4 or so months ago was a realization that the entire spiritual path was just designed to increase how beautiful realizing the world is love, is. And there was no I, the path went through itself. Which was the amazing part, it was like the world was a movie the entire time. Fast forward to now and after having some realizations such as the present moment doesn't exist, deeper realizations of infinity, deeper realizations of what's beyond the 1st person perspective, like infinite love awakenings that included realizations of every single being on the planet at once (which wont make sense to anyone on this forum) realizing that solving my trauma requires me solving sociological traumas like world war 2 and the vietnam war(because world war 2 is behind the eyes, and gives you suffering) I've come to realize that infinite love is just 0.01% of what can be realized in this universe. And going deeper into that requires psychedelics. These days I get far more insights just looking at a brick then I do reading books or doing meditation techniques. Really the only way forward is psychedelics. I've gotta try my hardest to go in that area. That's why I'm super passionate about making altered states of consciousness machines. Like neuralink. I see this is how you get from LOC 1000 to LOC 2000, LOC 3000, LOC 30000, LOC 9000000000, etc. Its about transforming the human brain to an alien brain. This is how you turn humans into machine elves and revolutionize science, health, art, everything. I completely and utterly disagree with people who think the spiritual path ends at infinite love. Those people are just simply fools. It goes way beyond that. They are completely out of touch with machine elves and forms beyond human. They don't know that machine elves are born with infinite love, and then go along the spiritual path to get to LOC 10000, and its possible for humans too through psychedelics or machinery. Infinite love awakening is still relative to the human experience. Its looking at the infinite through the finite mind. But that infinite can be seen totally differently depending on the finite mind (as psychedelics show) and I've also experienced (sober) experiencing the infinite through the infinite mind, which is so profound and radical that I will just not explain it here. I feel like I'm reaching the end of what this human mind is capable of. I just cannot seem to increase it through meditation or yoga or psychedelics that easily. I actually upgrade it or it's baseline consciousness just increases at a steady rate if I do nothing and just live my life like normal. I get insights from everything, from the shops, other people, the sun, plants. Its like I can look at an object and look past the veil and see an explosion of intelligence. And this process is far more powerful then meditation or anything else. How do I get higher then this? I've gotta manually modify the brain through psychedelics or machines. And thats why this is definitely my life purpose. I definitely don't resonate with people on here, not because I don't understand them, but because they are at a level that I was at years ago, and I can really feel that. And then the ones that are at my level, have no desire in continuing the path. So there's virtually no one on here with the same interests as me, or they do, but not in the same way as me. They are into LOA or stuff that I have no interest in. This forum is feeling like I'm at level 20, but I keep messing around at level 1. And its just getting boring, and so I'll be leaving and maybe revisiting casually. Having said the above, I also acknowledge that there were some really powerful and juicy lessons I learnt through being here. I certainly didn't always feel this way. Being here I really did feel like there was lots to learn and people knew more then I did. And that was a great time. But now that time is over. And this is another reason why I'm not feeling it to stay here much longer. My patience for people who aren't serious about spirituality, are too afraid, too scared, aren't willing to put their money where their mouth is, is running super thin. And for the first time in a while, I couldn't help myself and said what I've been thinking a while to this guy: The universe is infinite love for fucks sake. What in the fuck is the worst case scenario if you get psychotic or schizophrenic a little? And FYI don't you know what increasing your baseline is? Its getting a little schizophrenic or psychotic you idiot! That IS the later stages. What else could it be? You think increasing your baseline is all sunshine and rainbows? Fuck no! The entire universe changes. This isn't just limited to this steven guy, its loads of users on here. They can't take it when you get a little bit serious with them. Mention just a little schizophrenia or psychosis or insanity, and the most spiritual on here run like little juvenile kids. Actually my honest opinion is if you're not permanently psychotic, then your baseline isn't that high. I was refraining a lot with that comment.
  8. you arent serious about awakening if you are not willing to get schizophrenic like symptoms. Its as simple as that. Just because you aren't ready, doesn't mean you should spout your fear mongering bullshit to others trying to awaken. Let connor murphy be a warning to us all. If you take psychedelics, murphy's law might strike.
  9. oh boy, those people can't see a lot more then mahasamadhi. those people can't even see eye to eye with themselves, in a huge way. The fight between islam and christianity, conservatives and liberals, scientists and christians, different races. If they can't even sort that out, good luck sorting out mahasamadhi. The saving grace is you aren't their only enemy. Their plate is full, they've just got a tad bit of room for you. They have themselves to worry about. The idea of getting away with spiritual teachings criticism free is laughable. You can't even get away with normie things without massive uproar, forget it for spiritual teachings. And their attention span can't maintain themselves enough to criticise you in a persistent way anyway because they don't meditate.
