Self-Deception - Part 1

By Leo Gura - January 15, 2018 | 32 Comments

Why self-deception is the #1 problem of all personal development

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Karn says:

Thanks Leo for another enjoyable episode!

Reality deceives itself, to see itself in differentiated form. Does this process of self-deception have a start? Our deceptions are perception based, and sense perceptions are also deceptions. How does this whole process of differentiation and self-deception start from an undivided whole?

On the other hand, I feel these might not be the correct questions to ask if this deception called ‘the world’ is perennial and there is no start or end. This is pretty mind-boggling to think if you can’t reign in your mind which tries relentlessly to explain the inexplicable.

Rob says:

The only theory you can give to the fact that people don’t agree with your, YOUR, theory, this is mad and genius, profound and ridiculous, which is the point you’ve been making about non-duality and counter intuitive stuff I suppose.

My Brain is saying “stay with it you’ll get to the win sometime soon” “Fancy a wank?” “Hmmm quiche..”

So is a deception then, Leo, you are a deception? This comment is a deception, but at the same time this comment is the Universe!


Marco says:

Of course that process is tough and needs time.

But doesn t it help alot to develop the “heart area” or “compassion aspect” to let go of our own selfishness ?

Leo Gura says:

Of course!

Mayur says:

After a week, first look at this video, got me tickling and butterflies, super excited !

clem says:

Thanks Leo, the wheels are in motion and the objective of the exercise is being achieved.
Looking into my own mirror of self-reflection, I am confronted with the image of deception and lies that I have created over many years of life experience. I suspect this fabrication of “me” has been a work in progress from the moment of my conception. There is a overwhelming feeling of uncertainty as I systematically question everything and deconstruct the illusions of this shared hallucination of reality. The peeling of this onion to its core does not motivate me to continue, its very uncomfortable. However, there is no turning back; I too have chosen to red pill. The mystery of the matrix must be evaluated, its secrets revealed. The pay off is the pleasure of lightening the load of accumulated baggage that is burdensome to the soul. Washing off the stickiness of self-inflicted ignorance and suffering is so joyful. It is a strange feeling to acknowledge that I am participating in my own death; dissolving the fearful illusions of mind to “nothingness.” The fact that I am being proactive rather than ignoring this eventuality bestows peace of mind. It reminds me of sky diving at mid-night. I can spend the time learning everything about the practice or fearfully wait to be dragged out of a warm bed, loaded on a plane, and pushed out the door backwards, into the darkness at 2000 ft. On thing I know for sure, there are no exemptions. Everybody participates in this exercise. So do we want to meet the darkness kicking and screaming or dive into the unknown with the ability to fly. Thanks for the googles, Leo
Be well.

Pat says:

Would you say the only way we could “win” against the mind is to simply be in the moment as much as possible?

clem says:

Hi Pat. The simple answer to your question is Yes. This is what I have experienced.
When I meditate, I notice there is a space between thoughts where an awareness of entering into the “moment” arises. Mentally my sense of time changes as I grasp the concept that there is only one reality of time, the NOW. This makes no sense to my logical mind that works on objectivity within the polarities of past and future. My mind becomes restless because it depends on contrast to define its map of reality. In the calm meditative space where all the dualities of Past/Future, Positive/Negative, Black/White, Win/Loose, etc. are neutralized, my mind has nothing to do but “observe” its own thinking; bor-ing. I note how thoughts arise and attempt to pull my attention out of the moment. At first, my mind will succeed in distracting my attention, but my intention to remain in the moment alerts me to when I am thinking again. This is an exercise of non-thinking. Framing this situation as a “fight” that I must win is a futile struggle: just more mind. Like a dog with a bone, my mind loves to keep my attention engaged. My responsibility is to learn how to observe and control my mind and stop allowing it to control me. As I practice mindfulness, my awareness of the Now is becoming more ingrained like a good habit. Thoughts come up, I note them, and I let them go while maintaining a conscious awareness of being in the Now. The practice of staying centered and grounded in the Now continues to grow into a “walking meditation.” As I devote more attention to the practice of maintaining conscious awareness in the Now, I note how the recognition of this state of timelessness is expanding. It is no longer viewed as a novelty of meditating. The daily routines become more interesting for my mind when I am engaged with conscious awareness. Just knowing that in the Now, anything could happen and everything is possible adds some unpredictable excitement to the mundane. My mind also appreciates how well things are going when I am not making reactive decisions, dwelling on negativity, or being motivated to act out by emotional triggers like fear and anxiety.
So, I would say, yes! Life is better when I am consciously aware of being in the “moment.” There is no fight to win. Training my mind to work as my advocate keeps it busy and satisfied. It is an amazing tool box for solving problems, negotiating the physical world, and creating new realities.
Hope this info is helpful for you. Be well clem

Gavin says:

Hey Leo, this video really hit me with some crystal clarity. Thanks.

