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  1. You seem smart, but I think you're on edge. You're an introvert like me which means you gain energy from spending time alone inside your mind and pursing your interests, and you expend energy when you're in stimulating environments or in groups of people. You're also addicted to stimulants which puts your mind into overload, and an overloaded mind is an unhealthy mind. Here watch this video, he focuses mostly on this point of stimulation - Over stimulation is a HUGE problem for introverts and its one of the things I hated about our school system. I would highly recommend you stop drinking coffee and stay away from other stimulants, and spend more time in quiet environments in order to bring your brain activity down to a level where you can function properly.
  2. I'll join in on this. My habit of video games has thrown me off the path for awhile. I haven't touched one since joining this forum which is a good start. I also pledge to cut back on smoking weed and set aside an hour a day for meditation.
  3. Good question. Perhaps you are adding a little bit of slap to your opinions? Try not to put them into a position where a confession would feel like utter humiliation, or even defeat. In reverse, try not to let such feelings of humiliation or righteousness keep you from confessing when you are wrong. Focus on building them up, instead of tearing them down. But make sure they want to be built up first. A person who is convinced against their own will, is still of the same opinion.
  4. The ego is how God immerses himself in the game he is playing.
  5. You're not alone. Subsequently, I am glad to find out that I am not alone in this either xD. It was always something I felt uncomfortable talking about so I never have. But when I was practicing meditation I began to notice a tingling of the spine and very strong sensations in my brain. That's all I can really say on this subject... because I just don't know. The vibes are real bro... the (((vibes))) are real
  6. Good question. It was one of the questions I had to work myself through on my journey as well. Most people think of the soul and reincarnation like this - My name is Mark and my souls name is also Mark, and it looks just like I did when I was 20, and its separate from everyone else's soul, and when my body dies this soul will be placed into a new body. This way of thinking is an attempt to preserve the ego, even beyond physical death. Don't feel discouraged if that is what you are doing, the ego is very powerful and will do everything it can to preserve itself. The way I think of it is like this - This light is not my own. We all share the same eternal soul, and all other beings I will ever witness in my life are other incarnations of myself existing simultaneously. In that way, this one great soul reincarnates itself. And yet, you are that.
  7. For me it wasn't something that happened suddenly, but over a long period of time (many months). But when it happened I felt empty inside. The same kind of feeling one might get after a breakup with a long-time partner, or after finishing a long book or game. The emptiness is uncomfortable at first, and you may find yourself giving up an old lifestyle or way of thinking. You may even find the emptiness so unbearable that you wish you could plug yourself back into the Matrix so to speak. "If you're going through hell, keep going." -Winston Churchill. You will eventually find your true self within that emptiness.
  8. Funny that you post this video now, I just watched this 2 days ago, and joined the forums yesterday. I'd say it was a coincidence, but I don't believe in coincidence anymore. Anyway, I came across that video after having watched this other 3 part series of a tribe seeing a white man for the 1st time. (I HIGHLY recommend watching all 3 parts of this) -
  9. It sounds like you are in the process of letting go of your ego's values. Congratulations, and keep going. One must empty the cup before it can be refilled.