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  1. Which technique works for someone is so much dependent on a million things. I can tell that people with those problems often get into a stable practice with guided meditations like the smartphone app "headspace". Another would be to go on a retreat and straight start a regular practice after it. In my experience many people gave themselves some comfortable room after one of those. But if can handle it emotionally and right there start out it could do miracles. The third one is of course psychedelics
  2. @Highest It is not possible for a strict rule, religious society to switch into accepting minorities and sharing & caring. Maybe not completely impossible but would need some serious hardcore things to happen to make it possible.
  3. I observed myselfs attitude towards watching those matches. In the past I favoured one player and it was a kind of thrill. Now I can just purely pay attention. It reminds me of our psyche in general. We tend to have reality happen in a specific way instead of just flowing with what is. It is so much more joyful to watch it now then it was in the past for me. If my player won there was a certain kind of arrogance in myself. If otherwise there always was some tension in every cell and thought of my body. I was never some kind of hardcore addict concerning this but it was very subtle.
  4. I learn a lot by doing so. The top male players (Nadal, Federer, Djokovic) all have well developed stoic attitudes. In the end it is all mentally. Quite interesting how those players deal with their emotions. All of them established certain rituals. Most people think this is just some kind of superstition, but those are well designed to stay focused and dealing with their emotions. Besides that Djokovic calls Eckhart Tolle's "Power of Now" one of his favorite books. He is been criticised for working with a "spiritual guru", especially because since he does work with him, he is not that successful anymore but he kept him. Now he is again back pretty well. Anyone else thoughts on that?
  5. Focus on long term strategies instead of short term solutions. They mostly backfire and are very difficult to stick with. A keto diet can work for some people and the idea behind is great (ketogenic state makes you more calm and less impulsive). The problem is you have to limit yourself like crazy which is mostly not a good advice. There are also a lot of healthy foods that contains carbohydrates. If you do intermittent fasting you will enter the keto state after a while everyday which is great. If there is one thing you should start with then it is dropping soda. Any kind of soda is not really nutrition for a human being. They contain crazy amounts of sugar (makes your cells imune to renewal, spikes your insuline to get more impulsive and you get very soon hungry again) or other chemical sweeteners which are horrible for our digestion and kidney. By far the best thing is to drink non-carbonated water. If you eat more and more vegetables and fruits you anyway will not need much to drink.
  6. Success in business is one of the most addictive things you can face. So the approach of first making lots of money then personal development is not really beneficial for your life at all. Besides that raising your consciousness can be a huge advantage when doing business. You see opportunities that others overlook, your focus becomes better, ability to deal with customers will benefit and more .... Install a 10 minute meditation practice everyday, improve your diet step by step and regularly do some sports. This will improve your business as well as your quality of life at the same time.
  7. My english does benefit a lot from making summaries on Leo's videos for example. This way I can advance my personal development and writting skills at once. Unfortunately grammar mistakes were not corrected by my software, you listen more careful to each sentence and often rewind the video and so one. In case of masturbating I have no clue. What does really really help is improving your BDNF levels by diet, sport and fasting. Also very good is juggling while you make a break between you learn something. It wires your brain together and help you recovering your concentration. Those are my secrets.
  8. If you can spend time than this movie is really great for that subject. It is only part 1 and given that every explanation is far from being experiencing it itself, but it might come as close as it could.
  9. For example there are also a lot of well educated hippies and/or which earn a good amount of money. Like Leo explained very well in several of those videos a huge barrier is always when you demonize the stage above you and focus on the unhealthy manifestations of it. I don't know sweden to well but for sure there are also cases of rapists which receive a serious punishment and cases of tax evasions with a mild punishment. Of course those did not end up on a news feed. On the other hand in the US for example there are dozens of examples where someone just get ill for a period of time and lost his job quickly, got homeless and even died because he could not afford a simple treatment. I personally spend a lot of time around a hippieh type of community and could tell there are some vegan crusader types around which are pretty unhealthy. But those are exceptions. Many of those were pretty healthy and quiet tolerant on that subject.
  10. I once washed the dishes in a Zen-monastery and it turned out to be the greatest event in my life I experienced. Compared to that, events like falling deeply in love with a wonderful girl or reaching a goal after a few years of hard work to reach it turned out to be a pretty mediocre event. This wasn't some kind of "Kensho", I was just exceptionally present for like 10-15 minutes and it felt like 2-3 hours.
  11. To reach such a high stage of development in your psyche is exceptionally difficult especially for a celebrity. When everyone is regularly touching your shoulders and telling you, that you are the greatest, that does not favor your growth. Exactly for that reason Marcus Aurelius is such an extraordinary figure in history and a perfect example of a yellow type of person if you ask me. He had absolute power and questioned his actions every day. I am convinced Epictetus had a huge influence on him in his early years.
  12. Leonardo di Caprio mentioned in one of the videos above is the perfect example of someone who is for sure not a stage yellow type of person. As a person who regularly uses a private jet to fly to different continents, even for a few hour appereance, presenting this speech is even counterproductive. Also his whole appereance here and elsewhere reflects no yellow values at all.
  13. I think the biggest misconception that I read on the forum is that people rate the values which are asociated with a stage very much and because of that evaluation they favor in which stage they are. Of course on paper, to most people values like radical open-mindness or complexity they might agree to some degree, but do they embody it? It can be very benefitial for your personal development process if you tend to put yourself lower than you actually do. For example a yellow type of person is a fully developed master of his emotions. He is able to trigger his own emotions like he wants them to be in the present moment. This skill is developed in stage green. It needs to be practiced especially in sudden appeared circumstances if you would really become a master in it. For that process you need to be very socialy active and compassioned.
  14. In my eyes this topic already had become very toxic for many people. I understand that it is extremly interesting how such high stages of development would look like. But I am sure that thinking too much ahead for an individual just leads to impractical fantasies you get lost in. Really interesting in my eyes is to get some degree of comprehension of the whole model, then try determine where you are at and then to work on yourself. This is already really difficult. Unless you are a fully integrated stage yellow person you will for sure delude yourself and position yourself much higher than you actually are. So for example - if you are a well established stage green type of person you will not have the sligthest clue what turqoiuse would be like. Even if you read twenty books about enligthenment. I would not say this is a bad thing to do, but there would be much better content to improve yourself. Thinking then about coral is just ... Even the top 1% leading intellectuals of the world would not have much benefit from it. After all I am asking myself what this video above has to do with stage coral? By no means I would say it is bad content by the way.