  10. I just didn't initially see how your examples were examples of destabilization or something wrong or bad or out of the ordinary. It just seemed like normal parts of the path. Like for example his wife attained mahasamadhi, that's not weird or suicidal, that's just a normal part of the path. Its not bad or wrong or suicidal. I don't see why you're doing the spiritual path unless you're at least open to mahasamadhi (or spiritual suicide as you call it). But I see in the bigger context when we bring normies into it, it can seem super weird and strange. I didn't take that into account and apologise for doing that.
  11. You're going a bit skew there. Mercury is a powerful tool for healing. There is a very particular technique to taking mercury, if you don't follow that technique, you could kill yourself. If you follow that technique properly, you could solve your fatigue problem. People who don't know, and are closed minded to the process frame it illegitimately as you have done here. But that's not fair. Its as unfair as what this dude has done to you.
  12. I manifested psychedelics in my sober state What video was that? Manifest things into our reality through psychedelics? Sounds a bit off to me, not because its wrong(its right) but because it seems like an odd way to manifest things. So first you manifest psychedelics in your sober state, then manifest sober stuff in psychedelics? Why bother when you can just apply LOA sober. And also psychedelics are temporary, so you're only manifesting things for a short period of time, where sober you're manifesting things 24/7.
  13. Assuming this is THIS in the context you wrote it: if you say reality is this, then it is not that. If its not that, then what IS that? If by THIS you mean everything. Then what's beyond everything? If you say X is beyond everything, then what is X? You might get the pic eventually that reality is everything imaginable. It doesn't matter that you are literally not an elephant right now, and that you're a human for your inquiry. Your inquiry does not require you to hallucinate being an elephant, a bug, a mortal, etc. This would not quench your curiosity. Try and see that. Because for everything you'd hallucinate, you'd still say "but I did not hallucinate X, Y, Z, why is that? Why only A, B, C, D, E, ..." Why are you a human right now instead of an elephant? That inquiry assumes that there is some profound answer to that question. But maybe there isn't. Not saying its random, but maybe your life being a human right now instead of an elephant has no real significance, and you're trying to chase a significance that isn't there in the first place. There is definitely a profound answer around the place you're looking, but you're looking not quite in the right location. You're looking at the dust particles on the window instead of looking through the window into the beautiful scenery. In other words, you're looking too myopically. You need to throw away the need to know exactly why you're a human instead of an elephant and go meta on what reality actually is. What actually is a human to you? Not why are you a human instead of X, WHAT IS a human? What makes a human different to an elephant? How do you know those differences are real? What makes a human the same as an elephant? Why is a human living and a rock isn't? How do you know that? What if rocks have souls too? Sounds absurd but you might discover your answer in that direction.
  14. Thats like asking can this dancer be spinning any other way then clockwise, and if so why isnt it: How to see it spinning the other way? Meditation, contemplation, yoga, psychedelics.
  15. Just wanted to share a tiny part of my personal journey on the spiritual path. Since about 4-6 months ago, started getting spontaneous ego deaths sober. It use to occur twice a week, now its once a week. With sober ego deaths, you never know whether you've poisoned yourself, overdosed on something, having a life threatening disease or whether an insect or animal has injected you with venom. Or on the flip side, whether you're just having a psychological phenomena (which has been every case so far, otherwise I wouldn't be here, I would be in the hospital, or reincarnated into a different universe/dream). Even though its just an ego death, because its sober, you can never tell the difference between ego death and physical death. On psychedelics I guess you can make rationale that its normal and you'll come back, but sober you can't do that, because you never know why its happening. The littlest things trigger it, and they occur at the most inconvenient times. It occurs when I'm feeling the energy of a sort of food, the feeling and how it reacts to the stomach just causes waves of energy to rise, exponentially increasing dissociation and am. It occurs when I'm feeling the inertia of the elevator coming up and down. It occurs if I eat lots of berries or take too many supplements, it occurs if I sniff too much cleaning products or solvents, it occurs if I'm getting too angry at something, it occurs if I'm getting too relaxed, or sometimes it occurs for absolutely no reason at all. Sometimes it occurs when you're driving or in a meeting with your boss. The process is always the same. Energy starts to raise in your body, sometimes it comes in waves, sometimes its gradual. The waves are the worst because there is more suspense. The first wave comes, then you've got time to relax when it settles, but from experience you know another wave is going to come, and the suspense kicks in. Then that second wave hits, that's when you're seriously feeling that existential terror, that amnesia and loss of knowing what the universe is, what maths is, science is, your family is, etc. And