What Is God? - Part 1

By Leo Gura - February 6, 2019 | 17 Comments

A no-bullshit explanation for smart people

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Andrea says:

The web has no weaver

sara says:

just watching the video makes me feel way more conscience than I’d usually be

Tado says:

Great elucidation Leo, as always.

Aussie John says:

Thanks for this amazing exposition Leo. So insightful, so motivating. Was the title…’for smart people’ a deliberate goad? I suspect so, you cunning Zen devil you! Can’t imagine how much hard work goes into producing these monumental works. Really looking forward to Part 2, but in the meantime listening to Part 1 over again. Thanks again mate! Aussie John

Mia says:

Thanks Leo for an interesting and very in-depth explanation.Some indian philosophers also have talked about these things but even though not new, it is interesting to get the ideas presented in a modern and understandable language. However it would be a good thing to have some references to works that you have used as sources. Even though you speak of your own experience there must be some texts/philosophers you have been inspired by.

Ketki says:

I’ve grown up listening to all the philosophy around God, both the idol worship way, and the non-duality way. I have been a theist, an atheist, an agnostic, in different stages of my life, and nothing made true sense. With this explanation however, it all changed. I know now why none of the stands I took about God made any sense to me..
While I have also heard people say most of the stuff said in here, none of those ways seemed as clear, direct and accurate as the way its explained here…I completely relate to how limited and delusional the language or any other means of communication can be. So keeping that in mind, this one is very well expressed, at least in the current times.

Damien says:

Great topic & explanation.

Will you be offering a systematic step-by-step approach for people to follow in order to realize/experience this state for themselves in the future? Something along the lines of your life purpose course but with the sole aim of attaining higher levels of consciousness and awareness?

It’s quite easy to get lost in the countless techniques/methods etc spread over the internet & not really get anywhere or feel like any progress is being made. Apart from the occasional inconsistent breakthrough during a psychedelic experience, I’m still fairly certain I haven’t fully realized the ultimate ground of being yet (despite undergoing ego-dissolution several times)

Justyna says:

Hi Leo, I’m very much enjoying your videos being on my own journey to self-discovery within God. I just thought I’ll mention that the ant analogy might be a bit missed. I know that you have to use these, but why would an ant have less consciousness than me or you? I know that no analogy can work as an example anyway…

Thank you for your work and making things so accessible. I truly admire your curiosity and commitment and hope one day we’ll meet within.

Ashray says:

You remind me of Neale’s Conversations with god.

Lily says:

My curiosity about Life is huge. One of them is about life after death. My frame of thought implanted from social norms links this question to God. Could you help me to clarify this question in the next episode of What is God?

Kathleen says:


Ella says:

“I” live in my apartment and actually I wanted to buy a new house.

Sitting here in my apartment looking at all my stuff… wondering why I would buy a new house and what I was doing having all this stuff

I just want to sit en feel the connection with the universe/spirit (or God like Leo calls it) and sit still look at nature realising how extraordinary everything is made and interacts… and breathe.

I’m single and was planning to go out dating. It’s so hard to meet with people that are in the matrix (like Leo calls it) .. Actually now I’m trying to remember why I wanted to date anyway…

Waw this is huge, thinking about how my life will be from now… This is life changing. I’m not afraid of dying, death nor afraid of the system…

Wish I knew people here in Belgium who has this experience. Really curious how they move on from this point…

Jason Burns says:

Have you considered the perennial philosophy in terms of physics?

Atilla says:

I do not know if you have studied the Quran?
But all things you are saying here, I feel comes directly from the Quran.
First of all things, the Quran states very clearly that there are no gods, so the ideas and conceptions of gods is thrown out in the minds an hearts of Muslims, there is ONLY ALLAH. LA ILAHA ILLA ALLAH….
Secondly, the Quran clearly asks infidels to BRING EVIDENCE ( burhan) for their unbelief.
Thirdly, Islam and Sufism are the only two ways of experience which say that there is ONLY THE ONE, that One is ONLY ALLAH, there is really nothing besides ALLAH, and we all creation are just dreams in dreams in dreams in dreams, so we the creation have no real grounds……

Born again Christian says:

This is all anti God infact this entire website is demonic.

Lauren says:

Hi Leo,

I’m loving your content and your sense of humor! A couple of questions…
In this episode around 1hour:58minutes, you comment on the current education system, and how it is improper. You also explain that we are living in a materialistic society. I agree with both, and that our mainstream education system does not teaching existentially. However, if God created this limited experience of life, can we really say that the system is improper? How does that align with your belief that everything is actually perfect? Earlier in the episode you explain how God is everywhere and everything is God. In another episode (Understanding Duality part 1) you explain the concept of everything being Good. Would it stand to reason that God wanted to experience itself as a limited materialistic society within which is a limited education system?
Other questions:
Does God intentionally create every experience of itself, or is there any unintentional creation? For example, evolution. Is every single aspect of it intentional or does some of it just unfold after an original intention?
Does form actually exist? Or are we literally just dreams within the God Mind?

Max Raoy Gron says:

As for God, I think the Devil’s the Satanists and Luciferian, who often misinterpret the teachings and kill people, the Devil is people nailing Christ to a cross, wanking themselves, being lustful, getting drunk and being f’ing gay. Gay people are in for some ultimatum from me to stop trying to rape me, and furthermore it’s disgusting how religious people coerce me into their crap, I have but two options: freedom and unfreedom, other options include my obedience to the bullshit of a man who stops killing me because that night I made coffee like they told me, and furthermore I feel like Christian coercion ruined my life, I think the Devil is good because at least he doesn’t force rules from religion on me, I think it’s disgraceful the state I’m in so this shit about God is being forced on me.

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