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  1. We are all on the path whether sought or not no? And that is the only thing I feel I can really trust, that I know nothing, but is that not just another thought.. As to you my friend
  2. Sometimes it's as though the experience of love is overwhelming my entire experience of self, like I cannot hold it in, it's too much, it's just an overflowing feeling that begins communicating itself through creation. Pure creation, and my self cannot contain it, I loose track of everything and just get swept away with the experience. Throughout all experience I go through phases of doubt, questioning myself, never knowing what I'm really doing and where I'm going, implementing trust, acceptance, some days are really hard, some days are a blur, sometimes I'm happy sometimes I'm sad, but sometimes there's just such an overwhelming feeling of being, of love, whether it be a single moment, hours or days, it's like creation itself is just unfolding without any control and it's utterly consuming, but then I come back to myself and feel again limited, doubtful, lost... I'm not sure if this is common I'm just confused, trying to be accepting.. but confused why there's such a contrast within my experience and not knowing what to do or think..
  3. I feel like the only time i can be honest is when I'm intoxicated, high, or impaired by a substance to 'allow' myself to be unencumbered by extra thoughts that stop me from sharing, and when I do get drunk or high I am more easily able to express how I really think without a filter I feel the way I think and perceive reality is very deluded nowadays, so in everyday normal interactions I shy away from saying or doing what I really think or feel and in a way that hurts me to be 'inauthentic', to overthink what I am saying or doing, to hold back, to always think about what I say before I say it; but give me some alcohol or drugs I can very openly express what I'm really thinking, and only the next day afterwards I cringe and over think about what I've said the night before, as though who wants to hear this shit? who want's to listen to somebody express their version of infinite life and reality, even though in that moment it feels full of love and genuine expression, and it feels received and reciprocated from those people I share with, but when I wake up I chaste myself as stupid and deluded, I went through an awakening a couple years ago and immediately always felt confident to share my views because I believed the people hearing me would benefit from it, but realised how silly it was to think my view of life was better than theirs and to put myself above them as I was somehow benefiting them, now I'm in the mindset that I don't really understand at all what's going on and who am I to claim truth to my words and that somebody should believe me, how can I ever believe in myself now when it all feels imaginary? Is there such a thing as being grounded? Can I live with the doubt, does it pass? Can you express authentically without always questioning yourself? I want to be authentic and truthful but I don't know what that is...
  4. @How to be wise What is the difference between thought and reality?
  5. @beaucoup Your aura is just another form of energy, much like a heat signature, I recommend studying multiple sources of what it is, how to notice it, and what you can do with it, then come to your own understanding from experience, as it will be more accurate and tailored to you than what somebody can tell you. A hole allows new insights, information and experience to appear, an aura that rarely experiences openings is usually someone who sticks to routine, habitual tasks, their comfort zone or place of security, essentially most humans, growth is inevitable but slow now taking a psychedelic is equivalent to blasting a hole and ripping your aura apart, allowing infinity to be presented in new and drastic ways, some people can accept and learn from these experiences, others cannot, and need to retreat back to their previous worldview, this is where unwanted energy comes into play, and where having an intention before going into the experience, one as simple as ‘I will accept and see whatever may be presented’ can help tremendously @AlwaysBeNice I cannot know what you believe, but since you are an active member here you will be familiar with the concept of infinity, and recognise with that comes no limit
  6. Depends on your idea of death, if you picture it to be the end of your life forever then yes, you will fear it Some see it as a transition, and if fear is present it is of the unknown Others believe death is false, seeing the end of the body as an illusion, and believe there is nothing to fear but yourself I’m sure there are more, but that begs the question, what do you believe death to be ?
  7. Say you were outside and had a thought you wanted to write down, if you believe without a doubt that you have a pen and paper inside that you can use to write down such a thought, that is the shape of your reality, and of you go inside to write it down, your belief confirmed once your thought is on paper Now say you went outside again and had another thought you wanted to write down, but this time you were miles away, and unknowning to you your house just burnt down from a candle you left burning, reducing everything to ash, yet of you go on the long trek home, to write down your thought, your conviction that it will be there unwavering, your shape of reality unchanged, although wrong And now you’re standing in the rubble of your house, in shock your life took such a turn, thought, pen and paper completely forgotten, your shape of reality now changed But what would have happened if you never turned back towards your house, and the thought you wanted to write down was one of action, not study, and you never returned to your house, life left behind forever, you would believe that one day someone would discover the house abandoned, everything as you left it, pen and paper waiting for someone to deal with once found, never knowing it has burnt to the ground
  8. There are many ways, food, sleep, period of rest & mediation are a few of the most effective Though my personal favourite, as it is quick and powerful is using intention of though An example would be when you feel yourself starting to close back up, speak or think something like ‘I ask of you to cleanse, clear and purify myself, let all unwanted energy go with love and acceptance’ You can of course use whatever words you like, as it is more about the intention than the actual words, as they are just a tool And if you have any grounding Crystals they are always helpful too
  9. I’ve spoken to clairvoyants and energy healers about the damage drugs (especially psychedelics) can wreak on ones energy field, and there was always one consensus throughout - Drugs cause anywhere from small to gaping holes in your energy field (aura) as you grow more and more open - Expanding ones consciousness without the proper intent can cause unknown/unwanted energy to latch onto your open field - Always do a cleanse before and after your experience to ensure all unwanted energy does not remain latchched onto your field once you start to close down (become sober)
  10. It depends on what you believe
  11. @How to be wise Hold a pen in your hand, look at it, feel it, tap it against the table, if you believe the present moment is all that exists then you’ll say yes, the pen is real because I directly experience it now drop the pen, walk away, and look at a wall, search your direct experience for the pen, do you see it? Feel it? Can you remember the sound it made when it tapped? Contemplate on where the pen now exists, good .. Now focus on the wall, walk up to it, feel it, knock it with your knuckles, look in your direct experience at what you believe is the wall Now turn back around and pick up the pen again, ask yourself if it’s the same pen that you experienced before, does it have the same feel, does it look the same, sound the same? Now ask yourself what is the difference from the pen you experienced before you focused on the wall to the pen you now experience?