that dissociation from the body kicks in hard. you start to feel a bit of a swaying or sense that space is jumbling up a bit. Then the third wave hits, surrounded by amnesia and dissociation, you're seriously contemplating the possibility that you'll never see the dream that you're in ever again. Did you poison yourself? Is this God's way of saying that's it for this dream? You never know. For me personally, most of what I care about is knowing how reality works, and the universe has a way of giving you what you want. And knowing how reality works means bye bye to the universe, so you never know whether God is fulfilling your wish on this particular ego death. After the ego death its beautiful, no dream, just white everywhere, complete amnesia, and complete love. Yet even though you may remember this, doesn't make the ego death any less frightening. You can accept ego death more and more, but you never get rid of the terror, nor use to the impracticalities of passing out while doing stuff like shopping or work. And most normies and even people on here would think that this is abnormal, but its only abnormal from this time period. Tribesmen had to accept the possibility that they would die at any day due to the harsh realities of conflicts with other tribes, diseases and misshaps with hunting, or your own tribesmen turning against you. Just a few decades ago, 19 year olds had to walk every day with the possibility that they would step on a mine. The song "I was only 19" and the verse "A four week operation, when each step can mean your last one on two legs" really illustrates that possibility and mindset. And ironically, despite the melancholic vibes, such ego deaths emanate your bones with humility, acceptance, and connection with the human race, especially humans in the past. Its a beautiful irony that having ego deaths every week isolates you from the human race of today, yet gives you a deep appreciation for humans of the past... a much bigger time period then this narrow slice of peacetime. When I'm listening to war songs, I join in with them with the singing, we all get each other. The generation of today have no idea how good they got it. The empathy is unparalleled when this happens to you. You see a Chinese guy on the street fearing for his life, and you totally get it, especially the part where no one else knows what that fear is like because they are so god damn lucky. But the generation of today also have it really badly, because without the possibility of death at any moment, means no possibility of accepting the worst case scenario, and a hidden trauma of always protecting and chasing after avoiding your worst nightmare. Its a locking yourself in a cage. Its a fabrication of delusion and arrogance. After such ego deaths happening regularly, you can't even pretend that you're macho. Because it freaks you out every time, no matter how enlightened or advanced you think you are, or how much progress you went through. What both you, the almighty enlightened starseed alien, and the stupid, foolish military soldier normie both share in common, is you're both freaked out by death, no matter how many near death experiences (or actual ego death) you have, but both of you know that your only option is accepting the fact that this dream may be the last moment it will exist, sucking it up, and getting on with it. Both of you know what's worth it, and what isn't, because any day could be your last. I'm not sure how many "spiritual people" go through this. Doesn't sound like much based on the reports from this forum, and talking to spiritual people face to face in my local country. I'd imagine that lots of them are too enlightened to go through such things. They have already had ego death, nothing scares them anymore, they are in heaven already, and know everything. Unfortunately that isn't the case for me, my brain works uniquely where this will stuff happen till mahasamadhi or at very least till the body and mind gets hit with a bus. I find connection and solace with the humans of the past. It sounds depressing, but that wasn't the point of this post. I think existential terror, possibility of never seeing this dream ever again, deep dissociation and amnesia to have a beautiful sort of charisma to it, the side of the coin that's neglected by us because we're too busy chasing manifestation and insights and increasing baseline states of consciousness, and realizations, yet its no less beautiful. Its the compliment of all of that stuff. All of the former is what separates us in a sense, while the latter is what connects us all together.
  16. Thats all relative to the human experience. Beer bottles dont do that stuff or want to, even enlightened beer bottles. There is an overall structure to maximize love, but that structure does not necessitate that stuff independently or absolutely, rather only within a partial context. Which from that perspective you would conclude narcissism IS God. The whole idea that God is narcissitic is like getting a human reference point, and projecting that onto how infinity unfolds itself. How infinity unfolds itself is beyond concepts of narcissism.
  17. Trump is extremely awake compared to a rabbit or singular celled organism. Ramana is asleep compared to a machine elf. Awakening is infinite, its not binary. The whole path and awakening literature out there is all based on and relative to the human experience. Machine elves go through completely different spiritual paths and awakenings. Definitely a narcissist.
  18. Funny synchronicity, been having strong urges to do this recently. But for a completely different reason. What i posted above was part of a purification process of developing empathy for others in pain.
