Understanding How Paradigms Work

By Leo Gura - March 6, 2017 | 21 Comments

Thomas Kuhn’s paradigms & paradigm lock


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strwbrycough says:

Well done leo. The funny paradox of the ego is The thing people are running away with is the very thing they should be running away from. Identity is kept alive through habit, practice and the unquestioned assumption that we are our body and mind conditioning. A idea of who we are. I like how you explain these things in easy to understand language. How many people will listen? how many people will try to think to an answer, how many people notice that this is a conceptual pointing to the unchanging that cant be explained by language?

Oliver Larsen says:

Thanks Leo, this is a great episode!!

Bernardo says:

hello brother, a lot of pieces are coming into place in life right now and a rather beautifull insight came up, it strikes right on the paradigm of death… That is, spiritual enlightenment or becoming unified with the truth or whatever the name is, trully fit into that saying that goes “live for something that is worth dying”…after that full breakthrough towards pure awareness, per say “riding the ox home” (as the Ten oxherding pics from Zen puts) you have experienced the death process to go on True living. Worth and value can mean an inifinite things for each people, and even “worth” goes away after the full experience, but the experience is always the key, and that one in particular goes beyond any sense residing on duality.
Keep inspiring and teaching, you have reached me in Brazil on full force. Thank you for all, hope we meet some day.

Ian says:

Wow. This is way over my head.

Brett Miller says:


You hit a very key, essence point at around 23 0. The part about being able to literally see clearer after breaking out of the paradigm — the self help books in the book store.. very nice, the conditioning imposed by the box of the paradigm lifts dramatically and spectacularly in many cases. There is real joy there. Freedom.


Jane says:

Most excellent! I especially liked seeing that our education system is a particular paradigm. I spent four years at university. It was the most stressful, expensive and utterly useless four years of my life with respect to education. I came out, really, knowing nothing of value. I did an applied science degree. VERY VERY hard work. I had a piece of paper at the end of it but that’s all. I had been take OUT of the very useful work environment and had been left behind, far behind, with respect to technology, education and practical knowledge in the work place but I had an EXTREMELY expensive piece of paper. OMG! It put me way behind where I would have been if I had not done the degree.

‘Living with a master’ to learn a trade is by FAR a better paradigm.

Many other interesting insights in this video. Thanks Leo. Awesome work.

Diana says:

How does one balance the responsibility of one’s own paradigms in a functional way with other’s? If I can see and select the paradigms I function from, and can see and influence the paradigms of others – is it truly beneficial to the reality that I choose to function out of to simply accept their paradigms knowing that their perspectives simply are growing from their paradigm or do I have the responsibility to alter my own in order to not “hinder” their own? At times it is tempting to try to “wake up” someone to their limiting, hell inflicting paradigms – often because it gets lonely functioning out of a different one – but if I select to function from the limiting one its hell and does not feel authentic to the limitless potential available. A curious quandary.

Leo Gura says:

You focus should be 99% on identifying and undermining your own paradigms.

Fighting other people’s paradigms is what most people waste their time doing. It’s a distraction from turning inward. Once you’ve undermined enough of your paradigms, changing other people will no longer matter to you. Because you’ll be at peace no matter what stupidity is going on around you.

Jane says:

Leo, you are stuck in a paradigm regarding psychedelics. They MAY work for you but you need to go into a doctor’s paradigm and see the insanity that particularly cannabis and psychedelics cause. Yes, cause. They can also cause tremendous anxiety from a bad experience. That is often life-long. I love your ideas in this video but recommending psychedelics is SURE, ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED to lead to life-long suffering – the destruction of lives – with some other people. Ask any psychiatrist why all psych beds are full. YOU may be powerful and awesome-thinking enough not to feel any anxiety or distress; that doesn’t make it so for others. We live in an electro-chemical body, fuck around with that chemistry and there can be some really unpleasant circumstances.

Leo, you are in a paradigm where you are determined to be completely free. What if the reality (sorry to use another paradigm but you never know, there may be an ultimate reality) that there are consequences for our actions? That there are limitations? Restrictions of some kind? Well…what if?

