What Is God? - Part 1

By Leo Gura - February 6, 2019 | 7 Comments

A no-bullshit explanation for smart people

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Puts on mask “Wow leo you just know everything now dont you”

Jimmy Feiling says:

Im very grateful for all this we re all blessed by God to have Leo share with us i wish to play cards with leo. I recognize! Thanks Leo! By the way i have to admit ive had envious hostility against “God” but thats silly! Like beatin myself up lol Could God be a Jap named Rev Koshin Ogui? Absolutely no way and probably but i never met him. I wanna give you gifts leo and a big hug lol and lick your bald head lol

Andrea says:

The web has no weaver

sara says:

just watching the video makes me feel way more conscience than I’d usually be

Tado says:

Great elucidation Leo, as always.

Aussie John says:

Thanks for this amazing exposition Leo. So insightful, so motivating. Was the title…’for smart people’ a deliberate goad? I suspect so, you cunning Zen devil you! Can’t imagine how much hard work goes into producing these monumental works. Really looking forward to Part 2, but in the meantime listening to Part 1 over again. Thanks again mate! Aussie John

Mia says:

Thanks Leo for an interesting and very in-depth explanation.Some indian philosophers also have talked about these things but even though not new, it is interesting to get the ideas presented in a modern and understandable language. However it would be a good thing to have some references to works that you have used as sources. Even though you speak of your own experience there must be some texts/philosophers you have been inspired by.

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