  19. Heres something that might be cool to contemplate. Lets just say "you" keep going meta, who is the you, who is aware of that answer, now who is aware of that answer, etc etc. A) once "you've" found that ultimate answer, is there anything that answer won't include(the answer is this and not that) and if it doesn't include something, then how is that answer not a duality? And if that answer includes everything, how many times will "you" need to go meta to include everything. If everything is infinity... B) what even is going meta? Instead of asking who am I, you could ask, what is "who am I"? Go meta on the process of going meta you might find it eats its own tail when "you" do this
  20. One of the things I came to terms with recently was how relative truth actually is. Every spiritual teacher has a different take on what's going on, even though this is meant to be the same because its the absolute. You can justify such things with maps like LOC or someone being more enlightened then the other, but its more complex then that because the order in which you can realize different facets of reality varies between people, and some people have access to states of consciousness that others will never have access to. Psychedelics are a super cool area of research because it literally changes your brain chemistry. Which means your brain turns alien on it. Your hardware changes. And all of this is within the paradox that brains are imaginary and don't actually exist. There's a strange loop between our imaginary brain and the truth we realize, and that strange loop is an amazingly mysterious mechanic of reality. But that strange loop is definitely real. So my take on this stuff is the following: Its actually a lot more varied then that (due to infinity) there can seem to be a 'you' and then a realization that there's 'no you', but aliens (or people on psychedelics) can experience things beyond the you vs no you duality. Stuff that you can't comprehend. Stuff that's totally alien. And such variations can be explained through accessing different states of consciousness, but a more practical answer is perception. You could say, in one context, that we might all be seeing the same thing, but having different perspectives of what that thing is. For you, a phone is a device to call people. But what is that phone to a shaman? A monolith? A spirit? A machine elf? And considering you've experienced infinity before, I'm sure how you can see that your perception of a phone being a phone, is no more real then the shaman's perception of what that thing is. IME the ego never goes away, even after an infinite love awakening (LOC 1000). And for many spiritual teachers who claim they are enlightened, the ego never goes away for them too. Your perception of what that ego IS, changes. This may be too tricky to realize just through this post, but when you had that no self realization, its not like the ego disappeared, its that your perception of what an ego is changed. It changed from something that's absolutely true, to something that is a dream. Its still there, but as a dream. You didn't lose an ego (ironically because adviata vedantans pride themselves on no ego) the ego just got recontextualised as being not absolutely real/true. Just like how 'others' aren't true, yet there are still there, you're still talking to people. I find the adviata vedantan you vs no you duality too crude. Its either there or not. When the reality is something in the middle. Its not true but its there as a dream. It is possible to fully loose an ego. But that's nothing like no self realization. That's complete and utter amnesia. When you sleep every night, that's what its like to completely loose an ego (if not lucid). When you reincarnate into those sleep dream characters, you've completely forgotten who someone here is. The no self realization is different to that, you still know who someone here is, its just been re-contextualized into a dream instead of absolute truth. You've seen emptiness and now cannot be fooled into thinking truth is ego instead of emptiness. Every awakening is an integration or recontextualization of the ego. It never goes away until you reincarnate (body-mind dies). Knowing what happens when you get hit by a bus is hard to understand without psychedelics or advanced sleep dream work. But that's what you want to aim for if you want to see what true "no self" is
  21. thanks for the love man! nice song! every historical time is extraordinary, given the creative context you put it in.
  22. @Javfly33 the most painful thing about spirituality is the realization that you were never spiritual. You never got anywhere. You never progressed. All of that was a construct you created to burn yourself out so that you would eventually give up on enlightenment. Give up on getting somewhere. Give up on trying to take that 0.1% back. Sounds like you're in for a long ride man.
  23. @Leo Gura so what does changing your physical avatar so that you're not a human look like? If you no longer want to commit to being a human. Also I've verified that the 'hardware' is beyond different lifetimes. Its much deeper then you're a bird, because it expands beyond different lifetimes.
  24. Yep, I'm sort of sensing a very sharp, clear cut attitude about attraction and relationships, like if godzilla has big tits, you're going for it regardless of any other factors, and that's hard coded in reality, likewise for women. And I'm just a bit uneasy about that because that sort of goes against healthiness and non toxicity, because having a relationship with godzilla will require having a relationship involving abuse, trauma, being sneaky and slimy, and that doesn't seem like a good idea if you value Truth. Also I don't think attraction comes in 1 flavor. there are definitely multiple archetypes of attraction, and some are more healthy and conscious then the other. Like there's the red stage pablo bad boy type that women are attracted to, yet there's also the flamboyant, tree hugging, confident rock star type that's also attractive but a different flavor to pablo. Likewise for men, there are women who are really hot, have hot boobs and but and sexy, but also women who don't have boobs and butts that look as hot as that, yet they act more feminine, nerdy and have a more feminine frame, and those sort of cute nerdy feminine women are still just as attractive as the hot women, just in a more cute way. So there's variations to attraction, and some are more easy to be truthul then others. Like its easier to be truthful as a tree hugger/rock star then a pablo, and its easier to be truthful as a feminine, nerdy type then a super sexy/hot bitch type. @Roy it means Leo is seriously considering joining Connor Murphy in his expedition to search for the hottest on 5 meo.