Leo Gura says:

This is completely false.

Much clinical research has been done on psychedelics, not only on their safety but their amazing healing properties too. Psychedelics are being approved right now for clinical uses to cure anxiety, PTSD, depression, addiction, etc. Many countries are showing great success with their application.

Prescription drugs destroy 1000x more lives than psychedelics. Do your research and stop being biased.

As far as cannabis goes, I do not consider it a psychedelic and do not advocate its use.

Pamela says:

Thank you for clarifying this, Leo. I am going to guess that people who spread misinformation on the subject have no actual experience on it–just hearsay and rhetoric. I am grateful for your clear explanations (defense) of it.

Denis says:

You should check out MAPS which stands for Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. This is a non-profit research and educational organization that develops medical, legal, and cultural contexts for people to benefit from the careful uses of psychedelics and marijuana. You can follow them on facebook they post interesting articles. Like Leo stated it is refreshing to see more countries legalizing psychedelics for clinical research. They are helping a lot of people. Psychedelic Society is also a good site to follow, they post a lot of articles about psychedelic research that is being done and the wonderful benefits.

Eugene says:

Well Leo it started making more sense as b
You got into your talk; I realized you were using a more sophisticated word for belief sysems and points of view. I even thought for a moment that you were saying that all paradigms were irrational in some way to other points of view. I said to my self, He is saying keep an open mind don’t get stuck in a belief or theory of science. I guess my own paradigm was saying to me that every thing was bull shit because what is real that we can put our so called self above every thing that supposesedly exists and then we suddenly don’t exist either. Then what is real is in no way tangible. Thanks Leo, you are always very interesting! Gene

Why says:

Isn’t the belief that paradigms exists and that people are stuck in them a paradigm itself?

Bernie says:


I made a film documentary me exploring

Hyper mania
Bi polar manic depression
Hip hop
Paradigm shift

Can I send you it? I’m submitting it to Sundance. You inspired me with your 5meodmt videos and this became my life masterpiece and would love your opinion on it cause you influenced a lot of it.

Thank you for what you Do!


Neil says:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Leo!!!

John says:

Thank you so much Leo!!!

Bernardo says:

It is quite challenging to see that maybe, a certain method that I use for a certain endevour is influenced by everything else already used as a model of reality in my bubble. And it might be that a total alien model for me to use that would fuck my bubble could be of greater results and insight. It’s like a wardrobe full of clothes that one can learn how to use… and the clothes can vary at the very manufacturing, hell, they can very in their very nature. Tricky… lots of work to creat certain adaptability and the ability to feel the clothes in the body. Honestly, to manage this trial of ‘clothing’ in one’s life without being conscious of it, is to hope that a piece in you wardrobe will melt and leave you naked. The process than, it is recognize the process!! That you don’t know how to BE naked plus you don’t like it because it’s cold and unconfortable and the process of going to less and less heavier and simplest clothes is to see that no wardrobe was required in the first place! That cold and being unconfortable it’s because you haven’t realized those things are your creation to… Quite vexing.
I have a question, since an infinity of paridigms can be created acording to one’s parameters of truth, it will never be a paradigm in full aligment with truth while duality within exists?

Thank you for the content,

Beatrice says:

Thanks Leo,

As I have traveled and lived abroad I have also had these thoughts about paradigms. I’m on board with the deeper stuff!

Karthiksuryavamsiv says:

Hey leo please provide subtitles or transcripts for video

Max Gron says:

I’m not committing to a change outside of who I am, I would have to be very good at denial like Leo said, and not commit to the common thought of the community. I simply want to hold on to my beliefs lest I don’t someday believe what Leo teaches, most of the people here are conformist buffoons, I wasn’t meant to conform.
Also I wasn’t meant to believe everything Leo says, no one else in this ridiculous community understands Leo, but I’d like very much to be rational. I’m not being involved in irrational nonsense and taking the world as symbolic and paradoxical is nonsense. There’s no method to the norms, normality should be standards, I don’t want popular majority or Leo’s popular teachings, I’m a freak, I’m nothing like the community.

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