I had a bit of a synchronistic moment, where after watching your video and you talking about the illusion of pixels on a screen – which I was logically aware of – that I came across this video…

Not sure if you’re familiar with these guys… the channel initially seems very kind of popcorn-entertainment-like, but after watching a few videos in the past – the HYPER SLO-MO speed they film various things at is actually quite magical and seems to give extra insight into the bizarre and miraculous nature of reality.

Thought I’d share anyway! (You’ll never fully talk me out of my love of games!)

EDIT: Ah crap no URLs allowed.

The title of the youtube vid is “How a TV Works in Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys”

(Unrelated Gavin in the video)

Leo Gura says:

Very cool.

Yeah… much of our technology is built on self-deception.

Andrea says:

Check out some of the talks of Nassim Haramein about the unified theory.

He talks about quantum physic, sacred geometry, origin of life, God, origin of matter, black hole and so on.



Pat says:


Thank you for the thoughtful and insightful reply

Andrea says:

Physic meets spirituality

Worth to watch it.



Xain says:

Unfortunately there are too many flaws to pick apart in this video. He fails to end up proving his own original premise, that we are being deceived. He doesn’t tell us what the truth is. Everything is a non-sequiter or making wild assumptions about existence, other people, and reality. He assumes too much.

For someone who claims to question what he knows as certain, he seems sure about what that is. The existence of the self is debatable, the existence of the mind is debatable.

In short the only evidence he has for “self deception” is “because I said so”.

Mayur says:

It’s confusing and disturbing

Sinz says:

So guess that makes “loving” your significant other the greatest self-deception force of all!

Xain says:

No, no it does not.

Chris says:


do you have anyone you talk these stuff with? I mean do you know anyone in person you can have a dialogue with and you feel they can feed your soul?

I don’t know anyone like you, but my cousin who is into spirituality and he was the first one to ever tell me about psychedelics and consciousness and he’s always been a loner, a learner. He was this way since he was a kid, has no brothers.

I wonder how many people are this deep and naturally contemplative to such a degree that they can become sages? As you often say this is your nature, you don’t need to make any effort to be profound and observant cause you were born this way, and your high IQ it’s only there to help you even more.

As you develop more and more you realize that the people around become so boring to you that’s annoying, you develop this need to just distance yourself cause you find no joy in launching yourself in shallow conversations and meaningless situations that only drain you. It’s like all you need is to sleep and someone just keeps coming to disturb you, when you need that rest so badly.

Does one risk to isolate himself? To lose everyone around just because the others don’t feel any inner need to evolve, nor any calling to something more than just a stupid meaningless repetitive life that leads nowhere? Cause this nonsense is so painful to an evolved person they just can’t bear it.

I haven’t seen my cousin for years but I always recall him saying he needs peace, he needs peace. He has a normal life, quite simple, but a sort of a second life where only he has access, like an escape to his average life.

What do you do when there’s no one close you can relate to? how you live your life among normal average people with normal, average lives? do you pretend to be like them? or do you isolate yourself? What would be the best choice so you won’t hurt?

Flynn says:

Awesome video. Question for you – you mentioned ‘ownership’ as a self-deception; you’ve also mentioned that you have a girlfriend. How is this reconciled? How would an enlightened being react to something like “cheating”?

I, like many others I know, can worry about my partner despite being in a trusting relationship. Logically, I understand that she is not mine – would love to hear your thoughts.


Lindsey says:

This video is just amazingly great. Not only businesses are selling constantly, but the messages and information we subscribe to are a huge marketing problem to our minds.

I would have never figured this out and would have been suffering the traps and tricks had I not listened to this one.

This is great.

Leo, Thank you!!!

Paul says:

Hmm. Leo doesn’t like Donald Trump? Does that mean that Mr. Everything caught up in politics? Interesting.

Cheryl says:

too political

Paul says:

I know Trump took away your Obamaphone?

Volaine says:

Thank you Leo. I keep looking for the like button but never see it, so wanted to announce that I like all the videos I’ve watched. Where ‘s the button?

Mike says:

Awesome video mate!

Manshuk says:

Hi Leo,

I just want to share about Crow House YouTube channel where he(forgot his name) talks about similar topics as its here in actualized. Maybe you can check it out.


Sam says:


Sam says:

Leo,Are there any more facts about self deception,you forgot to mention in your videos?

Chris Cates says:

Your view on theism and god is exactly how I view it.

Sam says:

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Xain says:

To anyone who actually knows anything about the world around us, Leo is the last person to be talking about self deception considering how incredibly wrong many of his videos are (especially quantum physics and science).

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