Understanding Recontextualization

By Leo Gura - July 23, 2018 | 9 Comments

Why context is more important than facts

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Karen Coates says:

Spoiler Alert!!!!! It’s a real mind fuck when you realize having sex with someone else is really just masturbation!

Kevin says:

Its a real mind blown when you believe having sex with someone else could be changed in perspective and seen as like masturbation

You can’t change the perception of sex even if you wanted. On the other side, sex is intercourse, is it better than masturbation on terms of sexual energy? perhaps, but sex is exchanging energy too, masturbation is not.

But what Leo meant here is that it’s not actually our ego making sex. It’s actually the Universe who provides sex for people, because it’s the Universe who wants to make sex.. not you and your ego who is making sex with someone else. Even tho you might think it is.

Kevin says:

Sex and masturbation are a totally different topic of discussion, sex is not even in the same topic of discussion as is masturbation. I mean, c’mon, isn’t that obvious? Masturbation you’re home alone. Sex you’re actually making sex wiyh another being..whoch can even create another. Yoi’re not even comparing both unrelated topics, are you? It’s not that sex is “zillions of degrees in difference”. No, no, no. It’s actually not even in the same dimension of existence as is masturbation. They are not even related topics.

Leo would you define “a hippyness” as one” who “has in some way experienced samadhi?

Jonas says:

Thank you

Joshua says:

It totally recontextualized my perspective on “nowhere” when I realized it could be pronounced as “now-here”.

Joshua says:

and vice versa

Dimitris says:

Amazing Video. One of the best!

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