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  1. He's the centre of this forum, it's unprofessional and dangerous for him to speak like this. Of course he doesn't care because he need not care when speaking to himself, but life ending thoughts are spoken so freely here it's perpetuating delusions. You could be right But why this insistent on depth? On development or work, truth is not understandable, is not translatable, you can't quantify or section it up, you can't focus on it and you can't grasp it, I say I'm awakened but I'm not really because that's a fiction. But simultaneously I am, nobody ever is not awake, If I say I'm not awake on this forum I'll be believed without a second guess, If I say I'm awake I'll be put down and told no you aren't. But aren't we always just exactly as we are? Is this not the goal for many, to peak behind the curtain to realise it was you all along? Who says I'm not laughing, this post has gone far from my original intention but this is entertaining.
  2. Well this has gotten out of hand, if you take a look you'll see my last post before this was in 2018. Active forum members, this isn't the only forum for spirituality and you don't have to be talked to like this. Leo you understand nothing, you're a child berating other children because the world has hurt you. Feelings are as real as the meal that sustains me. yes they're also not real but get over yourself. This place is caught up in the idea of lie vs truth, ego vs god, self and no-self. Your hyper fixation may be what you all need now, but it's all meaningless. Peace.
  3. You say nothing with your words. I am wondering what creative spiritual experiences there are to be had after you have reached enlightenment. I am asking for ideas, not reminders.
  4. Other's on this post seem to think there's more to it, why do you think that is?
  5. No, I do not suddenly exist then not exist, that seems a duality no?
  6. That's a very poetic take on enlightenment. As I said in my original post life is peaceful, blissful, I am exactly where I need to be going exactly where I should be. I merely have curiosity about what other ways spirituality can be experienced after awakening. Maybe my 'now what' and 'depth is illusion' was seen as though I'm bored or dismissive, but I can assure you that's not the case. Being awake does not mean you know all the answers, or are above asking questions or seeking help. If you know any spiritual practices that are specific to after enlightenment I would be delighted to hear.
  7. I'm not sure what answer you're looking for. The mind thinks, the body breaths, movement is assured.
  8. I haven't traditionally meditated for years.
  9. I'm not sure if you're being patronizing. If not care to share what you think?
  10. My awakenings have shown the idea of depth to be an illusion, I could reach different states of being, but I'm wondering why should I, and what does that achieve?
  11. I am not the I, I am all, I am nothing. I am truly at peace, I see all clearly. But.. Now what? I enjoy my life, but it's been a few years without a spiritual goal, just enjoying the bliss, I'm wondering where I can now take my spiritual practice if I'm to pursue something new.
  12. We are all on the path whether sought or not no? And that is the only thing I feel I can really trust, that I know nothing, but is that not just another thought.. As to you my friend