How Authority Works

By Leo Gura - July 8, 2019 | 9 Comments

Where does truth and credibility come from?

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Joel says:

Leo,I am GOD imagining that I am the first person to make a comment and giving selective authority to Beethoven, Brahms, Bach, Chopin and Stephen Curry.

AMORID says:

My reply is not to Joe.

What I get is that authority is something that can be dangerous, very dangerous if not correctly understand and placed.

It is sure that authority is every idea from any source you can imagine you believe it deeply at the length it be your blind guide -not reasoning about the situation you are in.

Joel says:

Leo, your scornful mockery of people who have given away their authority and not realized that they are GOD is hypocritical. YOU created them that way.

Andrew says:

From where does the interpretation that it is “scornful mockery” arise?

Joel says:

Listen to the tape carefully.

Kalina says:

I’m not sure either. I didn’t get that at all.

AprendizZo says:

I once imagined Joel creating Leo and blaming him for the ones that don’t know they are God. But suddently I realized did in fact create Joel and Leo. Do you realize that thses words have been created by yourself?

Kalina says:

This video is my favorite so far. I know that Leo sort of caters to a male crowd, but these videos are excellent for all. (Hey, my first comment!)

Melanie Jenkins says:

Leo, I see your argument with regards to authority and I agree with you. It’s not a new concept to me, I have wondered before how can i trust or know anything? Only through my limited 5 senses, how do I even know that this is truth? As you stated earlier, perhaps it is all a simulation of reality. My question is this, how do you know that you or I are God? Did you give your authority to someone who stated the idea that you are God? Have you somehow experienced for yourself that you are God? If you did, how can you trust that experience any more than I can trust my 5 senses and perception of reality? It seems impossible to me that anyone can know they are God. Unless of course through death. I haven’t yet finished the video, so maybe you address this, but it was just bugging me. If I accept the idea that I am God from watching a video on the internet how can I be any less deluded than in the examples you have given?

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