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John Iverson

I am starting to clean my diet

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Recommend a recipe for me to have options, I do not have any idea to prepare a meal haha I do nit want to repeat a meal atleast I do have an options for me to keep my appetite still want to continue. 

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Here's some recipe ideas with tempeh (one of my personal favorites)




Three table spoon lemon juice

One tablespoon white miso 

Two tablespoons of olive oil

Two tablespoons of water 


Cut tempeh in quarters and sliver it and salte in olive oil for five minute on very low and turn and five minutes more and take it out and cut up some onion and put it in the olive oil and throw the tempeh in and throw the sauce on top


Tempeh bacon

Sliver the tempeh from the rectangle package and cut it in really thin pieces and marinate it in tamari or shoyu instead of soy sauce, marinate in this and sesame oil and dry it they get crispy 


Steam tempeh and put it in salad


Boil tofu for five minutes 


Tofu salad red onion pickle capers celery


Dates with dark chocolate inside, preferably baking chocolate 

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